Game Day: Bruins vs. Habs — Viewing Party Edition

Boston Bruins vs. Montreal CanadiensBruins Habs veiwing party
Game day, suckas.

Bruins vs. Habs. B.A.s vs. the Paper Dolls. 

Last time Boston painted the ice with Montreal’s blood.

Habs fans bitched and moaned because Subban is the toughest guy on their team and they got bitched around by everyone on Boston’s bench. They called Boston goons but goon squads don’t make it second place in the conference. Their crying rivals only that of Ryan Miller and the Miami Heat.

They can suck it.

Boston visits  Montreal tonight and, as you might know if you come here often enough, we’re hosting a Viewing Party for tonight’s game at The Place (2 Broad St. Boston). It’s 21+, no cover, cash bar and we’ll have some limited free apps for fans and readers. We’re raffling off some kickass t-shirts and other gear. We have a Facebook invite like the rest of the cool kids.

Purrgeron won’t be there because of some visa issues. Sorry, folks. We’re all bummed. We’re blaming Jon for this one. Fool. You can kick him at the viewing party tonight as punishment for his incompetence. 

If you’re thinking about going to Game On! don’t. Red Sox bar. Lame.

After the jump… pics from last Bruins-Habs game… game day roster, links and video…

Heads up: Don’t expect much of a recap tomorrow. With the viewing party tonight we won’t be able to take our usual notes. We’ll whip something up, but might be more skeleton looking than usual.

Ah, Memories…
Johnny Boychuk

Projected Roster

Not announced yet. We might not be able to update this before the game with it, but check later on for it.

Game Day Links:

Game Day Video:

Time to Go!


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