Gooning on up to the Northeast side. BRUINS WIN.

Boston Bruins Montreal Canadiens

Montreal, Vancouver and Buffalo are full of conspiracy theories regarding the Bruins. Not one of these cities can accept the fact that the Bruins are just better than them.

Montreal loves, loves, LOVES to say the Bruins only win because they are goons. Two points on that:

1) If you’re complaining that the Bruins are too tough and rugged for your team to beat them, what does that say about your weak ass, diving, injury faking team?

2) Suck it.

The Bruins went into Montreal last night and outside of Poo-liot played one of their most disciplined games of the season and beat Montreal. Of course idiot Habs fans took the lead from that moron Dave Stubbs and still made excuses but the Bruins made their point. Of course a former WWF referee like Stubbs would love a team that fakes injuries and dives all the time. Makes him feel like he’s back in the ring, working a scripted match!

Nine wins in a row. NINE. B’s are back in first place in the Northeast with a few games in hand. They’re even winning games when they’re not playing even close to their best. Tim Thomas is a mother f’ing monster. We warned you Northeast Division. We said the bWo was coming for you. You laughed. You taunted us. You sent us whiny emails calling us “classless fags” without understand the irony of your statements. But look now. You bitches are in trouble.

After the jump….. TIM-MY THOM-AS! TIM-MY THOM-AS!

– Canadiens, don’t waste any time in trying to bother Thomas…your hate is only making him stronger.

– “Boychuk is playing Cowboy on the horse, and Gorges is the little pony” – Jack Edwards

Two minute minor, using an opponent as a mode of transportation.

– Bruins strike first! Ference gets the puck past Price after a perfect pass from Peverley. Ference might have fingered that one in. GET IT MONTREAL?!

– Canadiens can’t seem to stop faning on scoring opportunities. Or diving. Or being pansies. Or being a sorry excuse for a hockey team.

– Meanwhile, the Bruins are spending more and more time in the attacking zone but still need target practice.

– Props to the penalty kill for picking up Winnie the Pouliot’s (and to a lesser extent Peverley’s) slack.

Willy, nilly, silly ole waste of talent.

– Tim Thomas, another shutout, ’nuff said.

– “From worst to first in sixteen days!” ~ Jack Edwards

– Corvo went down hard in about 7 minutes into the game, he came back soon after, but damn it looked painful.

– Throughout the game, despite being ahead, Bruins can’t decided how they want to play.  Seemed like after they make a good play they promptly fuck up.

– This Erik Cole bastard is relentless, someone release Boychuk from his shackles! Or someone call Brooks Orpik. Him and Cole know each other.

– Pouliot feels the need to go after Emelin after taking a clean hit, give Montreal a power play. Hope Julien glues his ass to a press box seat.

– Has Poo-liot forgotten what god damn team he plays for? 4 minutes for high-sticking Subban. We hate this guy like Montreal hates take a hitting with pride.

– Looch can’t beat Price 1 on 1, we’d be more angry except we’re not suprised. Lucic has one break away move and hasn’t figured out that every goalie has figured it out.

– Most of the 3rd period. Aeriously, a one goal lead is not the time to play in your own zone. Thank the hockey gods for this man.

– This should really be in the positives but really Montreal, how stupid are you? You were mock chanting Timmy’s name while the Bruins had a 1 goal lead and he was playing lights out. All the Habs players’ wives and girlfriends were lined up outside Timmy’s stall after the game because they wanted to touch a real man. TIM THOMAS PANTY RAID!

– How has Jon not been assassinated by Canadiens fans?

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