Game 6 Recap: WTF Did We Just Watch?

Sorry everyone, but before getting into the recap, there is a little matter of retribution for a crack Justin made in the preview…plus I need to get out some anger over that game

What a god damn joke this game was, thank god I took notes during the game, otherwise all I would remember about this shitshow is the abortion that was the 3rd period.  Hell, even Julien got kicked out of the game.  The total penalty minutes for the Bruins came to 82.  Sure, there were some bad calls, but the Bruins didn’t help things.

Oh and to all those “fans” that were thowing stuff onto the ice, die in a fire.  To all those who condone or encourage throwing stuff on the ice…get 3rd degree burns in a fire.

The first period was an exercise in frustration, Bruins brought great pressure, but Ward was god damned unbeatable. That combined with Joe Corvo going down and out was enough to bring our piss to a boil.

The second period didn’t look much different…oh, except for the giant scrum towards the end.  It was nice to see some passion, and even nicer to see Chara step up, even if he got 17 minutes of penalties for it.  Lucic even showed a little heart.  Things got a little chippy, sure, but I don’t think anyone saw the 3rd period coming.

After the jump, some notes on the game.

– Really can’t complaint at all about the pressure, especially early in the game.

– Thornton’s pickpocket on Kaberle was priceless

– Chara’s attempted murder of Harrison, trying to give the Bruins a much needed kick in the pants, and keep Horton from getting concussed again.

– Fantastic kill on the first (emphasis on first) 5 on 3, not a single shot on net.

– Any power play goal is cause for celebration (hmm..maybe that’s more of a negative).

– I have to admit, I chuckled while Kelly was fighting Brett “The Headless Horseman” Sutter.

– Where the hell is Rene???

– Bartkowski totally cost the Bruins the first goal against, come back McQuaid and Kampfer!

– Marchand’s stupid, stupid charging penalty as the Bs were gaining momentum.  There is playing with an edge, and playing like a fuggin’ moron.

– It’s unfortunate that the best thing Lucic has done up to now is try to take on both Ponikarovsky and Sutter during a scrum late in the 2nd..

– Rask came down to ice to keep Ward in check during the scrum and took the penalty, but that’s ok with us, you don’t mess with Tuukka!

– The entire 3rd period needs to be it’s own bulletpoint.  Seriously, there are a lot of people blaming the refs, but I got news for you people, despite a few shitty calls the Bruins dug their own grave, the outcome of this game wouldn’t have been much different.  The Hurricanes got into our heads, plain and simple.  Don’t believe me? Take a look at Horton’s double minor on Gleason.  They made us dance like puppets on strings.

No point in wasting time with talking about all the penalties individually, just look at this:

And that is just the 3rd period.

– So…when the hell is the Bruins offense going to shape up??

– Did Skinner have flashbacks to his high school wrestling days when he was tackling Ference behind the net?? Because Ference 3:16 will take him down!

– Anyone remember that awesome mask that Rask used for like…one game last year? What happened to that? 

 – And of course…will poor Tuukka ever get a win?? That Rask Meltdown Watch is approaching critical mass….


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