Marchand-Bergeron-Recchi Dominate. Bruins Win!

Umm wow.  So remember back when we were complaining about the Bruins offense? Well lately we’ve needed to find new things to bitch about (we’re looking at you Horton).

A solid game and solid victory for the Bruins against a team that is much better than they looked today.  The Marchand-Bergeron- Recchi line continues to impress and Thomas was as good as he has been all season.  We could keep going, but I think that this expresses how we feel more than words can:

After the jump, we break down the periods

– Seguin with a bad angle shot on Anderson that almost gets by. Crafty, that Seguin.

–  Shattenkirk fires a shot on Thomas that hits like 8 people and it trickles in on Thomas. Not a good start, ha. Oh well. Plenty of time left, but we’re hoping it’s not a bad omen.  1-0 Avs

– Incidentally, how unfortunate is Shattenkirk’s name? A perfect combination of Shatner and Kirk, I wonder how many times people have pointed that out to him

– Campbell and McLeod decide to throw down.  Didn’t look like something happened, but this was needed to hopefully spark the team after a quick Colorado goal.

– Teams exchange rushes and shots before Colorado comes back and almost puts it by Thomas. That Duchene is one quick fella.

– Thornton gets the puck in the slot and fires one on Anderson but Anderson makes the save. Boooooooo.

– Thornton and Foote get warned by the refs as they chirp at each other. Just let ’em go refs, if he can’t score then Thornton wants some blood!

– Bergeron with a good shot that bounces high but doesn’t go in. Bruins starting to get some good pressure though.

– Bergeron throws the puck across the crease but no black jerseys anywhere near that area. No idea why B’s often refuse to have people in front of the net, have they not realized that they score when that happens?

– Krejci just got absolutely nailed on a clean hit. That one is going to hurt.

– Bruins back checking prevents a 3 on 1. McQuaid was allllllllllll alone.  Great early action in the game so far.

– Wheeler comes in on a semi breakaway but Anderson makes the save.  Anderson is playing well and both teams are skating hard.

– “BINGO BONGO IT’S ALL TIED!” ~ Jack Edwards. Marchand in front and the puck bounces to him when Recchi’s shot is deflected. Marchand puts it home making it 1-1.  Funny Story, after Googling Bingo-Bongo, turns out that’s actually an italian movie.  No, it has nothing to do with hockey.

– Nice save by Anderson. Bruins on a great break out and Krejci drops the puck back to Lucic who fires a vicious slapshot. Days of Y’Orr crew prematurely celebrated on that one.

– McLeod took a shot on Thomas after the whistle and the Bruins are understandably VERY unhappy about it. Thornton staring him down as the refs break things up. Think Thornton is taking notes.

– Avs get called for delay of game as Ryder forces the Avs to toss it over the glass on the forecheck. 

– That did not take long! Thomas sends the puck up ice and Krejci takes a shot. Lucic hanging out in the crease and sees the juicy rebound and he pounds it home. 2-1 Bruins. Looooooooooooooooooooch. 

– So Bruins…. you buying Campbell dinner for sparking the team? Just saying.

– Bruins have the Avs running around a bit. They don’t seem to have an answer for the Bruins at this point. Bruins just need to keep it up.

– Marchand is everywhere today. He NAILED Duchene. “He just sent Duchene flying like a stuffy in a kid’s bedroom!” ~ Jack Edwards.

– Bruins flying all over the place. Great break outs, great puck movement. Very impressive so far.

– Ryan O’Byrne with his second penalty of the game. Interference. Oh man. He’s gonna be in trooooooooooooouble.

– Dupuis forces Kampfer to turnover the puck but Thomas makes the save. 

– Boychuk just claimed another soul! Go Boychuk.

– After Chara and Bergeron play a shooting gallery game with Anderson, Colorado comes back and David Jones hits a post. Thanks post! Powerplay over.

– Bergeron, Recchi, Marchand line by far the best line so far. Last minute of play in the period and they’re producing scoring chances left and right.

– Period ends 2-1 Bruins.


– Hearing Jack and Brick repeatedly say “Pepsi Center” produce an intermission run to the store. Sweet, sweet Pepsi.

– Seguin with a bomb that bounces to Lucic and Anderson has to go cross crease to make the save. Damn you Anderson!!!

– Bruins brought their guns today. Seems like everyone has a ridiculous slapshot.

– Koci tried to check Ryder and bounced off. Ryder didn’t even notice, suck it!

– Uh uh. Savard went down on the ice….holding his face. Hunwick checked Savard and Savard’s face went into the glass. Savard goes to the locker room, ultimately for the remainder of the game, and is sent home to Boston.

– Duchene is so damn fast and crafty. Someone steal his skates so he can’t do anything.

– Foote drops the gloves to go after Krejci after they give each other some stick work. Ference and Thornton jump into that faster than Komisarek turtles, ha. Not sure Foote wants a piece of Thornton.

– Both go to the box for two minutes. Four on four for a bit!

– Thomas forced to make a big save early in the four on four. No problem for Tim Thomas. He’s awesome.

– Nice glove save by Anderson. Recchi and Berg with a nice give and go but Anderson shuts ’em down.

– Is Adam Foote always this much of a douche? He’s trying to start with everyone tonight.

– Bruins catch a break when Stewart gets called for boarding Chara. Looked clean to us. B’s going on the powerplay.

– Bruins do nothing with powerplay as Dupuis hits Boychuk a couple of times. He must have a death wish.

– Momentum beginning to swing the Avs way. They’re starting to play angry and the Bruins need to answer.

– Niiiiiice save Thomas. Timmy gives up a rebound and Galiardi turns and swings towards the open net but Thomas gets a pad on it. Phew.

– Krejci fools Anderson but then puts the wide off the outside of the net. Krejci should’ve had that one. 

– Seguin going to the front of the net a lot this game. Not going to complain about that.

– Sweet Jebus Marchand you’re awesome. Marchand with a great steal as he and Recchi head up ice on a 2 on 1. Marchand fakes the shot, passes to Recchi, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL. What a play. Marchand continues to be freaking awesome. 3-1 Bruins.

– Bruins go on the penalty kill, ABSOLUTELY can’t let the Avs get any momentum from this.

– Liles seems upset with Marchand Marchand hits, scores, passes and pisses people off…our kind of guy!

– Thomas comes waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too far out and Bruins get lucky that Avs don’t bang the puck into the open net. Hectic end to the Avs powerplay.

– Horton with a nice little play batting the puck out of the air but the puck is blocked. Damn, we wish we had a dollar of every “almost goal” or “nice try” Horton has had this season

– Bruins get a turnover in their own end and Krejci and Lucic sprint up the ice on a 2 on 1. Anderson is pooping his pants. Lucic to Krejci to Lucic GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Nice shot by Looch, 4-1 Bruins with less than a minute in the period.

– Duchene with some sweet ass moves and a nice backhand on Thomas. DOY staff kind of loves this kid. Is that so wrong?!

– Period ends with Bruins up by three. Looch with twenty minute to get the hat trick.

– Budaj replaces Anderson in net to start the period, given the way some of the goals have been scored, thats probably more a statement to the rest of the team.

– Marchand and Seguin on the same line has some intriguing possibilities. Both are speedy lil dudes.

– Bruins getting a bit lazy in their own zone. Shattenkirck out duels Bergeron and skates towards the slot as B’s just watch him. Back hand shot on Thomas. Goal. 4-2. B’s need to stomp out whatever life the Avs have right now.

– Thomas with a couple of nice saves on a delayed penalty. Avs are going on the power play as Ryder heads to the box for hooking. Huge penalty kill right now. Can’t let the Avs shrink the lead to one.

– “Krejci spanks it down the river!” ~ Jack Edwards on Krejci’s clear.  Now this is usually the type of thing you’d think we would photoshop..but our minds are too sick to risk it.

– Dammit Bruins! Give away right in front and Thomas has to make a point blank save. Bruins making too many mental mistakes. Luckily Thomas is a beast.

– Thomas comes out to confront Jones shot and deflects the puck out of play. Thomas coming up HUGE for the Bruins. Again.

– Penalty killed. Mostly thanks to Thomas. Bruins still pinned in their own end. We hate when the Bruins play so conservative. Go down the other end and stomp on the Avs throat. Metaphorically speaking of course.

– Recchi with a nice shot on Budaj but he makes the save. Recchi is still awesome.

– Wheeler gets tripped but no call. Wheeler still collects the puck and enters the Avs zone. Bruins first sustained pressure in forever. Wouldn’t be surprised if they blow the lead with the way they’re playing.

– The Bruins must have realized what we were thinking.  Marchand in the crease as Bergeron is down on one knee. Bergeron fires a shot from his knee… and GOAL! This line has been insane this game. 5-2. Thanks Bergeron. Weird to say with the Bruins ahead but they needed that goal.

– That goal semed to suck the life out of the Avs. All the pressure they had before that has become non-existent.

–  Thomas caught 10 miles out of his net for some reason. Wow Timmy, ha. Bruins collapse on the net and Avs don’t even get a shot on the wide open net. Timmy… please stay in your net buddy. We love you but… just stay there.

– Bruins trying to take advantage of a young Avs team that seems mentally checked out of the game now. Gooooooooooood. Goooooooooooood.

– Wheeler takes a hard hit and looks like he doesn’t care.

– Almost shit ourselves when Boychuk and Galiardi went into the boards and it looked like Boychuk was hurt, but then we remembered that nothing can hurt Boychuk.

– Bergeron with a great steal and pass to Ryder who almost jams the puck past Budaj. Ryder then shoves someone to the ice just for fun. Ha. See Bruins? This is how you land the death blow on a team.

– Horton with two good shots in a row but Budaj makes the save(s). Horton will get another goal someday.

– Seidenberg going to the box for highsticking. It was clearly an accident but Koci gets all upset about it. Either that or Koci was upset because he has no talent. Probably the second one. Four minutes for Seids because he drew blood. Avs on the powerplay for the remainder of the game.

–  Budaj goes to the bench with about three minutes left in the period. 6 on 4 for the Avs but Tim Thomas still making the big saves.

– Game over bitches. Marchand gets the puck in the Bruins end and fires on the empty net. Goal city. 6-2 Bruins. Goal puts Marchand in first place in the NHL with four shorthanded goals.  

– Some confusion as to whether or not the Avs scored. Apparently it went in after a whistle. Not like it would have mattered.

– “Boston Bruins thump the Colorado Avs!” ~ Jack Edwards. Game Over. Bruins start third period off rough but grab the important two points.

– Here is a video of all Marchand’s points tonight.  Watching this is probably the best way you can spend 51 seconds

Struggling Kings team await on a late night Monday game, can’t wait for that one.  Some of us here have a soft spot for the Kings, namely Drew Doughty and Dustin Brown.

Go Bruins!

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