Don’t look now…

Bruins are in a late-season tailspin. Habs are a mere one point back on Boston.
Eastern Conference Standings -- Habs one back on Bruins
Biggest worry is the last 10 games column. Habs are playing great hockey; Boston is sucking ass.

Thursday’s going to absolutely blow unless Boston decides to not completely unravel this month.

Maybe this is some assbackwards ploy to be on the road more than home during the playoffs. 

In other news, Matt Cooke is still a douche on the ice.

Also, it’s the 20th anniversary of Ron Tugnett playing his goddam ass off against the Bruins. Seventy saves. Holy shit. Talking about earning your paycheck.

Bourque had 19 shots on the night.  We miss Bourque. We miss the Nordiques. We miss the old Garden. We miss the old school Bruins. 


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