Game Recap: Bruins Sweep the Road Trip

This recap is brought to you by the number 6:

Not the best game, nor the most exciting (more on that later), but a win is a win, and the Bruins have won six of the straight.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably already heard several comparisons to the last season that the Bruins won six straight on the road.  Not sure if we’re ready to go that far yet, but it’s still nice to think about…
No denying that the Bruins looked tired tonight. If it weren’t for Tuukka and an inexperienced Senators team, the game could have easily looked very different.  The Bs aren’t going to have a whole lot of time to rest either with games coming up on both Thursday and Saturday.  For now though, we’re content with basking in the glow of a six game road sweep.

After the jump: A rather dull first two periods, and Chris Neil sucks.

– Not a good sign to start off the game… Boychuk is actually looking a little sloppy.

– Strike that…the whole team looks sloppy right now

– Seguin tries to prove that last statement wrong by jamming at the puck, but Anderson holds the post.

– Marchand isn’t on the ice, so Neil goes after the next smallest player and levels Kampfer.  Whats wrong Neil? There wasn’t an old lady for you to push over??


– Thornton and Campbell try to take matters into their own hands, they get a good opportunity but are denied

– “Come on down to Brian Murray’s blowout sale, everything much go!!” –Edwards

– Spezza is really trying to get a goal, thank god he can’t aim.

– Bruins counterattack, both Ryder and Kelly get good opportunities, unfortunately Anderson > Elliot.

– Looks like Thornton and Campbell are starting to rub off on Seguin, the kid is showing some grit.

– Luckily Rask came to play tonight, great save through a screen, he’s had to make a few good saves already.

– So ummm..maybe we’ve been spoiled a bit lately, but this is a fairly dull game so far.  “What would be better?” you may ask. Well for starters:

–  Bruins really need to step it up, they are getting out played by the god damn Senators.

– Peverley tries a drop pass to Kaberle, turning the puck over, and creating a good opportunity for Chris Neil.  Rask makes the save.  Please please do not let Chris Neil score on you.

– Boychuk tries to end Anderson’s life via slap shot, no one can bury the rebound.

– Fourth line is definitely the most deserving of a goal so far, they’re the only once showing a good effort.

– Oh yeah, you know what else would be more exciting? Watching some old dudes play chess.

– Lee learns that ice is slippery and Bergeron almost gets a present.  Lee falls down, Marchand passed to Recchi, who send the puck to Bergeron, but at the last minute Greening breaks it up.

– The period ends and the Bruins got out shot by the Senators 10 to 6 #facepalm

– A few shots by each team, but nothing resembling sustained pressure or even a good scoring chance.

– Well…there is pressure now, sadly it’s in the Bruins’s end.

– Edwards says that “Chris Neil is going to be an example setter for a young team next year”.  Lets have a moment of silence for any semblance of class and humanity that team may have had. C’mon!! The guy burns kittens!

– This is a little more like it, the first line with great pressure in Ottawa’s end.  No goals, but a welcome change of pace

– Bergeron makes a cross-crease pass to Recchi, but Smith back kicks the puck away, which springs Spezza for a breakaway, Tuukka with a HUGE save.

– Jack Edwards is talking about Savard, and how the Bruins miss him both personally and professionally.  But now it’s Krejci’s time to answer the call… it’s damn-near poetic.

– Kuba gets a good opportunity on Rask, but gets nothing on the shot.

– Lucic gets a great chance for a shot on goal thanks to a Horton feed, but fires the shot way too high.

– This period isn’t much more exciting than the first, almost as boring as watching 3 hours or PBS

– Another Marchand to Recchi to Bergeron opportunity where Bergy can’t get a shot on net.

– McQuaid should never play tennis.  He tries to bat the puck out of the air and it flew behind him towards Rask, who gloves it and laughs at him.

– First penalty of the game comes with 5:56 left in the second  Spezza blatantly trips Marchand then tries to dive when Seidenberg breaths on him.

– Fantastic cycling and chances on the power play, most exciting part of the game so far, but that’s not saying a whole lot.

– Seems like Ottawa got more momentum from the Bruins power play than the Bruins.

– Rask channels Thomas and  comes waaaaay out of his net to stop an opportunity by Spezza

– Bobby Butler beats Rask but hits the post.

– Ryder gets a chance in retaliation, but Anderson robs him, we’re going to have to agree with Edwards that this is a goaltenders duel

– Some sort of review happening, everyone is confused for the first couple of minutes.  We finally learn that it happened back on the power play on one of Chara’s shots.  Didn’t even look close to being in to us.

– Still scoreless after two periods, and the Bruins are STILL being out shot 22 to 16

– Faster pace to start the game, both teams seem to want to score early.

– Bergeron passes to Marchand, but he can’t push it past Anderson.

– BUT HORTON CAN!!!!  Finally a goal! Bruins take a 1-0 lead, Horton’s slump seems to be over, he’s heating up and Winning!.


– Campbell goes to the penalty box for Charging, Bruins forced to kill their first penalty of the night.

– Marchand with a great play, slides in front of Kuba Gooding Jr’s shot, blocking it.

– Penalty is killed and the Senators didn’t get a single shot.

– Fantastic saves by Rask including a nice kick save that moves the puck away from any pressure.  Guess what commentator said that he had some “amazing stunt-work”

– Bruins go on the power play after Condra hooks Peverley

– Another solid power play without a goal by the Bruins.  Horton almost got a shot past Anderson but hits the post.  No doubt that Kaberle is making a difference.  Seems that a lot of people are calling him the QB of the power play.  Hmm, what other QBs in this area are good passers and wear the number 12….

– Shawn Thornton nearly makes the game 2-0 after almost flipping the puck over Anderson’s shoulder.

– Someone should tell the Bruins that the best way to keep a lead is to NOT play in your own end.

– Spezza tries to break through Thornton and fails…miserably.

– Peverley gets a fantastic opportunity, but shoots the puck  over the net, still good to see the new players get chances.

– Marchand gets called for holding, he’s developing a nasty habit of taking bad penalties at bad times.

– Smith tries to give Rask some trouble in front of the net….Chara says “no way” and steamrolls him out of the way.

– Bergeron showing some savvy penalty killing skills, intercepting two passes and creating some scoring chances.

– Bruins hold the Senators to 0 shots again on the PP

– Anderson pulled with just under a minute left.  Bruins ice the puck a few seconds later and call a time out.

– Furious attach by Ottawa in the last 50 seconds or so after the time out but it amounts to nothing.  Rask ends up getting a much deserved shut out though and the Bruins sweep a 6 game road trip! 

 Bruin come home on Thursday to face the Tampa Bay Lightning, which could very well be a game that decides who is in second place in the Eastern Conference.

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