Dream Ruiners. Bruins Win. Big Time.

For the first ten minutes tonight you were probably pissed. B’s looked flat and uninspired. All that talk about Julien putting the team through some hard practices and the Bruins turning around their fortunes against a desperate Devils team seemed empty.

The B’s looked like they didn’t get the memo. Through the first ten minutes Boston had one shot. One. That was all. They couldn’t get through the neutral zone. Kovalchuk was allowed to hang out around the net on a powerplay without any Bruins player defending him. Easiest goal of the year for Kovalchuk. 

Then the Bruins woke up, apparently angered by their subpar play. They harnessed that energy to dominate the rest of the game. Thomas showed he’s not done for the season after so much talk he was coming back down to earth. Chara stepped up and led by example. Seguin showed why he should get extra ice time. Krejci dominated bitches. Lucic joined the 30 goal club. 

And we were again wowed by the Bruins potential. Whether or not they can harness that effort and energy and carry it to Thursday’s game against the Habs and into the playoffs remains to be seen. We’ll find out soon. 

For now, our dear Bruins pretty much officially ended the Devils season. They finally rose to the challenge under pressure. Suck it New Jersey.

After the jump….. Thomas is awesome, Chara is awesome, Lucic is awesome and your mom is a hooker…….


– Whoa sorry. Thought it was the 2010 trade deadline and we were making ridiculous, stupid requests.

– Bergeron gets an early chance. Remember when he was scoring like 8 points a game a month ago? Hopefully he can get rolling again.

– Also remember when it was November and we were all laughing at the Devils because they had -3 wins? Damn what a turn around.

– McQuaid says a gentle how do you do to David Clarkson. AFROOOOOOOOOOOOOO POWER!

– “Thornton puts his body on Colin White.” ~ Jack Edwards. Makes Thornton sound like a sexual predator.

– Devils came to play. They’re a desperate team. Virgin at a college party desperate. 

– Recchi with a clever little back hand as Jack Edwards is giving verbal handjobs to Chara, ha. Oh that whacky Jack.

– Boychuk just slipped when he tried to hit Kovalchuk. Devils are all over the Bruins. Few scary moments. Brodeur is getting bored at the other end.

– Seguin making noise immediately on his shift. Really picking up his game lately.

– Marchand started on the second line then went to the fourth line two shifts later. Weird.

– Bruins just can’t get anything going and Thomas has to come up HUGE on a rebound. Devils better team right now, no question. Seriously hope they don’t make the playoffs. Too dangerous.

– Seguin just threw a hit. Do it kid! Ha.

– Halfway through the period and the B’s have just one shot. This is a playoff game in our minds and B’s aren’t responding.

– Just did a shot of whiskey with Patrice Purrgeron. Collectively we’ve taken more shots than the Bruins.

– Recchi going to the box for hooking. B’s penalty kill has been sort of bad lately. Oh boy.

– And that took just eleven seconds. Bruins leave Kovalchuk all alone. No idea why. He makes Bruins pay. 1-0 Devils.

– Horton with a huge hit. Someone is showing some emotion. Rest of the team needs to catch up.

– Zubrus going to the box for holding. Bruins powerplay time. Bruins should decline.

– Seguin doing some good work along the boards to help generate a few shots but New Jersey clogging the slot.

– Awful, awful passing. Powerplay is uglier than Lady Gaga.

– We just blacked out from the pain of watching that powerplay. Bruins playing right into the Devils hands. 

– Bruins look like they’re going to have a decent chance by Ryder turns it over. 

– Whoa…. Thornton taking over. Thornton heads to the crease for the screen. Kaberle passes to Seidenberg. Seidenberg fires….. SCORE! Seidenberg has been awful lately. Good to see him score! Big time goal right there. 1-1.

– Even better….. Thornton tipped it in and gets credit for the goal. Thornton is still f’ing awesome.

– Sweet jesus what a save by Brodeur. Ryder almost made it 2-1. Thornton’s goal woke up the Bruins.

– Seguin and Peverley wreaking havoc in the Devils zone. Seguin on fire. Shit is clicking for the boy wonder lately.

– Period over. 1-1. MUCH better play from the B’s towards the end of the period. That was looking ugly for awhile. Devils outshot the Bruins 16-6.

– B’s get an early powerplay. Oh man.

– Umm… so this one looks A LOT better than the last one. B’s all over the place.

– Brodeur stacking the pads old school style. Huge save. Brodeur brought his A-game. 

– Seguin wants a goal tonight. Big time. He’s responding to his increase playing time and responsibility. Powerplay over but at least it looked good.

– Complete opposite of the first period. Thomas took a nap for the first five minutes of the period.

– Bruins getting set ups left and right. Got a game going here. Thanks Bruins!

– Bergeron living in front of Brodeur every shift this period. Thomas with a BIG save at the other end. Awesome.

– Thornton playing one hell of a game tonight. Just had a nice steal and a wicked wrist shot. 

– Thomas and Brodeur love leaving the net to make saves. Waiting for them both to come out to center ice to take a faceoff just because.

– Chara gets tripped behind the  B’s net and it is powerplay time again.

– What a pass! Chara sneaking up towards the net… Lucic hits him right on the stick and Chara pulls a Kovalchuk. SCORE! 2-1 Bruins. Making that shit look easy. B’s are definitely awake now. Hopefully they can keep it up.

– Horton just tossed some dude about 30 feet. That guy can throw a hit. Damn.

– Seguin schooling bitches. Sweet jebus. Would love to see him get a goal. His efforts are going to pay off. His line has been ridiculous this game.

– Annnnnnd Zubrus holds Ference and B’s are on another powerplay. Tables have turned. Devils on their heels.

– Krejci having one hell of a game too. Just almost scored off a faceoff. He’s been on fire as well. Seguin and Krejci are gonna burn the TD Garden down.

– Krejci with some nice patience and feeds Chara for a blast but Brodeur makes the save as Kaberle gets into some rough stuff with some guy. No one cares what the guy’s name is.

– Powerplay over but Marchand gets a semi-breakaway but Brodeur is still good. 

– Oooooooh so close. Peverley with some nice moves in the crease but Brodeur poke checks it away. And then Steckel goes to the box for interferring with Boychuk. Refs hate the Devils. Powerplay time. Again.

– Chara getting involved down low on the powerplay tonight. Good look. Krejci almost scores but Brodeur is nuts tonight. Krejci is the man tonight though.

– Bruins 1 for 5 on the powerplay tonight. They have score 100000x more PP goals tonight than they have since like 1987. Maybe a slight exaggeration.

– Chara with another blast as Brick says “I like playing teams that are hot.” We know what he meant, but still funny.

– Elias trying a wrap around but Timmy ain’t fooled.

– Jack and Brick having way too much fun talking about broken sticks as Seguin puts a shot on Brodeur. Go Seguin.

– Period over. Soooooooo much better play from the B’s. 2-1 heading into the third.


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