Open The Garden!

If there’s one thing that has perplexed me this post season, it’s that the TD Bank Garden hasn’t been open for ANY of the Stanley Cup Finals games held in Vancouver. You would think that the Bruins organization would open up the Garden and allow Bruins fans to watch away games with one another. To laugh, cheer or cry with your fellow brethren is something that I would love to participate in. Think about it. You’re sitting in the Garden with an 8 dollar beer, a 6 dollar thing of chicken fingers and you’re watching a big ass HDTV. When the Bruins score, the Garden hits the fog horn and everyone is dancing in their seats like it’s a fucking home game. That’s special. Add in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals and it becomes more then special, it becomes a lifelong memory – especially if they win.

I’ve heard that NBC is the one who is actually putting the kibosh on this ordeal because they are worried about ratings. I can’t say I’m surprised, since ratings and money are the only thing that matters to a company like NBC, but they are doing a disservice to their fans. What’s the difference between opening the Garden and broadcasting NBC’s signal and me having a party with 17,565 people there watching it? Nothing, except for the fact I can barely fit 17 people in my place, let alone 17K.

If NBC is worried about ratings, don’t be. This Game 7 is something that has NEVER happened in the history of the Boston Bruins. Do you realize the weight that statement holds? The club started in 1924 as the first American NHL team and has never been to a Stanley Cup Finals Game 7. Everyone in New England – yes, New England – will be tuned into NBC watching this game. People who have no idea what hockey is will be turning on channel 7 to catch a glimpse of history and you’re worried about 17K people sitting in one building?

Earlier in the playoffs, Days of Y’Orr tried to get a Blackout going in the Garden, but it was to no avail. I’m still amazed that the Bruins have refused to do this, but I believe if they had the option to open the Garden, it’d be open. Jacobs could charge 10 bucks a ticket and then charge for concessions. There’s no doubt in my mind he’d be all over that.

I would implore NBC, Jacobs and the Bruins organization and anyone else who has a hand in that decision to re-think it. Don’t allow ratings, money, time, whatever have you to do a disservice to Bruins fans. In the end, the fan is the reason you’re all here, doing what you do. Give something back to them. Give them a Garden and give them history.