Game Recap: Hibernation begins in October

Wow. Anything we can say about this game can be summed up with one picture.

Highlight of this game was the PK Subban-Brad Marchand “fight.”

Bruins couldn’t score if a fucking BryzgoLOLov-LOLongo-LOLrovsky hybrid was in the net. Timmy’s advice:

“You’ve scored goals before…whatever team you’re playing next, picture yourself scoring. It works. That’s what I do”

Y’know what. Thomas probably could score more than the Bruins forwards right now. Brutal.

You watched a last place team put in a last place effort last night. Congrats.

Recap after the jump… 

Looch actually hit something… though we’re pretty sure he just forgot how to stop skating and ran into Eller by accident. Baby steps.

Sometimes you need a little luck to get the puck in the net. Bruins get just that. 

Bergeron loses the face off, breaks his stick and falls flat on his face. Still scores. He tries not to laugh it’s such a rediculous goal to get.

“I just Bill Buckner-ed it,” Price said. “Just a mental lapse.”

Power-play goal for Boston.

Patrice Bergeron Brad Marchand goal

1-0 Bruins

Habs get in Boston’s end. Spacek throws it at net. Timmy’s blinded by like a million guys. Cole tips in it.

Boston should take notes on how to get net presence.

Tied, 1-1.

Oh yea… and then this happened.

Subban: “Yeah, if I saw Marchand around town, I’m sure we would go grab coffee or couple of Pepsis”

Smart of PK not to mention Coke. We all know how that goes with the NHL brass.

Good to see McQuaid back on the ice. Not good to see him struggle. Bad pass. Habs take it back into Boston’s end. Plekanic fucks up his first shot attempt but it works in his favor as Timmy went down for the save and couldn’t reposition himself for the second shot. Wrists it passed Thomas.

You can just feel the team get deflated after this shit. Horrible.

Bruins pull Timmy for the extra man. Plenty of chances. Nothing goes.

Montreal wins 2-1.

Habs again tomorrow night.


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