Grindin Gears: You Hate Us Cause You Aint Us Edition

So on my way to the Bruins game last night I got a text from my brother “6 in a row…here we go!”. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Last night’s Bruins win was the complete opposite of every other win in November. Last night’s win was a gritty, grind it out type of game that showed what happens when you get your bottom lines clicking. I’ll be honest, I’m a little surprised the Bruins pulled out the win last night based on how frequent the black and gold were visiting the penalty box. It seemed like every two minutes the zebras were carting someone to the box to sit there for two minutes and feel shame. At oen point during the game I turned to my brother and said “How isn’t New Jersey up 3-0 right now?” when it was still a scoreless game.

But the Bruins pulled it out with Poo-poo Pouliot scoring with about three minutes left in the game. It speaks to the resolve of this team. If the top two lines aren’t getting it done, the bottom two lines sneak in and do it. They have the players. Unlike most teams, this third line is a good, speedy line that can score goals. Out of the four goals scored last night only one of them came from the top two lines and that was Brad Marchand scoring six seconds into the second period. Everything else? Chris Kelly, Beniot Pouliot, Greg Campbell, Rich Peverley, Jordan Caron and Shawn Thornton (I’m excluding defenseman, of course). That’s not a bad showing my friends.

It’s easy to see why other teams, and by proxy their fan bases, hate us. The Bruins play on an edge of being a goon squad. I’m not afraid to admit it at all. They chirp. They pester. They hit. They fight. They pretty much will do anything to get under the skin of their opponent…and then they win. This team did it in the playoffs last season and despite a weak October, they’re doing it now in November. That translates to a hockey fanbase and no fanbase is better at chirping the other fanbase than the Bruins fans. We’re expert chirpers. I mean, just read up and down this blog. The four of us could probably outchirp the entire Montreal fanbase, but add in some other people and it’s on like Donkey Kong. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the Canadiens fanbase has the spine of a jelly fish and are complete vaginas.

Speaking of the term vagina

You know what? I’m not even going to go there.

“Tha Bruins ah clickin’!” and it looks like October’s woes are a thing of the past.

Tuukkamania runs wild after the jump!...

Speaking of past, there seems to be yet another “Is Tuukka going to get traded?” question out there and once again it centers around Rick Nash. Because Steve Mason can’t stop a beachball, people believe that the Blue Jackets will trade their 27 year old, franchise player who is signed long term for a goaltender that will be a restricted free agent after this season. The biggest problem, right off the bat, is the financials. Nash is due $7.8M each season until 2018. The Bruins currently have about $3M in open cap space, $7M is you count Savard’s LTIR money that doesn’t go against the cap. What happens, though, if Savvy plays next season. I know that it is an unlikely scenario, but there’s always a chance. Another reason Columbus won’t trade Nash is that he’s their offense. He’s the best player on that team. If Columbus trades Rick Nash then the only viable scoring option is Jeff Carter and Carter can’t play a whole season.

Stop talking about Rask getting traded because it’s going to happen. The trade they made with Toronto to acquire Rask was a steal and any Leafs fan who says otherwise is a homer. There’s no way in hell Thomas gets past this contract. He’ll be 39 at the end of the contract and typically goalies who play into their 40′s dont fare to well. Look at fatty Broduer. He’s 39 and will be the big 4-0 at the end of this season. His GAA has gone up the past three season from 2.24 to 2.45 to now at 3.02. Although the jump is not staggering, his save percentage numbers have taken a dive as well. In 09-10 he saved 91% of the shots he faced (.916). In ’10-11 that number fell to .903 and this season he’s currently sitting at a sub .900 clip (.880).

I know a lot of people are down on Rask this season. People feel he peaked during his rookie season and he’s just another Hannuu Toivonen. Come on now, don’t disrespect the kid.

- Random Thoughts –

- I’ve been asked by Tom over at Canucks Army to participate in their “Embrace The Hate” campaign. It’s a unique and cool way to help some charities and I’ve been asked to participate in the “Best Troll Post” category. Gee, I wonder why? Tom’s a good dude, so head over there and read up on the campaign.

- Days of Y’Orr Fantasy Hockey Update SUPER FUN TIME!

  • DOY #1: Tyutin In The Staal: 1st place in the Triple Crown Timmy Division, 3rd place overall. Record: 30-17-3. Opponent: Battlefly In The Sky. Currently ahead of: Pizz, Jon. Currently behind: Justin. 
  • DOY #2: Rum Hamuis: 2nd place in the Whalers Memorial Division, 5th place overall. Record: 27-15-8. Opponent: TakeMe2TheThomasLand. Currently ahead of: Pizz, Jon. Currently behind: Justin.

I hate you Justin.


That’s about it for this week kids. As always, keep screaming at those self-righteous fucking clouds.