Friend of the Milbury family gives their side of ‘assault charge’

The Internet is blowing up over a report that Mike Milbury is charged with “assaulting” a 12 year-old-boy after a youth hockey game earlier this month.

Per the Boston Herald:

Police today said they have charged Milbury with assault and battery on a child, threats to commit a crime and disorderly conduct in connection with his alleged verbal and physical attack on a 12-year-old boy during a pee-wee exhibition hockey game last Friday night at the town-owned Larz Anderson Rink in Brookline.

Herald also used the phrase “grabbed and shook.” We trust the Herald about as much as we trust Bank of America to not fuck us over. Also, “assault and battery” makes it sound like Milbury beat the snot out of some brat in a back alley. Seriously, doubting that’s how it went down.

Milbury’s side story is still yet to come out officially, but we’re hearing a slightly different version of what happened.

Per someone close to the Milbury family who wished to remain nameless:

Milbury’s 12-year-old son was playing in the game. A kid (the alleged victim) from the opposing team kept trying to start a fight with Little Milbury because of who his dad is — “Hey, you’re a Milbury. Fight me.” sort of deal. Sounds reasonable. Who wouldn’t want to say they got into a fight with a Milbury? According to our source, Little Milbury isn’t much of a fighter (not to mention fighting is illegal in pee wee hockey) and wouldn’t oblige. The other kid kept going after him anyways. Eventually Mike had enough and went up to the kid, grabbed him by the jersey and “What the fuck is your problem?” The kid’s dad flipped out and reported it to police. 

Shit if that was us trying to fight in pee wee hockey our parents would’ve been the ones out there on the ice asking us what our problem was. We’d probably would’ve gotten the spaken of our lives, too, in front of everyone. 

Milbury going up to a kid asking him “What the fuck is your problem” sounds a bit more realistic and, if nothing else, is a bit more specific than the initial report. Not sure it’s assault and batter charge worthy, though “assault and battery” can mean almost anything these days.

Obviously, this is a serious allegation. Milbury could lose his job over just being charged with assaulting a kid, regardless of the outcome. Stay tuned.


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