ONE WIN AWAY. Bruins Win.

It wasn’t pretty. You probably crapped your pants 18 times during the game. When Tampa Bay scored early thoughts crept into the heads of even the most faithful. Where we going to see the same Bruins team we saw in Game 4? When the Bruins had negative 3 shots halfway through the second period your heart was sinking. But the way Thomas was playing you knew there was hope. You just knew.

When the puck bounced to Downie in the third and you saw that wiiiiiiide open net you probably starting cursing immediately. Out of nowhere, Thomas dove to the rescue. Again. He made perhaps the most meaningful save for the Bruins in decades. The Bruins were on the ropes. If Tampa gets that goal they have all the momentum. But Tim F’ing Thomas demoralized them. The whole Tampa bench was stunned. Thomas just played it off like it was business as usual.

After the game, you built a shrine to Tim Thomas. You watch the clipped of him making that save on Downie over and over and over and over.

Yes, the Bruins are just one win away from the Stanley Cup Finals. Think about that. One win. Most of us were barely ten the last time anyone could say that.

But the series is a long way from over. Tampa was the better team for looooooooooong stretches of that game. Now it is win or go home for them. There are few things as dangerous as a team with its back against the wall. If you think for one second Boson is going to stroll in and take Game 6 with ease, you’re wrong.

Don’t listen to everyone complaining today. Wah the Bruins sucked, wah. Wah, if they make it to the Finals and face Vancouver the series will be over in four, wah. A win is a win. All you do now is enjoy it and hope they come out strong Wednesday and learn their lesson.

After the jump…. Steve Downie sucks, Tampa fans suck and we protest!

The phrase nothing worth having comes easy is something the Bruins are quickly learning. After blowing Game 4 they came out sloppy and slow in Game 5. But they hung in there, with some huge help from the lord Tim Thomas, and now have two chances to move on. Here’s to hoping they wrap in up tomorrow.

How much does Steve Downie suck? If you’re a Tampa fan, how do you even like this guy? He costs your team more than he helps. Last night was another in his long line of cheap shots and there is a rumor going around that he may be suspended for his late hit on Johnny Destroychuk. After the game Versus showed Downie just sitting on the bench by himself. He probably didn’t want to go to the lockerroom and face his teammates for letting them down. Again. But hey, thanks for continually playing him Boucher. He’s really helping out the Bruins cause. What a talentless prick.

Speaking of causes… we took to the streets around TD Garden last night with signs we made to protest the Bruins taking down those Tampa signs and to show Tampa fans that we are just plain better and they can’t stop us.

We were outside TD Garden for three hours prior to the game and counted six Tampa fans. Six. That was it. One of them even had a Roloson jersey. How’s that bandwagon treating you? We tried to engage them with good natured ribbing but only one was brave enough to respond and his joke was super lame. He said, and I quote “Do you guys know where I can get a good discount on a hotel because I’m tired!” He definitely proved us right.

We are assuming he meant tired of Bruins fans harassing Tampa fans about them being pansies but we’re not quite sure. We saw him again later and asked him why he was so lame and he just gave us the finger. We then assumed he was paying tribute to Andrew Ference.

We were originally over by the North Station entrance near Zakim Bridge but some security guard made us move around 6:45 so we headed over to the fence near the Orr statue.

We met a lot of good people. Even a nice guy from Montreal.

Yup, you heard us right. This guy from Montreal came over and told us he had read the site and even though he was a Habs fan thought we were hilarious. He wished us luck and said he hopes the Bruins win because they “deserve it more than anyone.” We were baffled. Sorry we didn’t catch your name Montreal dude, but thanks.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, high fived us, or took pictures. Thanks to your efforts we were picked up by, Yahoo’s Puck Daddy, (thanks to Michael Hurley!),,, and the Bruins official site. Pics of us are floating around everywhere!

If you’re looking for copies of the signs we use and want to print them out or anything (we got a lot of requests for these last night but only had the ones we were carrying) here is the ones we used:

We also met a couple of Days of Y’Orr pals: @whisperandmoan and Vickie Welch, who were nice enough to take pics for us and spread ‘em around! Thanks ladies! We appreciate it and it was nice meeting you!

Huge thanks to Dan Walker and Cornelius Hardenbergh for keeping us entertained while we stood around out there. They hung out, cracked jokes and helped us harass that lame Tampa fan. Cornelius even informed us that some Tampa fan “enjoyed” the signs:

We appreciate good sarcasm around here! This Tampa fan was definitely funnier than the sleepy one we met.

A camera man from stopped by too while we were out there and watched us make fools of ourselves.

All in all, a great night. We had fun. The Bruins clawed out a victory. Wednesday is going to be wild ladies and gents.

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