Poor Rask is Cursed. BRUINS LOSE.

(Note: Sorry this is so late. Jon screwed up the site yesterday and the Bloguin staff had to bail us out… again.)

As has been custom over the past few years the Bruins came out flat in a matinee game, squandering an absolutely beastly performance from Tuukka Rask. What a game for Rask. It was one of those games he became accustomed to last year, a game where his team had no right to be in it but he kept thme afloat but then they failed to reward him.

Our dear Bruins missed a TON of shots again and much like the Philly game definitley had multiple chances to win. They just couldn’t finish. But hey, only the third game of the season. They’ll get it. We’re still not buying this whole Stanley Cup hangover thing. B’s are talented and speedy and dangerous but they all had Paille hands today.

Oh well. Plenty of time to practice their aim and start to fiiiiiiiiiiinish.

After the jump… missed chances and a lot of Rask Rage……


Hmm… impressive young Rask…


Keep playing like this and perhaps someday you may be a suitable replacement for the White Knight…



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