Hey! We found our Bruins! BRUINS WIN.

It is hard to call a game “must win” this early in the season but this was it for the Bruins. Tuesday’s loss to Carolina was embarassing on so many levels. The effort was embarassing, the penalties were embarassing and the crowd throwing shit onto the ice was embarassing. It left a bitter taste in most fans’ mouths.

For the start of the season we didn’t care that the Bruins were starting slow. They gave us a Cup last season. How could we be mad? Tuesday night changed that. It was just awful in every sense of the word. With the Leafs on the horizon the pressure was building. Even though we’re sick of the whole thing, when Kessel comes to town there is a buzz in the air, especially this year since he is tearing up the NHL. With the Bruins playing so poorly, many wondered if he was going to come in and add insult to injury.

Julien had seen enough before the game. His team was lifeless and needed a spark. So he juggled the lines before Thursday’s game.

And for one game at least, it worked. For the first time this season you really felt like the Bruins left it all on the ice. Those were the CHAMPIONS we were waiting to see. They WANTED this game and that was exactly the desire that has been missing. It was such a dominating effort in every sense of the word. It seemed like almost the entire lineup had about 20 points. Boston’s leaders stepped up, their young guns stepped up and a few people who had been invisible decided enough was enough. On the back of Tim Thomas, the Bruins swept away the Leafs.

After the jump….. Domination, thy name is Bruins…..


– The Bruins apparently took Greg’s latest Gridin’ Gears to heart. Greg is currently accepting money, meatball subs and strippers as thanks.

– Tim. F’ing. Thomas. Thomas still had a lot of doubters for some reason entering this season. He’s getting old some said. He played too much last  year some said. Is he going to put up historic numbers again? Probably not. That is why they are “historic.” But he has been incredible again this season. Reader Shane Coutu put it best…

After seeing this Tweet…

Shane made this….

Great picture for a great man. What can you say about Thomas that hasn’t been said? 

– The Bruins scored two power play goals. TWO! That is like scoring 100 for any other team.

– Every game so far Shawn “Wayne” Thornton has tried to spark his team. Unfortunately for Shawn…

Until Thursday! Thornton FINALLY found a willing dance partner less than two minutes into the game!

Consider the spark ignited. Thornton 1, Colton Orr 0.

– There was a Milan Lucic sighting! We’ve been referring to him as Milan Whocic this season (Days of Y’Orr staff is torn… Justin and Robb have always kind of liked Lucic and think he’s underperforming while Jon and Greg have never really been big Lucic fans) but we’ll give credit where credit is due. He finally showed up.

– Thank you, Kessel!

Huge find by Wayne Whittaker. Follow him for more good Bruins tweets.

– Us. We can admit when we were wrong. It began late last season, continued big time in the playoffs and it happened once again last night. Anyone reading this blog from the beginning knows we were never the biggest Andrew Ference fans. Our dislike mostly stemmed from his amount of time spent on the injury list versus his contract. Ference totally and completely proved us wrong over and over again last season. This guy is KEY to this team and last night when the team need leadership the most he stepped up and absolutely dominated. We’re not even just talking about the three assists. Ference was everywhere. 

Andrew, if you ever read this, we’re sorry! We were fools. You are the man and we want to high five you and help you recycle.

– The biggest question is can the Bruins keep this up. Hands down the best effort of the season. Milan Whocic took a few steps toward relevancy again. Bergeron got on the board. The powerplay was clicking. Saturday’s showdown against a strong but struggling Sharks team is another great test.

– Does this team legitimately hate Tuukka Rask. Two U’s, Two K’s, Zero Support has been the theme. Is Thomas just that much better? Does Rask have bad luck? Does the team play different mentally for some reason when Rask is in net? Will Rask snap and murder an opposing team?

– What the HELL was Jack talking about when he said he was like Peter Pan with a mic?

– Does Thomas really not wear pants when he’s looking at all his trophies?

– Will Lucic use this game as a springboard or will he go back to being Mr. Invisible?

See you Saturday San Jose.

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