Flame Off. Bruins Win!

Great win tonight. Flames have been insane lately. Kiprusoff has been riding high. Iginla is always dangerous. This was a test for the Bruins. After two road wins against bottom feeders, they had a worthy challenge. And boy did they pass the test.

They traded chances with a strong Flames team. Thomas and Kiprusoff battled in a fantastic goalie duel. The Bruins almost never relaxed. Lucic and Seguin played great games. The defense was solid. What a confidence builder heading into the next game against Vancouver. 

Marchand continued to show why his name should be in the Calder discussion. Bergeron was Bergeron. Which is awesome. New guys (Kaberle, Peverley, Kelly) looked good. Really pumped about that victory. The whole game had a playoff like intensity and the Bruins came through glowing. It was awesome.

Bring on the Canucks. The Bruins are ready.

After the jump, Kiprusoff is good, Thomas is better and Lucic continues to be beastly……

- Here we go. We should start some Iginla rumors in this recap because people won’t shut up about the Bruins trading for him. Keep dreaming.

- Teams exchange great chances within a minute. This could be a good one.

- Less than a minute in and Krejci feeds The Looch and GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL as Lucic tumbles over Kiprusoff. 1-0 Bruins. What a start.

- Peverley and Kelly on the same line for a few. New guys bonding! Awwwwwww.

- Ryder going to the box as Thomas makes some big saves. Thomas cooled off a bit lately. He was just sleepy. Now he’s rested. Looks like he’s ready to show he still got the moves. PK time.

- Our recaps are often fueled by hate. Hard to build up hate for a team you see once a year. Especially since we love Iginla. Who is getting traded to the Bruins. After the second period. Score!

- Puck was definitely played with a high stick by Calgary. Who cares, B’s clear it anyway. 

- Calgary circling the wagons but B’s kill the penaly. Bruins early goal did nothing to the Flames. Still playing their balls off.

- Boychuk with a drive as he tries to kill Kiprusoff but he makes the save.

- As a side note…. remember the other day when Milbury said Lucic was hurting the team by not being physical and focusing more on scoring? Yeah. Let that statement sink in for a second. We love you Mike… but damn man. You can be so stupid sometimes.

- Kaberle with a nice moves in front of the crease to block Iginla.

- Random fact: Iginla’s middle name is Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis. Look it up.

- Flames forcing Thomas to be sharp almost every shift. Thomas doesn’t care. SAVE BY THOMAS for life bitch.

- Darth Quaider whiffs on a shot and the Flames putting on some pressure but Thomas has the net locked down. In Thomas We Trust.

- Flames carrying the play here but Kaberle with a nice play to break up the Flames pressure and then Thomas makes yet another save.

- Horton and Lucic with a great give and go but Kiprusoff makes a nice pad save. Him and Thomas are trying to out do each other.

- Flames putting on some ridiculous pressure as Thomas scrambles. Guy is nuts.

- Bergeron looks like a giant for some reason. Looked like every Flames player on the ice with him was two feet shorter. Weird.

- Daaaaaaaaaamn. Lucic to Krejci but Krejci can’t handle the pass. Had a wide open net too. Lucic playing his balls off.

- Bruins living in the crease tonight. Love it. Bergeron just had his ass in Kiprusoff’s face.

- Stajan just told Boychuk that Boychuk reminds him of a truck that hit him last year.

- Horton seems to have an extra jump in his step tonight. Maybe he’s motivated by Looch being awesome.

- B’s suddenly having trouble setting up in Calgary’s zone. That usually spells trouble. 

- Marchand annoying Jokinen. Probably was telling Jokinen how much he sucks. Or how he’s one of the top three ugliest dudes in the league.

- After one period B’s lead 1-0. Kaberle, Kelly and Peverley all held scoreless. Trade ‘em.

- Ha Thomas almost gets scored on from looooooooooooooooong distance when the pucks gets all screwy. He just laughs it off.

- Bergeron with a great steal from Iginla and Bruins set up camp. Bruins come close and Marchand hits a man in front of the net with the puck but it is still 1-0. Boo.

- Bruins owning flames early in the period but some good stick work by the Flames keeping the Bruins from padding the lead.

- Seguin with some sweet ass moves and steals but can’t light the light. Nice shift by the kid though.

- Thomas fall down go boom. Makes snows angles. Then makes saves.

- Peverley seems to have a pretty good shot. We are intrigued.

- Wow… Bergeron with some fantastic moves but Iginla blocks the pass. Tanguay heads up the other way on a breakaway but Chara stops him from behind. What an exchange.

- Lucic is all over the place tonight. Flames are going to need gallons of Listerine to get Lucic out of their mouths.

- Seguin on fired this period. Winning battles, deking bitches, making sweet passes. Keep it up!

- What a game so far. if you don’t like this game, you don’t like hockey.

- Peverley is a crafty dude. Making some slick passes tonight.

- Boychuk just eliminated Morrison. Stajan then had ‘Nam flashbacks.

- Bergeron is so good away from the puck. Sooooooooooo good.

- Flames hit a post and then Thomas makes some big saves. What a goalie duel tonight. We are both pleased and frustrated at the same time.

- Darth Quaider with a bomb but Kipper saves. Kill him McQuaid! KILL HIM!

- Thomas must’ve been pissed about his last three games. Couldn’t possibly be sharper tonight. Game saver right now.

- Bruins somehow give up an odd man opportunity but shot never makes it to Thomas. Phew.

- Ference with a bad turnover at the offensive blueline and Iginla heads the other way but luckily the puck gets deflected. That was scary. Nice deflection McQuaid.

- Lucic dishing passes like he’s Marc Savard. Just gave Horton a fantastic chance.

- Campbell tries to go cross crease to Kelly and puck ALMOST deflects in. Both teams playing like it is the playoffs. Love this shit.

- Ference blocks an Iginla shot…. this Iginla fellow is pretty good. We love Iginla. Won’t even deny it.

- Glencross in the box for high sticking. No idea when it happened. B’s first powerplay of the game.

- Bruins get their first shot on goal in 11 minutes we’re told. Wow. Funny thing is they aren’t  playing bad.

- Sweet jesus. Kipper doing his best Thomas impression. This game should realistically be 5-4 but both goalies were apparently told the loser would be shot.

- Bruins getting some nice set ups but can’t get anything in the net. Period ends with Bruins still up 1-0. Minute and a half of powerplay time to start the second period.

- Jack informs us Ryder not on the Bruins bench to start the third after getting high sticked. B’s still on the powerplay.

- Good chances again but Calgary isn’t letting anything in. Chara hits Peverley with a shot. Welcome to the team new guy.

- B’s powerplay expires. TRADE THE KABERLE!!!!

- FYI…. that was sarcasm.

- Thomas with a big save on Iginla. “Tim Thomas…. too good!” ~ Jack Edwards

- And Ryder is back. He’s a hockey player.

- Teams back to exchanging chances. Just don’t give Iginla the puck. He’s due for a goal after all his chances tonight.

- MARCHAND! Bergeron nails some dude to keep the Bruins chances alive and the puck eventually fins Marchand in the slot. Goal bitches. 2-0. Huge goal. B’s needed that.

- Bergeron is a beast. Just saying.

- Seguin with a beauty of a shot but Kipper with the save. Strong game by Seguin. Especially defensively.

- Bruins pinning Calgary in their own zone, which is exactly what they need to do with a two goal lead. Flames throat, meet Bruins boot.

- Thomas with a big save on Glencross. Thomas won’t let the Bruins lose this game. 

-  Boychuk with a blast but Calgary covers the rebound. Boychuk should just check everyone. Even the fans.

- Anxious moments in the Bruins end but B’s clear. Close…. too close.

- “It is a magic spell! No idea how that puck stayed out of the goal!” ~ Jack. Totally agree. Great deflection by Calgary. Went right under Thomas and almost went in.

- Flames really pressing. They are not going quietly into the good night.

- Five minutes left on the clock. If anyone but Thomas was in net, we’d be worried.

- Flames going nuts but Thomas just absolutely robbed Jokinen. Highway robbery. Fucking A Thomas. Fucking A.

-  Bergeron is a one man team sometimes. Not taking off our Bergeron jersey t-shirts for the rest of the week. Berg going to the box though. Whatever. B’s got this.

- One of the scariest sights in the NHL has to be Iginla with this stick cocked standing in the slot.

- Oh man… we totally cursed the Bruins by bragging that they got this. Iginla to Glencross. Goal time. 2-1 with 2 and a half minutes left.

- Bruins reeling. Still don’t have an answer for the Flames. Kipper probably heading to the bench soon. Hopefully the B’s can ice it.

- Kiprusoff to the bench. Here we go….. do it Bruins. Do it.

- Damn. Recchi gets the puck poked away in the offensive zone. Krejci sends it down the ice…. Lucic wins the race… tap it! GOAL! 3-1. Bruins win! GREAT showing against an incredibly hot Flames team.

- What a win. You’re next Vancouver. 

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