Milbury case dismissed, can now return to trolling on TV

Well that was fast. Mike Milbury won’t face criminal charges. In a world where people sue over the stupidest things and win, it’s nice to see that a parent can still be a parent and step in when some brat’s stepping out of line. You can read the DOY reports on the incident here. Per […]

Team DOY advances to round two. Need moar votes

Sound the Bruins goal horn. Team DOY defeated Stats on Tapp in the opening round of the BallHyped Blog of the Year tournament, 73%-27%. We’re in round two and facing As of this post we have a slim 54-36% lead. Voting goes through Christmas, so a victory would be a pretty sweet and inexpensive […]

Habs fans to protest angolophone coach with ‘language rally’ on Jan 7.

Montreal Canadiens fans will be protesting the angolophone interim headcoach Randy Cunneyworth on January 7 with what’s being called a “language rally.” We’re not making this shit up. Bell Centre language “rally” Jan 7 will dissolve into chants of “On veut Kovalev!” — Dave Stubbs (@habsinsideout1)

Voting time: DOY ranked #8 in BallHyped Sports Blog of the Year Tourney

Team DOY has received another honor of being named one of the contestants in’s 2011 Sports Blog of the Year Tournament. We’re the #8 seed (64 total blogs). We’ve never seen a tournament bracket style blog voting like this. Should be interesting. We’re currently facing Stats on Tap. As of this post we have […]

Grindin’ Gears: Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal Edition

Before I get my hands dirty with this Grindin’ Gears post, I want everyone to know that I give zero fucks about the spelling and grammar of this post. So before some Canadiens fans feel the need to point it out and get me “grounded by my mama”. For all intent, the guy has taken […]

Why Montreal Sucks: Volume I

Last night was another chapter in the best rivalry in all of sports, the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens. We were going to do a normal recap but then Habs fans went off their rockers again calling the Bruins thugs and goons and cheaters and then got even crazier when the […]

Mark Recchi trolling during Penguins alum scrimmage

The Pittsburgh Penguins today held an alum scrimmage at the Console Energy Center. Boston fan favorite Mark Recchi was there… in full Bruins practice gear. Suck it, bitches. You can ask the fine lads over at ThePensBlog how Penguin fans feel about Mark Recchi: Mark Recchi  (06/07). Not only were there rumors of him being […]

Chara Claus Is Coming To Town

Philly better watch out Habbies better not dive Tampa better not pout I’m telling you why Chara Claus is coming to town He’s using his fists And pounding you twice; Gonna kick ass and eat chicken and rice Chara Claus is coming to town He beats you when you’re sleeping He scores when you’re awake […]

Looch Shanaban’d one game

Milan Lucic is suspended one game, mostly to appeal to the rest of the league that there isn’t a Boston bias or some other crazy-ass conspiracy bullshit. Video of the hit here. Here’s Shanny’s explination. Lame. Again, we didn’t think this hit was ejection worthy, forget suspension worthy. But it’s a measily one game to […]

A Purrgeron Exclusive: “Hanging With Milan: A Suspension Sensation”

Hello and welcome to my special report I entitled: “Hanging With Milan: A Suspension Sensation”. For those who are just crawling out from underneath their rock, Milan Lucic was suspended today for his shoulder to shoulder hit on one of this douchey Flyers. I think it was that Renaldo guy who should be playing soccer […]

Game Preview: 32. Canadiens at Bruins. Now with 100% more francophone!

If you grab a microscope and use the 100x zoom, you’ll be able to see the Canadiens sitting in the basement of the Northeast division. That joke works in two different ways as they suck and they’re short! But inall seriousness, the Canadiens have some major issues this season. On Saturday the organization fired Jaques […]

Shanahan misses Lucic, uses hit on Rinaldo as excuse to call

We didn’t think Milan Lucic’s hit on Whateverhisname Rinaldo yesterday was even ejection worthy, let alone worthy of a call from Brendan Shanahan. Kinda surprised. We can only assume Shanny misses the sweet derp voice of Looch’s and is using the hit as an excuse to call and ask Lucic why he never calls just […]

Bruins are humaangous big. BRUINS WIN!

Hey Bryzgalov. What was your GAA against the Bruins like yesterday?  Are you worried, Bryz? Way to keep your spirits up, dude. More recap after the jump…  This game was pretty much over two minutes into this game. Started off 27 seconds into the first when Benoit Pouliot makes what’s either a ridiculous redirect or fucked […]