Free hat! Free hat! BRUINS WIN.

What an unreal game. Sure the Panthers played three games in four nights including back-to-back games. Every team has scheduled losses like that but what happened last night was a message sender to Florida that they might be good, but they’re not that good yet. And it’s gonna be a long, tough life in a division with Boston. The Boston Bruins showed some love for their Jewish fans last night with eight goals, lighting the Panthers up like a Menorah.

This night started off fantastic. TD Garden was giving out awesome ornaments:

Rene Rancourt sang the national anthem and then we got our picture taken with him and shook his hand. What could be better, right?

Then the Bruins decided they wanted to make yet another statement and the bWo decided these wily Panthers would be the latest on their long list of victims.

We can’t even count the amount of goals the Bruins scored. NASA has estimated the total at 3.425 billion.

We’re still waiting for the final figures. At one point the Panthers literally built a brick wall that covered the entire net and Seidenberg just blasted through.

Brad Marchand gets his first hat trick of the year, a five point night. Tuukka Rask sends Greg an early Christmas gift for going up to bat for him yesterday with his second consecutive shut out. And Benoit Pouliot completely undressed the Panthers with his sick goal.
The Panthers have had way more success than anyone anticipated this season. They had confidence. They beat the Bruins the last time they met. They thought they were on Boston’s level. They had to be put back in their place. Some awesome fire power and Thomas’ under study stole the show.

After the jump… it is raining goals and goals and goals……

– Marchand. There are no words in the English (or French for you morons in Montreal) langugage that describe how awesome his night was. Three goals, two assists and a whole lot of agitating. He was at his best and showed why the Bruins re-signed him. He did a great job of walkling that fine line between agitating Florida to throw them off their game but not going far enough to take stupid penalties and then dominated on the scoreboard.

Plus he made it rain. Christmas hats were flying through the air and he even took a Christmas Bruins hat back to the bench with him.

We don’t know who made this but it is awesome. If you made it or know who did let us know so we can give credit!

– This picture:

– Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukka Raaaaaaaaaaaaaask! When the Bruins did allow chances Rask gave Florida the finger. He was everywhere. He even punched a guy. He was amazing.

Florida had no idea what to do. Boston was embarrassing their goalies at the other end and then Rask was making them his bitches. It was like their were four Rasks!

– Bruins Legion of Doom line was ridiculous. Seguin and Bergeron were making plays left and right while Marchand was f’ing up everyone. Look at their game faces:

Then when Julien called their numbers it was all business…

Ten points between them against Florida. Disgusting. They can’t be stopped. THEY CAN’T BE STOPPED!

– Pouliot’s goal was absolutely ridiculous. It is getter harder and harder to make fun of him. Seriously. We’ve watched this video about a million times and it is still awesome. Montreal is pissed that the goal doesn’t speak French.

Holy fuck. Does this mean we have to retire Poo Poo Pouliot, the Christmas Poo photoshop?

– The Bruins new show is really taking off!

– Florida’s goalies. No pride in your work. The Bruins used and abused you like some common hooker. Even Patrice Purrgeron got a goal.

– If you’re going to fight Thornton be a man and fight him. Don’t trip him and THEN throw a punch!

– If the Bruins stay healthy…. who can stop them?

– How much are other teams cursing the hockey gods for giving the Bruins two elite goalies?

– Chara picked a good night to become Jewish!

– What did Chara do to Santa?

Merry Christmas everyone! We’ll be back early next week!

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