Our All-Stars are Better Than Your All-Stars. Bruins Win.

Now, we’re not the type of guys who like to brag but…… oh wait, yes we are. Patrice Purrgeron is now 2 for 2. If you recall, back in December the Bruins were playing some wildly inconsistent hockey. Anyone who says they were happy with the Bruins play is a liar and a tramp. So we sent Patrice Purrgeron on a mission to find the Bruins heart. He did, and since then the Bruins have looked like a different team.

Then over the All-star break Patrice Purrgeron worked with Horton to restore his confidence. Horton Watch 2011 had been going on for 29 days. On the day Purrgeron released his report on Horton’s confidence building exercises, Horton scored.

Coincidence? We think not.

But hey, what a way to start of the push towards the end of the season. B’s started off sluggish. Thomas held the fort long enough for the Bruins to find their legs and crack Cam Ward. Timmy “Two Points” Thomas was the star. Again. Bergeron come through. Again. What else is there really to say. Bruins are rolling. Hopefully they can keep this up.

After the jump….. Cam Ward is good, Tim Thomas is better and Carolina fans can’t live without Jeff Skinner……..

– Man… good to have real hockey back. That wasn’t even a week. How do we survive summers? Bruins fans understand what we’re saying here.

– Chara unleashing that slapshot the Carolina fans were so found of just a few days ago. Bet they don’t like it so much today.

– Jack and Brick ignoring the play and talking about how awesome Thomas is. We 100% approve.

– Skinner drives towards the net and gets molested by a bunch of Bruins but Paille hooks him. Early PK.

– We’re going to kidnap Jeff Skinner Celtic Pride style and refuse to give him back until Carolina admits Nascar sucks and is not a sport.

– “Save! Rebound! Save! Rebound! Save by Thomas!” Oh Jack. Timmy loses his helmet and play is stopped. Thomas had his mask off for what seemed like forever. 

– Skinner tries to force a pass and Bergeron shows the kid how it’s done and tips the puck done towards the other end of the ice. Penalty killed.

– Paille on a breakaway and beats Ward but hits post. About par for the course.

– Bruins having trouble with Carolina’s speed early. Thomas forced to come up big a bunch of times already. MVP.

– Bruins still having trouble sustaining pressure in the Canes end. Carolina loves that Skinner kid. They cheer every time he even sniffs the puck. Probably because he’s not a total douchebag like Eric Staal.

– Boychuk nails some Canes player but the Bruins are going back on the PK. Ryder going for interference on Staal. Staal still sucks.

– Canes copy the Bruins and do one of those super awesome blind drop passes to nobody and Marchand clears.

– Canes carrying the play so far, penalties aside. Bruins need to start responding. At least they’re 2-2 on the PK.

– Love Kampfer’s offensive instincts. He always seems to know when to jump up into the play.

Bampfer design by Colleen Keenan

– We thought Carolina was on a ten minute powerplay but then realized the Bruins were just getting owned. Oh man. They’re still on vacation. Or they partied too hard last night at Recchi’s Pre-Birthday party/Seguin’s Birthday party.

– Paul Maurice always looks like he really, really has to poop. Just saying.

– Bruins get a shot and Ward bobbles it. Think he forgot he was in a game because all the action was down at the other end.

– Chara blasts Ward and Krejci tries to get the rebound but Bruins offensive zone time is short lived.

– Scrum in front after a nice Horton blast and Lucic and Harrison drop the gloves. Looch’s first fight since October. Wasn’t much of a bout. Oh well. Harrison was being a douche anyway. 

– Bruins begging for this period to end. It’s been almost allllllllllllllll Hurricanes. Pretty sure Carolina just hit post. 

– Wow, what a save by Ward. Thornton drives towards the net and sees Wheeler following him. He drops the pass to Wheeler and he fires short range but Ward makes the glove save.

– Bergeron and Recchi try to hook up but Ward is playing his balls off. This game might be all Thomas and Ward. Timmy likes a challenge.

– Gleason sends Horton to the ice. One of this days Alice, one of these days!

– Campbell feeds Thornton for the one timer but Ward there again. Damn. Bruins definitely picking up their game though which is nice.

– Skinner with his head down and Kampfer BLASTS him. Hahahahaha. Nice check. Carolina gets all pissy about the clean check. Period over. “Rookie on rookie crime!” ~ Brick. 

– Jack and Brick inform us that Jussi Jokinen may not return for the Canes. Canes are screwed….. if there’s a shootout.

– Did you know Jack doesn’t even actually say “Save by Thomas!” anymore? Just a recording. Jack was saying it so often that he lost his voice, so NESN got him a recording of the phrase to play at will.

– Chara with a sweet poke check. That sounds dirtier than it probably should.

– Wheeler winning faceoffs with ease tonight. He did look good at center last time Boston experimented with it.

– “Bergeron MUSCLES it out!” ~ Jack. Bergeron is a beast so we guess we see what Jack is saying.

– Skinner runs into Boychuk and then busts out some ballet moves. 

– Bruins at the other end…. Chara with a shot…. Thornton driving the net with Paille…. Paile tips…. GOAL! Wait what?! Paille just scored. Our minds = blown. Awesome. 1-0 Bruins.

– Paille’s last goal, according to Jack, was April 10th, 2010 against the Canes.

– Carolina loves this Skinner kid. They wet their pants every time he does anything at all. He’s like the Beatles in Carolina. Except he doesn’t have a stupid accent and isn’t overrated.

– Oh man. Wheeler just put the puck over the glass in the defensive zone. PK time again.

– Staal tries to send the puck around the net but Thomas gloves it and gives Staal the finger. Staal then cries because that is what he does best.

– What is with Bruins players always trying to deke around two or three players? It has about a 0.0002% success rate for them this season.

– Canes with an odd man rush but Thomas is too busy building a wall in front of the Bruins net.

– PK killed because Marchand is f’ing awesome while Ward keeps Carolina in this game. Wouldn’t be surprised if this game ended 1-0.

– Carolina with a GREAT send up but Thomas made the huge stop. Vezina is Thomas’ to lose. He’s got that shit in his back pocket right now.

– So about that 1-0 thing. We cursed the Bruins. Damn us. Carolina was everywhere for a few minutes. Bruins caught in an odd man rush. Samsonov puts the puck on net. McBain hanging out by the side of the net to bang the rebound home. 1-1. Boooooo. No chance for Thomas on that one. Oh well.

– Paille playing like he wants a permanent roster spot. He just almost scored again. We have no idea what is going on.

– Scary moments in front of the Bruins net as Thomas was down and the Bruins couldn’t get the puck out. That was close.

– McQuaid plants that punkass Ruutu after Ruutu was ignoring the puck and just trying to lay out some Bruins. Carolina carrying the play the past few minutes. McQuaid knows whats up.


– Cole hits Thomas in the head charging the net. Not cool. Hope Thomas nails him.

– Ruutu trying to start shit with Boychuk. Apparently he wants to die tonight. Boychuk would eventually take it out on Skinner.

– Thornton knocks down Skinner as Carolina fans cry for a penalty. I hope Skinner turns heel and refuses to sign with Carolina when his rookie deal is up.

– Bergeron just makes plays. Thats all he does. Make plays.

– Bruins must be at an after prom party because they’re making a series of bad decisions to end the period. 1-1.

– Quote of the period by Jack: “Jeff Skinner dancing, as figure skaters tend to do.”

– Third period doesn’t start of too good, the Hurricanes are winning the majority of the battles and getting good pressure

– Have we mentioned Thomas is awesome?

 – Bruins try to counter, but McBain knocks the puck away from Ryder before a shot can be fired

– Staal gets a great chance after getting behind the D, but is denied by Thomas

– Patrice Purrgeron’s training pays off, NATHAN HORTON SCORES! Great feed by Krejci from behind the net. Bruins up 2-1

 – Bergeron is a face-off beast

– He’s also good at scoring! Bergeron makes the game 3-1 after a great shot from the point. Thats 2 goals in 1:12. Recchi gets an assist for his birthday

 – Lucic almost immediately makes it 4-1 but Ward makes the save.

– Marchand takes a holding penalty, probably could have gone either way.

– Thomas may be awesome, but he doesn’t have x-ray vision. Corvo scores on the power play, Thomas had no chance of seeing it through a screen. 3-2 Bruins

– Boychuk has a beautiful hit…no suprise there.

 – Damn composite sticks, Seidenberg’s stick broke effectively stalling the pressure

– Tlusty gets behind the Bruins D and a fantastic scoring chance hits the post. Hard to see if Thomas got a piece of if it was all post, but Thomas was right there and ready.

– Lucic has two givaways in a row to Samsonov and Staal….stop it.

– Paille returns to form. Great moves, no finish, almost fakes out Ward, but shoots it right at him

– Bruins are getting some good chances, but Ward keeps scooping up the puck, so their is no sustained pressure.

– Holy Shit Thomas absolutley robs Cole and then Sutter. Both of those could have easily gone in.


– Carolina getting scary pressure. Seidenberg makes some great blocks, and is playing some downright beastly defense

– Marchand almost gets a great empty net chance but Corvo dives to stop it

– Recchi has little choice but to ice the puck with 2 seconds left.

– Face-Off ends up being a stalemate, Bruins win 3-2

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