“They won the fights and they won the game!” BRUINS WIN.

If this was a Buffalo blog we would complain about all the cheap shots. If this was a Buffalo blog we’d complain about everyone running Tim Thomas. If this was a Buffalo blog we’d be busy making excuses yet again because our team sucks more than a two dollar hooker on half off Tuesday and is softer than a 90 year old man’s penis.

Awesome pic courtesty of Eric (@BosBruinsFan)

But this isn’t a Buffalo blog. This is a Bruins blog and like the Bruins we don’t make excuses.

Every idiot fan from Buffalo called this a revenge game while completely ignoring the fact that Miller is a whiny idiot and left his crease while also ignoring the fact that their own players have run goalies plenty of times before. Buffalo thought they were tough enough to hang with the Bruins. They were quickly proved wrong. 

The crowd booed Lucic. The Loochoo choo train just smiled.

Then Gaustad made the worst decision of his life and tried to take on Looch and was embarassed quicker than Ryan Miller at the Olympics.

Then Gaustad tried to get his pride back by going after the much smaller Marchand. Then the Bruins got angry. And the Sabres were once again beat down. Jack said it best: “They won the fights and they won the game!”

Buffalo, you are not tough enough to fight the Bruins. You are not skilled enough to be on the Bruins level. Your coach sucks, your “star” goalie sucks, your players suck, your city sucks and you suck.

The Bruins are in first place (they have played less games than Toronton and have the same number of points) and are getting contributions from the entire roster. We warned you NHL. You called for the Bad Guys and the bWo is answering you at every turn. Buffalo is just their latest victim.

After the jump….. Buffalo just can’t handle the bWo…..

– What the idiots in Buffalo and Dave Stubbs wanted (courtesty of our pal Eric again):

And here is what actually happened:

First you were cowards Buffalo. And then the best you have is Gaustad? Was Kaleta unavailable to wait until Lucic wasn’t looking then check him from behind and run away? LOVED the smile on Lucic’s face when he got booed and then kicked ass.

– On extremely rare occasions we can be nice. Enroth is an average goalie on a hot streak but we can admit he played well tonight. The shootout duel between him and Thomas was absolutely fantastic to watch. If Ryan Miller played tonight it would’ve been 12-3 Bruins. Even Scott Gomez can score on Ryan Miller. If Miller was in goal the Bruins would’ve had a Thanksgiving goal feast!

– Ryan Miller sucks. Tim Thomas is a god on skates. Here is Tim Thomas’ trophy case:

And here is Ryan Miller’s trophy case:

– Tim Thomas was run numerous times. Certain players made absolutely zero effort to avoid Thomas in the crease. He was slashed and hacked at. And you know what he did? He took it with a smile. He showed he has balls. He didn’t complain. He didn’t cry. He just laughed. Not only is Thomas a better goalie than Miller he’s also a better man and a million times tougher. Thomas and the bWo for life.

– Bruins Legion of Doom line. Jebus. Bruins were down and needed a spark. Bergeron lead the troops onto the ice.

Then they took over. Bergeron made a beautiful pass to Seguin, on the powerplay, who buried it like Crosby buries Miller’s chances at winning big games.

Huge goal. Way bigger than Gerbe. Boston NEEDED this. Boston was a bit off their game. They were expecting a fight. When Buffalo failed to deliver anything resembling a challenge in that department the Bruins seemed lost, like they were waiting for an ambush. Bergeron and Seguin lit the spark back to domination.

But Buffalo had other ideas. They extended the lead to 3-1. Buffalo thought it was their night. They could not have been more wrong. Their idiot fans were quickly silenced like Buffalo in the first round of the playoffs.

Marchand got leveled by Vanek but unlike a Sabre he didn’t stay down. Marchand realized the Sabres were out of position. He got right up, gathered the puck on a sweet pass and….

– Loved that the Bruins are not getting complacent despite coming into the game on a 9 game winning streak. They were certainly distracted but when it came down to business they got shit done. This team is scary good!

– Benoit Pouliot was a gigantic idiot last game and he could have very well cost the Bruins that game. We were convinced he would be benched against Buffalo. To our surprise he was not and to everyone’s surprised not only did he have a good game but he clinched the game in the shootout after an awesome goalie duel.

– Regehr… why, why, WHY did you think it was a good idea to fight Chara? You should have just let him eat the rest of your team as punishment for their misdeeds.

– Andrew Ference is not a fighter. Even he would probably tell you that. But he schooled Buffalo. He knows he can’t fight. But he kept warning Stafford not to hit Thomas and he ignored Ference. So Ference had a little conversation with him. They did little more than rough each other up a little but Stafford got the point. The Bruins don’t put up with that shit.

– Gaustad gets his ass kicked by Lucic then feels the need to take a cheap shot on Marchand. Buffalo fans were fine with this because they don’t understand irony. Apparently he’s too scared to take on anyone his size again because he knows he’ll pee his pants and get his ass kicked. Buffalo couldn’t win a fight against the Canadiens.

– We wish Lucic’s utter destruction of Paul Gaustad lasted longer. Buffalo fans can call the Bruins goons but their players were the ones dishing out cheap shots and the Bruins STILL kicked their asses.

Hilarious pic courtesy of reader Kristine McElman

– For the vast majority of the game the refs were calling every little thing on Boston. Then Buffalo started getting stupid and the refs called penalties on them. And Lindy Ruff CRIED. Again. Buffalo, look at the culture of your team. Your goalie cries, your coach cries, your “tough” players cry. This is why you will never, ever, EVER win a Stanley Cup. Also, you suck. At least the Bruins shut Ruff up for a little bit.

– A bit disappointed that the Bruins fell for the Sabres strategy. It seemed like the Sabres knew the Bruins were expecting a fight so they tried to throw Boston off their game by pretending like something was going to go down. It seemed like the Bruins spent the first half of the game just waiting for something to happen rather than playing their game. But the “goons” still won!

– Just Buffalo in general. What a cowardly, weak, soft, moronic organization. Next time you want to try to take the Bruins out bring some more ammo. You really, really need it.

– Hey Buffalo, remember all that money you paid for Leino and said he was the key to your Cup run? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 

– Will the Bruins ever lose again?

– Will Buffalo’s testicles ever descend?

– Is Ryan Miller still crying?

Huge, HUGE game Friday against Detroit. The Red Wings have not been at their best lately but they know how to win. Bring it.


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