Game Recap: Wings Blow Out Bruins

Well…that was disappointing…I mean were weren’t expecting another Montreal game, but we certainly wanted more than whatever the hell that was!

Our feelings exactly bear!

If we’re being honest with ourselves, we’re not surprised by this game at all. After such a big emotional game on Weds. we half expected them to be on fumes tonight. Sure, Bruins gotta get used to playing high intensity games and then play two nights later (think: playoffs), but this isn’t the playoffs. We’re not too worried about what their intensity level will be like come April.

The game starts by the Bruins honoring “Irish” Micky Ward. We haven’t seen The Fighter yet (yeah yeah, we know it’s supposed to be really good), but that hasn’t stopped is from coming up with our own versions of the movie poster:

Also learned a fun fact going into this game:

Does all of this seem like filler? Well truth be told, our hearts really aren’t in this recap.  Between apartment moves, our day jobs turning into night jobs and the Bruins poor play, we’re a bit demoralized tonight.  But we wanted to give you all something so here it is!

After the jump: the period breakdowns


30 seconds into the game and Bergy almost gets a backhand goal. Good start.

Err… nevermind that. Bertuzzi fakes pass and slaps it passed Tuukka — 1:30 into it. No good. 1-0 Wings

Brickly hopes that first goal will get Boston to forget about the Montreal game… let’s hope…

WTF… Cleary is left alone crashing the net and stuffs a quick pass through Rask’s 5-hole. Wake up, Boston. Montreal isn’t walking through the door. 2-0 Wings

Julien looks at Thomas but remembers that he got crucified after the Sabres game when he did the same thing.

We’re blaming Rasks’ new mask for the score… oh, and the shitty Bruins play. Rask is gonna go back to last year’s model between periods if this keeps up.

Fourth line coming out flying after the second goal. Howard saves Thornton’s shot and rebound is just outside of Caron’s reach. Crap. Good to know Campbell-Thornton-Caron showed up on time tonight.

Rask makes a save and mock cheers come from the crowd. We didn’t know Montreal fans were still in town.

Five Bruins can’t stop two Red Wings. Nice shoulder save by Rask on Helm. 

Seidenberg gives Datsyuk a nice feed 5 feet infront of Rask but Tuukka stop its. Move your feet, Boston.

Boston obviously needs a day another day off after Weds. game. And, as usually, poor Tuukka has to face the firing squad because the Bruins are napping. 

Wheeler hits Cleary at center ice and takes puck. Wheeler rips a shot, save and out of play. Nothing brewing for Boston so far.

Break away stop by Rask. “Mark that down! Sometimes stopping one is just as important as scoring one.” –Jack Edwards, Captain Obvious

Red Wings have “awesome resumes” according to Edwards. “The things sports novels are made of.”

McQuaid going to the box for hooking. Bruins PK on Wednesday was nonexistent. *fingers crossed*

Bruins force a hooking call on Rafalski. 4-on-4 action. Bruins are only NHL team without a 4-on-4 goal.

Wheeler offsides. *sigh* At least he’s moving his feet tonight.

Looch’s feed to Bergeron is stopped by Howard. Bruins making some magic happen on this PP

GOAL!!!! KRECJI!! Looch stops busted shot by Chara and dishes it to Krejci. Howard was picking daisies or something ’cause he wasn’t near the crease. Open net goal for Krecji. 2-1 late in the first. Krejci snaps a 20-game scoreless streak. Glad he and Horton are getting the monkey off their backs.

Krejci to Ryder, Ryder SHOOTS and it’s over the net. SOB!!! Great to see Boston woke up finally. Julien must’ve put coffee in the Gatorade bottles mid-period. They’re now controlling the game as they head into intermission.

Red Wings out shot Boston 12-7 in the first. Seemed like a lot more than 12 at the beginning of the period.


Wow… Zetterberg to Hudler. Rask has to do a split from post to post but Hudler roofs it. What a goal by Detroit. 3-1 Red Wings. So much for having momentum.

Ryder trying to stuff it passed Howard but nothing going. Ryder and Kromwall have words for each other.

Rex to Bergy. Bergy fires it but it’s saved, puck bounces around and it just goes over Marchand’s stick. He had a lot of open net, too. Their first two shifts for this line look strong in the second.

Thornton tips McQuaid’s shot wide of Howard. Fourth line looking good, per usual. McQuaid and Helm exchange pleasantries. Nothing more.

Bergeron highsticks Datsyuk. Bruins back on the penalty kill.

Pane of glass busted. Game delayed.

Wheeler gets a shorthanded breakaway but loses the puck in Detroit’s zone. Penalty killed. No official shots on net for Red Wings.

Howard stops a Marchand breakaway shot. Then a big stop on a Bergon one-timer by Howard. This line is on fire this period. They’re due for a goal. Howard’s looking good, too.

Holding call on Kindl. Bruins going on the power play.

Looch can’t get his stick down to tap in the open net. Red Wings get a breakaway and big stop by Tuukka Rask. Despite the score, Rask is keeping Boston in this game. Hooking call on Recchi. 4-on-4 and then Wings PP.

 Zetterberg backhand roofs it over Rask’s shoulder. Rask was moving post to post. PP goal. 4-1 Detroit

Ugh… wow… Rask flubs a pass a few seconds later and Bertuzzi banks it off Rask from behind the net and in. 5-1 Detroit. Fuck it. We’d turn this shit off if we didn’t have to do this recap.

Bs on fumes tonight.

Our game feed cut out at the end of the second. Probably for the best. What’s below is whatever RobbDOY was able to throw together since he was at the game. 
Thomas came in for Rask, not sure how many people noticed.  After looking around, I saw some people leaving and the rest on their phones either on the internet or playing angry birds.

Speaking of angry…I wonder how Rask feels right now

Thornton, god bless him, did he best to get something going against Abdelkader, but knowing the basics of survival, Abdelkader wisely declined

Uhg, Wheeler and Hamill skated right into each other and both went down in heaps.  If there was anything that summed up this game, it was that.

Thomas had a great save on Cleary.  Despite the amount he’s been playing, he still looks sharp.

The rest of the Bruins on the other hand… well lets just say that the bad passes and turnovers were flowing more freely than the beer into the cups of the remaining spectators at this point.

In the first 10 minutes of the period, the Bruins had 2 shots.  The Red Wings had 9

Bruins start to show some signs of pressure, but it’s short lived.

Marchand follows Thornton’s lead and tries to get a fight going with Eaves.  Marchand drops the gloves, Eaves does not, sadly Brado is sent to the box for roughing.

Not long after, the Bruins get another penalty when Chara is forced to hook Zetterberg to prevent a breakaway.  Wings go on a 5 on 3.

Holmstrom makes the game 6-1 while on the power play.  He gets a cross crease feed and blasts it past Thomas.

That’s the way that the game will end.  Not much else noteworthy occurred, plus it was getting tough to see the ice though our tears.

And there you have it.  Hopefully Boston can get some revenge on Sunday.  Until then…I think we all know where the Rask Meltdown Meter is:



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