One more for the Bad Guys. BRUINS WIN.

It has been quite a week for the Bruins. Thomas taught Miller how to take contact in a game and not be a whiny bitch.

Benoit Pouliot showed up to help the Bruins beat the Devils into submission.

So really it is no surprise that after winning six games in a row coming into Thursday night’s game and having a busy week that the effort wasn’t quite there. This game was a snore fest for the most part. Few exchanges here and there that were awesome but for the most part both teams just didn’t seem into it. Well the Bruins didn’t seem into it. The Blue Jackets just suck. Seriously. What an awful, awful team. Poor Rick Nash is wasting away in Columbus. Dude would be better off in Florida and that is saying something. 

After the jump….. Tuukkamania is running wild, McQuaid has mullet power, Shawn Thornton is pissed and Columbus really, really sucks……

– We know this has nothing to do with the game but we’re super excited that the Bruins are apparently the bad guys of the NHL. First Montreal bitched that the Bruins are bullies. Than Vancouver. Now Buffalo. And you know what they all had in common? They bitched about it like a bunch of whiny fourth graders but then did nothing about it. Boo hoo the Bruins are tough and mean! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT THEN YOU WHINY FUCKS! Tonight was one more win for the Bad Guys. We love it. You love it. They love it. Embrace it.

– You hear that sound Buffalo? That is the sound of the Bruins coming for you. While you’re busy whining and crying, they’re busy winning. Enjoy first place while you can pansies.

– Rask now has two wins in a row and looked damn good tonight. He had a few FANTASTIC saves. Seems like he carried the emotion from his practice meltdown into the game. Two U’s, Two K’s, Two Game Winning Streak. Tuukkamania is running wild in Boston!

– The memories of the Bruins horrific start to the season is all but erased. On October 31st, looking at the Bruins record was like running into an ex on the street with their much hotter new partner. Now it is like running into your ex and showing them a sex tape of you and your WAAAAAAAAAAY hotter partner. You don’t even care anymore. 

– Shawn Thornton. Enough said. We would love to hear the “conversation” these guys had in the penalty box.

– Any game McQuaid scores isn’t all bad.

– We love hockey. We don’t mind low scoring, defensive games. This game wasn’t that. It was just plain ugly and sort of boring until the Bruins late push. Columbus is lucky the Bruins didn’t take target practice or this game would’ve been 10-1.

– Columbus. Sweet jesus there are no words for how awful they are. This game had trap written all over it and the Bruins fell right into it but still won. Thanks for sucking that bad Columbus!

– How long until the Blue Jackets just give up and trade Rick Nash and/or move to Quebec?

– How are people on their management staff still employed? We almost feel bad making fun of this team because the fans have suffered enough.

– When will Dave Stubbs stop being an awful, awful writer and stop contradicting himself with stupid, stupid logic. Senile old fool. Hopefully his owners take him out back and do him in Old Yeller style.

– When will Purrgeron make his triumphant return? (the answer is “very soon”)

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