Nation of Domination. Bruins Take Game 1

We didn’t know what to expect from the Bruins coming off a physically and emotionally draining seven game series against their ultimate rivals. The Bruins team that started that series looked like a one and done team. The team that finished that series was a gritty, unified, do what it takes to win team (you know, other than scoring on the powerplay).

The team that finished that Montreal series started the series against the Flyers… with a boost.

Cancel those missing perons reports on David Krejci and Milan Lucic.  Krejci was a demon. He was so good in fact the Flyers resorted to cheap shots to try to stop him. He is going to take a beating this series and he knows it.

The game wasn’t all pretty. Things started to slip away a bit in the third and you were even more pumped that the Bruins had built such a big lead. Then something happened and you felt a lot better about these Bruins. They responded. Mike Richards goal in the third had given the Flyers new life. Then everyone’s favorite pest and super rookie Brad Marchand snuffed it out and Gregory Campbell kicked home the extra point and the Bruins took game one in dominating fashion.

The Bruins haven’t seen the best of the Flyers. We’re not naive enough to think the series is going to be this easy. But at worst the Bruins are coming home with the series tied. We’ll take that any day.

After the jump…. Krejci wakes up, Marchand is still a beast and Tim Thomas is inhuman…..

– SUCKS that these games are on NBC. Pierre McGuire has got to be the most annoying person on the face of the planet and the constant verbal fellatio they dish out to the Flyers is obnoxious. Oh well. Long live Jack Edwards!

– Before you can even finished your first beer David Krejci tosses a wicked back hander by Boucher. 1-0 Bruins early. Love the way they came out.

– Flyers chasing Krejci around every time he takes a shift and hacking at this wrist. Going to be like that all series.

– McGuire won’t shut up about how much he wants to blow the Flyers. Getting ridiculous.

– Paille and Pronger were racing for an icing. Pronger never touched it so Paille hit him in the race. Refs call a penalty on Paille. Weak call. Then the NHL’s most overrated defenseman Pronger takes a two handed swing at Paille. Four on four time. What an idiot Pronger is. Great leadership there.

– Booooo. B’s let Briere head to the front of the net uncontested and he hops on a rebound. 1-1. Briere might be a cheap bitch but he can score. Can’t let him get that kind of space. Oh well.

– Tim Thomas is absolutely robbing bitches left and right. He brought his A-game tonight. In Thomas We Trust.

– Bruins keep pressing and get rewarded. Less than a minute left in the period when Krejci and Horton hook up again. Horton fires the first shot and it doesn’t go… but he doesn’t give up and gets his own rebound. SCORE! What a play. Bruins kicking ass everywhere. 

– Period over. 2-1 Bruins.  Great, great start by the B’s.

– Wow less than three minutes in and the Bruins are making Boucher look bad again. Recchi fires a shot on net and it dribbles by Boucher. 3-1 Bruins because Recchi is awesome.

– Why is Carcillo even in the NHL? Guy is talentless and does nothing but motivate the opposing team to kick more ass.

– McQuaid just RUINED Coburn. McQuaid takes no prisoners!!!

– Flyers fans cheer and get all excited whenever their team dishes out a cheap shot but if their team didn’t spend so much time running around like idiots they’d probably score more. Seems like sometimes they’re playing just to injure the other team rather than trying to score. That strategy is really paying off so far this game!

– Wow… This is getting out of hand. McQuaid with a blast from the point and Krejci tips it in! Ridiculous! 4-1 Bruins. Keep it going boys!

– Annnnnnnnnnd two minutes later the Bruins keep pouring it on! The Tag Team Champs Bergeron and Marchand hook up. Bergeron feeds Marchand (or March- AAAAND as the NBC crew kept calling him) embarrasses Boucher! SCORE! 5-1 Bruins!

– And that does it for Boucher. See you later, thanks for playing!

– Boo. Less than a minute after Marchand’s goal James VanDerBeek scores for the Flyers. Whatever. B’s in cruise control. 5-2. Period ends with Bruins hanging onto their three goal lead.

– Despite the Flyers being down by three goals the NBC crew does nothing but give them verbal hand jobs. At one point Versteeg shoulder blocked Krejci’s knees from behind and Pierre McGuire applauded the move saying that is what Philly needs to do to control Krejci. Really Pierre? Promoting cheap shots? Hope Mike Richards doesn’t use lube when you two bang later.

– Tim Thomas spent most of this game putting on a goalie clinic. Whenever the Flyers got energized he was shutting them down and stealing their confidence. None of the goal were his fault tonight. He is a beast.

– The refs were terrible on both sides tonight. Have been all playoffs in every series and tonight was no exception. Bruins at one point had to kill off like 50 shorthanded opportunities. Eventually Mike Richards scored his first goal of the playoffs. Yup. Great captain, eh Pierre? 5-3 Bruins.

–  Man, what a beast Marchand is. Flyers energized after pulling within two goals. Kid is always in the right place at the right time. 6-3 Bruins. Suck it Flyers.

– Few minutes later Campbell puts the exclamation point on this ass kicking. Great pass by Krejci and even better bury by Campbell. 7-3. B’s in Philly’s face all game.

– Game Two Monday. Things could get messy!

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