Game 12 Recap: Hey Bruins! Where Have You Been!

Welcome to the season guys, nice of you to join us! Just as hope was diminishing, we get a good, solid win against a hot Senators team, and a complete blowout against an overachieving Toronto team.  What happened? Did their arms finally get sore from scraping the bottom of the NHL barrel?  Do they just really hate Toronto?

Nope, it’s the power of the Timmy ‘stache reborn!

What a thing of beauty…. Movember must be the source of Timmy’s power.

These types of games make you wonder why we can’t see more production like this.  Not that we expect every game to be 7-0, but a little consistency would be nice! The Bruins are streakier than Kaleta’s underpants after seeing Thornton on the ice with him.

– Seguin says he wants to shoot more, Seguin gets a hat-trick.  For the love of christ keep shooting kid! You’re going to have a collection of hats by the end of the season.

– I know we’ve been milking this, but Lucic has been a machine since we started mocking him, Bruins need to hire us a team motivators damn it!!

– Ten different Bruins have points in this game!

– Any time Kessel doesn’t get a point against the Bruins, it’s awesome, especially when Seguin does!

– Love seeing the 4th line get points, especially when Shawn Thornton is involved!

– Hey Horton, remember how I said that 10 Bruins had points in this game?? Yeah, you weren’t one of them!  The watch continues…

– The game had to end (hey, they won 7-0, what else do you want??).

– Can the Bruins ride this momentum for a while?

– Why can’t we all be as awesome as Tim Thomas?

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