Game Recap: Hide Yo’ Milk Crates!

We’re still not sure what the hell to make of this game.  It’s one of those games that you think is really good until you realize that both teams are just trying to see who can play the sloppiest.  It was, to say the least… interesting.

There was a tough decision to make after the first period, with the Winter Classic game postponed to 8 tonight, we found ourselves at a bit of a crossroads.

Ultimately we decided to switch back and forth between both, so if there are a few details missing here and there, that’s why.

Poor Rask and Thomas tonight.  As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Rask was pulled after the first period.  Not only does this rob Rask of some much needed playing time, but takes away some much needed rest for Thomas.  We understand sending a message to your team, but we’re going to have to totally disagree with Julien on this one (especially since at that point, Boston was still up).  A move like that just leaves both goalies out to dry.

After the jump, a breakdown of the period, and the Rask watch goes into the red!



– Jack Edwards did some sort of poem during the pregame.  As if that wasn’t odd enough, but apparently there were not adequate words in the English Dictionary to suit his needs.

– Krejci got things going early by knocking Montador to the ice.  Anytime we see something happen to him, it’s like a little hug

– Less an 1:30 in, Savard wins a faceoff in Buffalo’s zone, helping to set up a goal by Ference.

– Not long after, the rust on Rask shows a bit.  He mishandles the puck behind the net, turning it over putting Boston on the defensive.  Playing defensivly in front of their own net isn’t always the Bruin’s strongest suit and Boston ties it 1-1

– The third goal in less than three minutes goes to Seidenberg after he sneaks a shot from the boards past Miller.

– Boston narrowly avoids a delay of game penalty, the puck barely grazed the top of the glass

– AND BOSTON IS ROCKING BUFFALO!!… Sorry, Jack Edwards’s compete level was at a 10 tonight.  That quote was prompted by Marchand tipping Boychuk’s shot past Miller, putting Boston up 3-1

– Again Boston shoots the puck over the glass, this time resulting in a delay of game penalty that was killed off well.

– A “fight” broke out between McQuaid and McCormick.  Really it looked more like a wrestling match, and not a fun WWE match, more like one of those homoerotic high school wrestling matches.

– The refs have a temporary memory lapse and forget what a god damn tripping call is.  Vanek wedges his stick between Ference’s legs and brings him to the ice…and the proceeds to score on Rask.

– Savard “gives Hecht a love tap” and gets called for slashing.

– Not long after, Bergeron feeds Chara on a 2 on 1 and he scores a shorthanded goal making it 4-2.  At this point they probably needed to call in some paramedics for Edwards as his blood pressure was through the roof.

– Boychuk pretends to be human and is taken off of the ice after getting hit in the foot by a puck.

– Vanek sneaks in behind the Bruins D, something that would become a pattern all night and gets a good chance that is stopped by Rask.

– Buffalo makes the game 4-3 after forcing the puck into the net passed Rask, who was insisting that he had possession.  It was hard to tell from the replay, but Rask was not happy.



– Thomas started the period, I think we all know what that means.  RED ALERT!!


– Early in the period Recchi gets called for a hooking call…could have been a tripping call, but the refs are getting closer.  Penalty was killed off handedly.

– Boychuk returns, not much of a surprise there.

– Bruins go on the power play and have nothing to show for it.

– Stafford gets his second goal after once again sneaking behind the Bruins defense like a god damn ninja and ties the game 4-4


– Boychuk gets his stick in between Vanek legs and is called for tripping.  Edwards is left wondering why that was called and Vanek’s trip in the first was not.  Milbury has a very important message for you Jack.


– On Buffalo’s power play, Pominville fires a shot wide of the net.  Unfortunately that wide shot bounced off of Seidenberg’s foot and into the net, Buffalo takes a 5-4 lead.


– The period started with Edwards telling us that Krejci has a way of getting people hot.  Yes we know what he meant, but that sounds awful.

– Seguin ends his scoring drought with a fantastic one-timer shot off of Paille’s pass, tying the game at 5-5

– Stafford gets called for slashing.  No PP goals scored, but Boston gets some consistent pressure, outshooting Buffalo 8-0 in the first 5:30

– Speaking of penalties, did anyone else hear what sounded like a 3-2-1 countdown coming from the crowd during almost every PP/PK?  Is this some sort of Buffalo thing we’re not aware of, because it sounds like The Count is in the crowd.

– Kampfer tips the puck past Miller on a nice pass by Seguin to give the Bs a 6-5 lead.  At this point I think Edwards finally lost it…

– Horton gets what is probably his 3rd chance of the evening and can not capitalize.

– Thomas let a redirected puck go through his 5 hole, luckily it bounces off the outside of the post and away from the net.

– The final couple of minutes looked like Buffalo was running shooting drills, it was only a matter of time until someone scored.  Sadly that person was Stafford for the hat-trick.  This is his second hat trick against Boston this season, measures need to be taken to keep this from happening again…



– If it weren’t for Thomas, Stafford would have had his fourth fucking goal.  He managed to beat the entire Bruins team on his way to the net.

– Horton misses again, at this point we don’t know whether to hate him or feel sorry for him.



Really Julien? Going with Chara in the shootout? Whatever, what’s one more bad decision?


Last game of the roadtrip comes on Monday.  For better or worse, the Bruins have gotten at least one point in every game this trip.  It’d be nice to see them cap it off with a regulation win.

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