In Thomas, We Trust. Bruins Win.

Bruins are just rolling right now. Tim Thomas is out of this world. We feel like we’re running out of things to say about him. If the season ended today, the Vezina conversation would be Tim Thomas, Tim Thomas and Tim Thomas. And how can you not talk about Thomas for MVP.

Carolina came out with revenge on their minds. They started slow and then took it to the Bruins. In the second period the Bruins had no answer for the Hurricanes. Tim Thomas did. He stood tall. He went nuts. He hold the Hurricanes to bring it. Then he hulked up.

The kids continue to contribute. Tonight it was Kampfer and Marchand again. Marchand got his 10th of the season. Kampfer’s efforts led to Lucic’s game winner and he made several fantastic defensive stops. Bruins continue to show what they didn’t for most of December… when they want to be, they are one of the better teams in the league. When they don’t want to be, Thomas can usually do enough to bail them out. Tonight was no different.

After the jump, Carolina sucks, Tim Thomas is awesome and Tim Thomas is really awesome…..

– Favorite pre-game Tweet:

– We love Campbell. He’s awesome.

– “What is in Carolina’s mind after yesterday’s thrashing?” ~ Jack Edwards

– Jokinen in the box already. Lets see if the Bruins can make the Canes pay.

– Chara firing bombs at Ward. Peters is having ‘Nam flashbacks on the bench.

– Bruins getting a lot of good chances on this powerplay. Moving the puck well, getting some shots to the net but Ward already has more saves than he had last game.

– “Johnny Boychuk! A Johnny Rocket! His first one of the year!” BOYCHUK SCORES! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! BOYCHUK! BOYCHUK! 1-0 Bruins on Boychuk’s missile.

– Jeff Skinner slashes Campbell after a whistle. Thornton skates over and reminds the kid he can’t even buy beer yet.

– Canes having a contest tonight. Whichever Carolina fan has kissed the most members of their immediate family wins. So far there is a 15,476 way tie.

– Not even sure if Carolina cares. Thought they were in a playoff race. 

– Bodie takes a run at Seidenberg because he sucks at life. That Bodie douche is trying to get in the middle of something after some after whistling talking. Maybe McQuaid hit him so hard he doesn’t remember the beating he took yesterday.

– Krejci gets a good feed on a “sweet feed” from Lucic but misses wide. Krejci struggling lately too. Not sure why all the focus is on Horton.

– Seidenberg hits Staal and Staal goes down like a pansy. Yeah, great Captain. Guy is one of the biggest pansies in the league.

– Raise your hand if you’re a whiny, diving, pansy who wishes he didn’t have a giant vagina.

– Seidenberg in the box for breathing on Staal. Penalty kill time. 

– Boo. Jack tells us that Savard tipped in Boychuk’s shot. No goal for Boychuk. We’re happy for Savard but The Chuk deserves a goal too.

– Eric Staal is an idiot. Blows the powerplay for his team by slashing Marchand’s stick. Great job captain. 4 on 4.

– Canes trying to be assholes tonight which is funny because they generally refuse to drop the gloves.

– Krejci with another decent chance but Ward makes the save. Cam Ward suddenly stopping pucks like Aaron Ward’s face stops fists.

– “Kick save by Thomas! Ridiculous reflex save by Thomas!” You’re damn right Jack. You’re damn right. Eat a bag of assholes Carolina. Thomas owns you.

– Samsonov obviously purposely kicked it too. Didn’t even try to get a stick on it. Idiots. Do Canes even know how to play hockey?

– Skinner went down holding his face. No idea if he was actually hit or just doing his best Eric Staal impression.

– Wheeler pushes someone and four Hurricanes attack him… and then suddenly stop when Wheeler’s teammates join him. Funny how that works.

– Kampfer with some sweet defensive plays as Thomas backs him up. Thomas must be good at NBA Jam because he’s on fire.

– Thomas challenging himself by only doing kick saves tonight. Thats how pedestrian goaltending is for him now.

– Bodie with a shot. We’ll throw things at the TV if that douche scores.

– Canes shot deflectes off Stuart but Thomas makes the save look easy. In Thomas We Trust.

– Boychuk tries to get his first goal, again, but Ward gets there. Boychuk is still super awesome.

– Marchand in the box for hooking now after he whiffed on a shot. Penalty kill again.

– Few players in the league are as appropriately named as Joke-inen.

– Carolina getting some good chances on the powerplay now that it seems like they remembered you can’t score if you’re diving and kicking all the time.

– Canes have Bruins on their heels for the first time all game. Bruins can’t clear and Canes come back. Joke-inen scores. Booooo. He still sucks. 1-1.

– Bruins scrambling for some reason. Letting up good chances as the period comes to a close. Canes crash the net as the period wides down. Knock the goal off the pegs. Cole selling a Chara push. Must play for Montreal. Thomas throws a punch. Kick his ass Thomas. Period ends 1-1. Thomas with a two minute minor that Bruins will have to kill to start the second.


– Bruins starting on the penalty kill ’cause some douche pushed Thomas and Thomas retaliated. Oh well.

– Bruins having trouble clearing. Again. Oh man. Finally Boychuk gets it out. Canes come back and Thomas is making some frantic saves. Bruins not responding to Canes finally upping their game.

– Jack announces they’ve given the goal back to Boychuk! PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!

– Penalty killed. Phew. Hopefully Bruins start playing again and stop with the undisciplined penalties.

– Horton is visibly lacking confidence. Teams are challenging him now knowing he’s going to rush decisions. He’s gotta get out of his own head.

– Everytime Jack Edwards says Jamie McBain we think of the Simpsons.

– Thomas saving the Bruins asses again when LaRose is allowed to stroll in uncontested. Come on Bruins!

– Thornton throws a back hand on Ward, but Ward makes the save. Thornton is awesome. Thornton and Thomas are like super heroes. Whenever the team needs saving, they are there.

– Ruutu to the box. Goes way high on Wheeler. Go F yourself Ruutu.

– Wow. Ward just committed a felony against Horton. Nice save. We’ll give you that Ward. Nice save.

– Annnnd Horton ruins the powerplay with a slash. Bruins hurting themselves a lot tonight.

– No idea why Thomas came out just then. That was close. Way too close. Carolina had an open net.

– Thomas comes out to the blueline to make a save, ha. Is he that bored back there by himself?

– Cole is in the Bruins mouth tonight. Bruins might, you know, want to stop him.

– Bruins really, really, REALLY need to stop sucking at clearing on the PK tonight.

– Lucic with a great chance but Ward is on his game. He is the opposite of Justin Peters.

– Tripping called on Boychuk. Canes diving everywhere tonight. Then they trip Boychuk and there’s no call. Bull. Penalty kill time again.

– Thomas has 33 saves already. Its half way through the second. Hows about some defense Bruins. As awesome as Timmy is, he’s still 36. He’s going to get tired! Help a brother out! Second period looked something like this:

– Canes with a man wide open by Thomas but Chara intercepts the pass. Phew.

– Erik Cole gets knocked on his ass and the penalty expires. Nice kill boys.

– Kampfer steps into LaRose. Broken nose doesn’t slow him down. Chara has some words with Sutter after he pushes another Bruin into Thomas.

– Stuart gets sandwiched and doesn’t even care. Bruins getting dominated though. Guess Carolina was mad about all those bad things we said about them. Whatever.

– Carolina shoving people into Thomas and crashing the crease. Thomas is taking a beating and getting no help at all. Not a good scene here. Thomas carrying the team. Literally.

– Johnny Boychuk should kill Zach Boychuk. There can be only one!

– Thornton puts on a fucking show trying to get things going for the Bruins. What a shift and what a pass to Campbell. Then Canes take a delay of game penalty. Thornton is such a beast.

– Horton just can’t get one. Nice chance on Ward but saved again.

– Bruins not doing a whole lot with this powerplay. They are lucky its still 1-1 right now. They need a goal big time.

– Powerplay over. Thornton gets a chance but Carolina juuuuuust gets a stick on it.

– Under a minute to go. Teams battling in the neutral zone. Intermission time. Still 1-1.

– Julien is making the Bruins write apology letters to Tim Thomas. Wow. What a beastly performance. “Bruins survived that period on the spine of Tim Thomas.” ~ Brick. You’re damn right.

– Thomas playing the role of Superman. Even Superman needs a drink after all that work.

– The Period starts and everyone falls down…no seriously at least five people must have fallen in the first 1:30

– Johnny Boychuk blocks a shot by Zack Boychuk proving who’s better.

– After an icing call against Carolina, Recchi wins the face back to Chara after Bergeron gets thrown out. Chara takes a shot and Marchand buries the rebound because he’s awesome. 2-1 Bruins. Marchand is all over the place. Best Boston rookie this season.

– Boychuk, having not feed on a soul in a little while, destroys Skinner

– Thornton, not to be out done, ruins Jokinen

– Horton would make the world’s greatest lover because he never finishes. He had a perfect opportunity and couldn’t put it past Ward

– Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Wheeler is offsides!

– Not long after the offsides, LaRose puts a puck past Thomas. Not much he could do. Thomas has faced like 1,000 shots. 2-2 game.

– Quickly after tying the game LaRose goes for elbowing even though his elbow never hit Chara (looks like his stick did). Besides, Larose would need to lace up his Air Jordans before he was able to elbow Chara

– Despite drawing blood, LaRose only goes for 2 minutes. We were suprised at first, but Edwards quickly reminded us that “no one cheers for Goliath”. Whatever the hell that means. Chad LaRose sucks.

– While on the Power play, Kampfer breaks the puck out to Recchi, who speeds into the Carolina zone. Lucic is actually in front of the net and scores off of Recchi’s feed making the game 3-2 Bruins. Kampfer continues to be awesome.  

– Hey Looch, remember back earlier in the season when you did stuff like that a lot? Maybe you should keep it up. This is Lucic’s 17 goal, matching his career high.

– Carolina gets scary pressure in the B’s zone, defense/Thomas are strong but can’t clear much or counter …until Bergeron busts out some stellar defense behind his goal, locking up Skinner so B’s can bring the puck up the ice.

– B’s on defense for what feels like forever. Jebus.

– Carolina pulls Ward with just under a 1:25 remaining.

– Empty net comes to an abrupt end when Ruutu trips Wheeler with 27 seconds left and has to go to the box. Way to go Carolina. You suck.

– Bruins pin Carolina in ther own zone for the remainder of the game. Thomas ended the game with a season high 43 saves.

– Game looked ugly for awhile but Tim Thomas bails the Bruins out. See you Thursday Buffalo. You suck too Buffalo.

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