Game Recap: Bruins Actually Win In A Shootout!

Well before we say anything about the game…Ryder was a scratch tonight, for the first time as a Bruins.  They were about 150 games too late on that, but hey, good to see Julien scratch a forward who isn’t Paille or Seguin…especially when it’s Ryder!  A lot of people have been waiting a long time to see Julien hold him accountable.

What makes it all the more sweeter is that Seguin had a direct impact in the outcome of the game.  Sure it was in a shootout, but that’s still two points he helped you earn.

Anyone who watched the game will tell you that it sure as hell wasn’t pretty, in face there were some points where it seemed that the Bruins weren’t going to come away with any points.  There were some bad defensive breakdowns, and the offense didn’t help much (although Mason played fantastic tonight, so it’s hard to put too much blame on them).

After the jump: We look at the good, bad, and ugly.

– Too many men penalty :57 seconds into the game…fantastic, top notch start boys.

– Hey Bruins, that Rick Nash guy is good, stop letting him get  shots on Rask

– Thanks Tuukka, you’ve been the best and only penalty killer so far.

– Bruins finally remove their heads from their asses and kill the penalty successfully

– Thornton and Campbell generate the Bruin’s best scoring chance so far…don’t act like you’re surprised.

– Columbus apparently is 27th out of 30th in attendance.  Fun Facts

– Great defensive play by Seidenberg to knock Nash away from getting a shot. 

– Blue Jackets are out-shooting Bruins 8-3 about 9 minutes in, thankfully 5 of those were on the PP and not even strength…I guess.

– Passes just don’t seem to be connecting tonight, lots of wasted opportunities.

– Horton gets a puck right on his stick an doesn’t put it away??? Surely you jest! 

– 5 seconds in Bergeron takes an interference penalty, not encouraging to see one of our smartest players do something incredible stupid.

– Krejci had some pretty fancy moves to create a scoring chance, but made the mistake of passing to Lucic, who cant handle it.

– Boychuk lets loose a rocket, but the puck is stopped and Marchand can’t put in the rebound.

– We got a little distracted by a conversation between Jack and Brick.  Brick mentioned a funny bounce off a board with a Tim Hortons sign, which sets Jack up for a shameless plug: “Imaging how hard it would bounce if that were a Dunkin Donuts”.  Then they talked about punching a female waitress in the face for being a Yankees fan…no joke.

– And we’re back to the game…oh look, nothing has changed.

– Hey Seguin! Good to see that you remember how to skate!

– Bergeron and Peverley showing a little chemistry.  Peverley with a pass to Bergeron, who passes it backwards back to Peverley

– Hejda is injured after he takes a Peverley shot in the body…ARREST HIM!!

– Damn it, Clitsome scores, 1-0 Blue Jackets.  Incidentally, “Grant Clitsome” sounds like a James Bond girl, like Pussy Galore or Holly Goodhead.

– Period ends thankfully,  hope the second looks sharper.

– Bruins definitely have upped the intensity.

– Good shot by Kaberle to create an opportunity for Seguin put in the rebound, but Mason gobbles it up.

– Another great save by Mason on a Recchi opportunity.

– Thonton gets called for Holding, and Calvert gets an Academy Award for his performance.

– Umm..well the Bruins kill the penalty, but most of the time is spent in their zone.  Admittedly, they did a pretty good job of keeping the puck away from the net.

– While the period looks better, Bruins getting almost no sustained pressure.

– Boychuk doesn’t like sticks, has broken two in 9 minutes.

– As much as we like Seguin and think he’s gotten a bad deal for part of this season, he probably shouldn’t be taking offensive zone face-off while they’re behind.

– Rask makes a save on Umberger…yet another funny name on the Blue Jackets.

– Chara injuries the back of the net! ARREST HIM!!! Game is tied 1-1.

– Just as a scrum starts, NESN cuts too commercial.  Doesn’t seem like anything materialized.

– This is a little more like it, good cycling and chances on net.  Definitely feeding off the momentum gained from the Chara goal.

– Horton shoots way wide on a good shot, he’s averages a missed opportunity a period! 

– Boychuk takes a bad angle shot, then goes right to the net to try to scare the puck in

– Another good chance by Columbus, Rask once again is fantastic.

– Seidenberg goes to the box for tripping “Calvert is going down like a paper doll!” -Edwards.  Seriously, get this guy another award!

– Lucky break for the Bruins, with the pressure coming, a wide shot clears the zone.

– Period ends, much better effort for part of the period, Bruins are going to be starting the 3rd on the PK .

– Good start, Bruins killed  the penalty, McQuaid and Bergeron block better than the Patriot’s offensive line.

– End to End movement, but not really any shots, looks kinda like speed skating.

– Spoke too soon, nice save Rask! Thats a bad Bruins defense!

– The Bruins passes continue to connect less frequently than Brady’s in the playoffs…I promise that is the last Patriots reference.

– Excellent chances for the Bruins 2nd line but Mason is playing like it’s the 08-09 season.

– HOLY SHIT.  Paille fans on the pass and sends the puck right in front of Rask.  Rask tries to reach it, but cant and Dorsett fires a shot, Rask somehow comes up with amazing glove save.

– Bruins try to answer back, get some shots, but story of the night, no goals.

– “Thornton is trying to create some chaos”.  Thanks Jack, when is he not?

– Just as I was typing about a great save by Rask, Upshall puts a puck in a wide open net.  Make no mistake, Rask has been great, but the defense has not been there to support him all night. 

–  Aaaaand now Horton goes to the box.  The call is for holding the stick.

–  Peverley scores a fantastic shorthanded goal and ties the game 2-2!!

– Upshall almost took the lead AGAIN.  The puck goes right by Rask, but it hits the post and bounces out.

– Dorsett seems to have something against Chara, must be from Montreal.

– Krejci goes to the box for cross checking…sure, why not?

– Chara blocks the puck from going into a wide open net! Arrest him for robbery!

– Rask stacks the pads and blocks an opportunity by Vorachek. Oh that Raskally Rabbit!!

– Penalty killled, but don’t worry Columbus fans, the Blue Jackets will probably get another power play soon

– Vermette redirects the puck RIGHT in front of Rask, but he still makes the save!


– Brassard is absolutely denied by Rask with ANOTHER  spectacular save.  We’re running out of  positive adjectives for Rask tonight.

– Third period comes to an end, we’re going to Overtime

– Krejci almost ends it early with a nice shot on Mason.

– Again Krejci almost scores off a a pass by Kaberle 

– Columbus ices the puck, and decides to take their time out. 

– Russell steals the puck from Bergeron, sends it down to Nash, but is denied a chance by Seidenberg.

– Chara broke a pane of glass on a slapshot.  “I think this calls for a criminal investigation for vandalism”- Edwards…. Hah! He made that joke for us!

–  Poor play in their own zone by Krejci, almost turning the puck over

– Chara tried a wrap around, didn’t see that coming, sadly Mason did



– Begeron lets a shot go, too far away for it to be considered a dangerous scoring chance with the way Mason has played tonight.

– Nash is first and is stopped by Rask.

– Seguin scores!! Bruins go up 1-0 in the shootout!

– Tuton misses wide after playing with the puck a bit

– Bergeron is stopped by Mason when he tries to go five-hole.

– Upshall misses! Bruins actually win in a shootout! 3-2

And there we have it.  A win is a win, but we’re hoping to see some much more decisive wins in the coming games against Nashville and Toronto going into the Montreal game next week.  But for now, we’ll take our two points and code green on the Rask meter.


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