Minnesota Runs Wild. Bruins Lose.

Bruins must have nightmares about Jose Theodore and the Minnesota Wild. They never seem to do well against either. Boston fell to 0-6-0 at home against the Wild since the Wild came into the league. Lazy play and turnovers cost the Bruins. Well, so did a questionable hooking call on Shawn Thornton.

Boston came out flatter than Kate Moss in the second while the Wild opened up a shooting gallery on Tuukka Rask. Thornton went to the box because the refs were bored and Boston’s lazy play let up a first goal. If Rask wasn’t sharp, this game ends 54-1. 

The game basically boiled down to a duel between Rask and Theodore. Good and Evil. Unfortunately for Rask, evil prevailed because his teammates thought it would be super cool to have terrible turnovers and stretches of uninspired play. Bruins eventually turned it on but Jose Theodore was playing out of his mind.

Of course, the Wild really didn’t play that shabby. They’re on fire lately. Gotta give credit where credit is due. The Wild capitalized on the opportunities they were given. Bruins just couldn’t solve Jose Theodore. He was like the Riddler. 

Rask showed he still has the moves. Two starts in a row for the youngster and he was still schooling bitches. He’s the man. Most action he’s seen all season. Often times he was working alone. Like Batman.

After the jump, this recap is brought to you by 1960’s Batman………


End of Period: 0 – 0


1 – 0 Wild

1 – 1


End of Period: 1 – 1


2 – 1 Wild

3 – 1 Wild

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