One Game Away. BRUINS WIN.

This is it. The most important game in our lives as Bruins fans. Game 7. One game for everything.

A lot of people, especially Vancouverites, are throwing around a lot of stats today.

The Bruins have just two goals in three games in Vancouver and have been shut out twice. The Canucks have been great at home. The home team has won every game. The Bruins have no chance.

Streaks are meant to be broken. History means nothing in Game Seven. And every time someone has told this year’s Bruins they couldn’t do something, every time in his life someone has told TIM-MY THOM-AS he couldn’t do something…. they proved everyone wrong. Thomas has proved everyone wrong.

Stats don’t matter in a Game Seven. This is a one game series now. Doesn’t matter that the Canucks shut out the B’s twice at home. Doesn’t matter that the B’s scored 17 goals in three games at home. Doesn’t matter who has more hits or more saves. Game Seven is the ultimate clean slate. There literally is no tomorrow. There is going to be a champion crowned Wednesday night. This is what we’ve waited our whole lives as fans for.

After the jump… B’s win big, force Game Seven……

- Here we go. Time to do this Bruins.

- Early injury. No idea what happened. Boychuk and Raymond got tangled up and Raymond is down. TV angles aren’t showing anything but Mason Raymond is being helped off the ice.

- Hear that? It is the sound of Canucks fans running to the interwebs to demand Boychuk’s head and defend Rome.

- Thomas forced to make some great saves early. And here is another Sedin dive. This Canucks team has zero respect for the game of hockey.

-  Good chances for both teams so far. Looks like they have jars on the Vancouver bench to catch all the tears from their whining.

- Seidenberg just killed Salo. Looks like Salo hurt his ball.

-  Luongo broke his stick trying to jam it up his own ass.

- Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn Peverley with a nice pass but Krejci tipped it just wide. So close. So close.

- MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARCHAND! Fuck yes! What a play and what a goal. LOLuongo gets beat gloveside again. Hells yes. 1-0 Bruins.

- Sweet jesus B’s almost just scored again. Damn. Keep it up boys!

- LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH! Bad line change, bad D by Vancouver and great play by B’s and Lucic beats Luongo as it squeaks throw his five hole! SCORE! 2-0 B’s.

- Burrows and one of the ginger twins acting hurt after the whistle because they’re pussies.

- Good to see good ole Nate Horton at the game. Horton rules. Dare you not to tear up after this video. We dare you.

- HUGE save by Thomas off a turnover!

- Peverley crushed in the corner as he and Edler rush for an icing puck and Edler hits him instead of touching the puck because Edler sucks. PP time. Thanks for being such idiots Vancouver.

- GOODBYE LOLUONGO! POWERPLAY GOAL! Ference with the shot, screen by Recchi and it beats Luongo! 3-0 B’s. Bruins came to play. Goalie chasers bitch!

- HOLY BALLS! Some douchy Canuck made a quick pass because he didn’t want to get hit by Seguin (really?!?) and Kaberle plows it home (KABERLE?!). 4-0 Bruins! SCORE!

- Correction. Ryder tipped it in. B’s came to play. Keep it up boys. Keep it up!

- Oooooooooooo Ryder just took a cheap shot and then punched a dude in the face! And Ryan Kesler is such a little bitch. Ryder being fiesty. Love it.

- B’s on PP again because Ryan Kesler did something stupid. Again.

- B’s with some good set ups but can’t put it home. Who cares. They’re up 4-0.

- Seguin with a shot on Schneider that almost turns Schneider into Salo.

- Raffi Torres is a no talent hack who is only good at cheapshots and being a pussy.


- Whoa. That was close. Burrows almost scored but he probably dove or something because a couple Bruins were near him.

- B’s getting sloppy. Still 40 mins left. Gotta keep the pressure on boys.

- B’s on PP again. Recchi with a great chance but Schneider looks infinitely more compotent that Luongo and makes the save.

- Gotta say…. B’s powerplay has looked pretty good tonight. If they hang onto this game, they’re gonna need a good PP in Game 7.


- Period over. 4-0 Bruins. Awesome. 

- Second period. Here we go. Hopefully B’s keep pressing.

- B’s going to the box for goalie interference as Bergeron drives the net. PK time. Do it  B’s.

- B’s just missed on an easy clear… this could cost them…

- Buuuuuuuut Timmy makes a save through traffic then Kesler slashes Chara and runs like hell.

- Ooooooooooo Canucks hit pipe. B’s gotta be careful here. Don’t give Vancouver even the slighest bit of confidence. Kill kill kill.

- Teams exchanging chances. Go B’s  Go! 

- Boychuk with a brain fart but Timmy F’ing Thomas bails him out like a monster.

- How underrated is Campbell? Just saying. F you Vancouver.

- Erhoff tries to start shit with Bergeron. Apparently that douchey bitch is unaware of Bergeron’s lethal skills and left hand.

- Boychuk with a blast as the Bruins are being beasts but can’t beat Schneider yet. Fantastic shift though. Exactly what they needed.

- Nice change again by Marchand. Kid’s got swagger. Canucks seem to be going after Bergeron hard.

- Campbell and Thornton wreaking havoc. Don’t care what anyone says, we fucking love Shawn Thornton. Heart and soul guy and a solid human being.

- Game half over…. B’s still up 4-0. Shit ain’t over though. Hold onto your private parts everyone.

- Seguin doing a lot of the little things tonight. Love it. B’s need every player to do the little things if they’re going to bring the Cup home.

- Seidenberg just absolutely crushed Higgins and then Bergeron gets called because Kesler is a diving prick. Oh well. PK time.

- Ha Paille just almost scored shorthanded while Schneider was doing his best Luongo impression and then Marchand killed Burrows. So satisfying to see that.

- Marchand and Peverley almost hook up like they’re at a frat party but just miss. Hate to admit it too but Schneider is playing well. Making a lot of solid stops.

- What a kill. B’s playing like machines.

-  Remember that time the Sedin twins played Michelle on Full House?

- We often wonder what it is like to be Tim Thomas and just be constantly awesome.

- Two mins left and B’s still pressing. Keep it up boys!

- Still super pumped when they replay Horton waving the flag. Heart you Horty.

- B’s organist just played Chelsea Dagger. If you don’t know why this is hilarious, go say fifty Hail Thomas’

- Burrows is a douchebag as Bergeron is going to the box. PK time again as Marchand is way too smart for that idiot Burrows. Berg a bit undisiciplined today.

- Ha Chara chases after the puck in the Canucks end and Canucks are too afraid to go into the corner with him. Period over. 4-0 B’s.

- Here we go. Final 20. Keep the lead B’s. Make this a one game series.

- Fudge. Henrik Sedin scores on the powerplay. Whatever. Still 4-1 B’s.

- Higgins tripped Boychuk and Ference nails that douche Burrows. Refs call neither penalty. We’re cool with that.

- B’s going into their patented “give the opponent lots of chances while Thomas saves our asses” defense which no one seems to be a fan off. Don’t give the Canucks any confidence.

- Fuck. Canucks maybe scored? Canucks celebrating but looks like it hit the post. B’s taking their foot off the gas. HUGE mistake. Don’t give Canucks any confidence heading into Game 7.

- Yup no goal. Canucks pull a Miami Heat and celebrate too early.

- B’s finally rediscover the offensive zone. No time to get relaxed. Still plenty of time on the clock. Going to be a miserable next 15 minutes if B’s don’t get their heads right.

- B’s with a good shift. Need more of this. Kill kill kill KILL!

- And Torres just tripped Krejci. Delayed penalty as B’s head into Canucks zone…. but Canucks eventually get touch up. PP time.

- Chara with a blast but misses wide. Seguin getting some PP time. Haha you said PP.

- Vancouver with another penalty and B’s are going 5 on 3 after another save by Schneider.

- What a cheap shot by Alberts on Seguin. Typical Canucks man/woman. Huge chance for the B’s to basically finish this.

- Schneider with a huge save on Recchi. Kid’s been good, we’ll give him that.

- Wow. Schneider just robbed Recchi. What a save…. but puck is loose….. Recchi cross crease to Krejci…. SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE! Another PP box and B’s up 5-1.

- Bergeron and Burrows going to the box for some handy stick work. Burrows still blows goats.

- Oh man. Schneider and Alberts F up and Thornton almost scores. That would’ve been awesome.

- Boychuk just killed Kesler. Fucking love it. Kesler sucks.

- Still ten mins left as Vancouver rests the Sedins. Giving up already? Lucic keeps f’ing up Tanev too. Tanev must have internal bleeding by now.

- Recchi heads to the box for being awesome. Don’t care what the real reason is. Recchi is awesome.

- Crowd chanting NA-THAN HOR-TON. Fucking love it.

- B’s kill the penalty like it ain’t no thing and Thomas continues to make saves.

- Blah. LapierreDouche just scored.

- Schneider with another great save then Sedin cried because Marchand touched his ugly ugly face. Schneider on his game but who cares.

- Hahahahahaha Lapierre ejected because he sucks at life and hockey. We assume that is the reason anyway.

- Schneider to the bench as Canucks are on the powerplay as Thomas makes big saves. Refs handed out like 80 misconducts. Gonna be a messy Game 7. But Thomas is such a beast.

- CBC apparently advocating that the Canucks try to hurt Bruins players. Wow. Bush league stuff right there from a network that claims to be professional. Apparently they were saying the Canucks should run Thomas and try to hurt him because Luongo was safe on the bench. What a bunch of jokes.

- Don’t even matter right now. We’re going to Game 7. See you Wednesday. Going to be a shit show. Can’t fucking wait!

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