Game Recap: Bruins Beat The Best

Stupid night games!  We need our beauty sleep!  Can’t really complain much about staying up for this game though.  Obviously it’s not fair to judge a team based on one game, but when that one game is a road win against the top team in the NHL, then that says something.  With this win, the Bruins take 4 wins straight  on this road trip.

Lucic had a fantastic showing, getting a goal and two assists in front of his hometown crowd.  Saying that Timmy Thomas was great is getting a little redundant, but we don’t care.  Please, please keep him rested Bruins.

Before the game started, Brickley called the Bruins “Road Warriors”.  Hell, we’ve been saying that for months.  Once the playoffs come along, is it possible to forfiet home ice advantage? Please?

Also, did you know that Daniel and Henrik Sedin are not only brothers, but twins as well??  We’re just going to assume that nobody knew with the number of times that it was talked about.  

After the jump: we break down the periods.

–  Jack Edward apologizes for the NESN audio issues and promises to pound some gremlins, as long as their not Mogwais, they’re cute

–  Peverley turns the puck over, but Thomas keeps the puck out of the net.  Bruins go on the power play after Hansen interferes with Thomas.

– Power play goes by scoreless, but there were some decent chances, specifically Horton right in front of the net, but couldn’t raise the puck over Luongo, color us surprised.

– Vancouver are spending a lot of time with the puck but really aren’t getting any decent shots

– Marchand and Ballard start to mix it up a little, refs step in before anything comes of it.

– Marchand goes to the box for trying to steal himself a Vancouver stick, that must be Chad.

– Bruins manage to shut down Vancouver’s #1 in the league power play and holds them to zero shots 

– Lucic gets an opportunity, but decides to fake-shoot instead of real-shoot and loses his chance.

– Despite Vancouver seeming to have the puck the majority of the period so far, shots are tied 4-4

– Add another shot for Vancouver…Sedin (Daniel) almost put this one in, thank you Thomas.

– Good cycling and pressue by the Bruins, good to see Vancouver need  to dump the puck out for a change.

– The Canucks get a scary chance on a wide open net after a deflection, but the puck it too bouncy for the shot to be made.

– Vancouver continues to spend time in the Bruins zone, but not a whole lot of shots to show for it.

– Damn it, scratch that..  Dirty goal by Malhotra to put the Mother Canuckers up 1-0, Thomas just couldn’t control the rebound.

– Not much a response from the Bruins after the goal, except the physical play is upped a bit, hopefully a sign of things to come in the next two periods.

– All in all, not an awful period for the Bruins, just looks like they need to scrape a little rust off after the long break.

– The Canucks are jerks, they need to learn to share the puck more!

–  Oh god oh god, Malhotra almost strikes again, He gets a rebound right to him but puck goes past the net.

–  Bruins go on the power play after Ehrhoff trips up Bergeron, they need to at least get momentum if not a goal on this.

–  Not off to a good start, I think the Canucks have more shots than the Bruins do about a minute into the penalty.

– Good chance by the Bruins, Chara fires from the point and Recchi tries to tip the puck while jumping out of the way.

– Looks as though Ference won’t be coming back to the game after suffering a lower body injury.  Nobody in the world at all is surprised by this.  Nothing specific has been announced at the time of writing this, but there is a good chance it’s his glass groin.

– In case you didn’t know, that Seguin kid can have some nifty moves when he actually gets to play.

– Bruins finally getting some sustained pressure this period, I want to hug the entire second line.

– The 3rd line continue the pressure, Boychuk tried to fire the puck into the net through Luongo.

–  HORTON HEARS A GOAL!  He takes a pass from Looch from behind the net and fires, Luongo makes the initial save and Horton buries his own rebound.  Sorry for some things that were said earlier buddy, we cool?


–  Dear Marchand, we love you, but please don’t take penalties right after your team scores a tying goal.  Sincerely, Days Of Y’Orr

– Edwards makes a “Knuckle puck” reference…would this make it a Canuckle puck??

–  Kesler spent a little too much time around Thomas after the whistle and experienced something I hope I never have to: Boychuk and Chara standing over him with ill intent.

– Penalty killed, but Vancouver’s pressure remains, a rested Thomas is a happy Bruins team. 

– The puck must be laced with Kryptonite, Boychuk  takes a puck off the arm and was doubled over in pain after.  

– If I were grading Ryder tonight, he’d get an A for effort, but a C for execution so far.

– As even as the game may be overall, the Bruins are spending entirely too much time in their own zone for our liking.

– Boychuk is back!! The world makes sense again!

– Good chances by the Bruins, I like seeing Horton in the dirty areas tipping pucks.

– While the Bruins are on the attack, Samuelsson splits the D and breaks away with the puck.  Boychuk did a fantastic job taking away his skating space and Thomas made the save.

– You can probably forget what I said earlier about the time spent in the Bruins zone, the Bs have definitely stepped up their game this period.  They out shot Vancouver 21-18, one period (hopefully) to go!

– Period starts out with some back and forth action up and down the ice.

– Vancouver begins to get a little pressure, Thomas gobbles up a hard slap shot from Salo like a cheeseburger.

– Action moves to the other end of the ice and the Bruins start to fire off some shots on Luongo, 

– The refs come down with a temporary case of blindness as Ehrhoff trips Marchand on a potential break away opportunity and there is no call.

– Lots of good chance by Vancouver now, good defensive play and Thomas’s awesomeness keep the puck out of the net. 

– Lucic and Krejci take the puck up together, but fail to get a scoring chance, good transition though.

– Kelly  intercepts a shot and takes the puck up ice.  He tried to pass but ended up turning the puck over, the chemistry just isn’t there yet.

–  Bruins reclaim the puck and continue to get some chances, that is until…

– Really referees? Campbell gets called for that weak-ass holding, but you missed the blatant trip by Ehrhoff earlier?

– Thomas makes a great save through Kesler’s screen while on the PK

– Yet another penalty killed, count it!

– Kaberle gets absolutely leveled by Torres

– Krejci shows some of the best puck handling we’ve seen from him to bring the puck into the zone is set up a Lucic goal!! 2-1 Bruins!!!  Happy that Looch was able to get a goal in his hometown, maybe the hockey gods are merciful after all.

– Canucks are trying to counter attack, thank god for offsides!

–  Burrows is kind off being a dick before the faceoff, seems like he may be trying to bait Lucic into taking a bad penalty.

–  Luongo gets pulled with 1:30 left and a faceoff in the Bruins zone.

–  Jack Edwards said it best: “PATRICE BERGERON STICKS THE DAGGER THROUGH THE HEART!!”.  Lucic passes to Bergeron, who makes a great effort to put the puck in the empty net 3-1 Bruins

– Game not over yet, Thomas needs to make a fantastic save, tossing his legs in the air to keep the puck just out of the net and on the goal line.

– Time runs out, but the referees are reviewing that no-goal.  Definitely didn’t fully cross, Bruins win!!!

Couldn’t be happier about tonight’s win, tomorrow the Bruins go from best to worst and travel all the way to the bottom of the standings and take on the Oilers.

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