Game Day: Thrashers vs. Bruins — Return of the Sheriff

Atlanta thrashers vs. Boston Bruins
Matinee games kinda suck. Love the idea fo rolling out of bed and heading to the rink to watch some hockey and then still have plenty of time to do other things afterwards, but it sucks rolling out of bed at 10am and then have to rush a game preview so people can actually see it before heading into the Garden.

We know. Boo-hoo us. Call the Wahbulance. We’re being bitches this morning.

Also Bruins are like 1-500000 this year during matinee games.

Big story for today’s game is the return of Blake “Offsides” Wheeler and Mark Stuart — half of the Bruins’ American squad. 

Today should also be the official return of The Sheriff.

We think people are more excited for Hnidy than locking up the Northeast Division. 

Bruins also are giving out the 7th Player Award today. We think it’s a race between Marchand and Campbell. Soup might deserve it more for being one of the most consistent (and undervalued) players but Marchand probably has a bit more of an edge with votes.

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Projected Roster:

Unsure at the moment. Nothing’s been posted since the Bs have no morning skate today. We imagine that the defense will be switched up a little to get some other guys some rest. Would also expect to see Rask get some action this afternoon to rest up Timmy, but we thought that about the Leafs game, too.

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