Quick and Thomas Duel While Kings Handle Bruins.

So ummm…. that Jonathan Quick guy is pretty darn good. Killed the Bruins again. 

Quick and Thomas were hands down the stars of this game. Thomas kept the Bruins in the game but the Bruins just couldn’t get anything past Quick. If the Bruins make it to the Cup Finals hopefully they don’t face the Kings. Five game losing streak to the Kings now. 

Kings just outclassed the Bruins tonight. Dustin Brown was killing EVERYTHING that came near him. Good, hard, clean hits. Would love to see him on the Bruins. The Bruins just never had an answer for the Kings pressure of physicality. Thomas got to see how Rask feels every time he starts. Oh well. On to the next game.

After the jump…. Quick and Thomas are pretty awesome…….


– Not a good day already. News came out that Savard has another concussion. Terrible break for Savard. Some people blaming Hunwick. The hit was clean. Not much Hunwick could’ve done. 

– Puck dropped! Good thing its only 7:4… wait. 10:40? Jesus. Don’t expect our A game on the pictures tonight!

– Does Jack Johnson ever get sick of the jokes about him having the same name as that lame singer.

– Kopitar the Zombie with a nice steal but Boychuk pokes that shit away and then bangs everyone’s mom as Horton goes down the other end and gets a good shot on Quick.

– Dear L.A… sorry about Sturm. Unlike our Buffalo apology, we’re actually sorry about this.

– Wheeler gets a good shot on Quick after a crazy bounce. But Quick is…. quick?

– Anyone else think Doughty kind of looks fat? Just his face though. It is weird.

– Thornton on fire already tonight. Guy is freaking everywhere. Pretty sure he just teleported.

– Seguin is f’ing fast. That is not news, we’re just saying. Went hard into the boards after going down but got right back up. Phew.

– We don’t like Ryan Smyth. Can’t even say why. We just don’t. Only LA player we like to make fun of.

– Thomas giving up some juicy, juicy rebounds so far tonight but the defense is cleaning that shit up no problem so far. Hopefully they keep it up.

– Dustin Brown just checked Kampfer into next week. Brown is one of those players we’d love to see in a Bruins jersey. Sweet Kopitar zombie Jesus can that guy throw a hit.

– Campbell with a nice shot in the slot but Quick looked unconcerned. So it is a goalie duel you want, eh Kings?!?! It is on.

– Whenever Jack says “Kyle Clifford” the Days of Y’Orr staff makes Clifford the Big Red Dog jokes. Yeah.

– Seguin playing his balls off this period. Happy to be back at center or just coincidence?

– Teams exchanging some great chances. If they keep this up it is going to be a great game.

– Chara in the box for hooking. Zdeno, you don’t have to be a prostitute. You can say no to being a man whore. 

– “Ryan Smyth right where he makes his money!” ~ Jack Edwards. Shit. Stoll with a slapper. Rebound in front, B’s can’t clear. Smyth bangs it home. 1-0 Kings on the power play. Damn you Smyth! Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn you!

– Bruins pressing the Kings right after the goal. Good. Thats how they need to respond. 

– We take that back. Kings have Bruins on their heels. Giving the finger to the Bruins all over the place. Kopitar just wants brains.

– Bruins putting on a clinic in puck possession in the King’s end but can’t actually get a shot off as Kings go down the other end and force Thomas to make a good save. In Thomas We Trust.

– Out of nowhere Thornton drops the gloves with Clifford in a very spirited bout. Those two just absorbed a lot of punishment. Like Bruce Boudreau’s chair. We found sticks to tap in our living room.

– Jack Edwards could be an auctioneer. He talks super fast sometimes. Slow it down buddy.

– Kings back checking like big jerks. Geez. Just let the Bruins go into your zone. Coooooooooome on.

– Kampfer eating a lot of ice tonight. Should get him some food coloring so he can have an Icee.

– Wheeler going to the box for holding Smyth’s stick. We thought Smyth should’ve got a penalty too. We’re convinced the refs did that to spite us because we’re always dicks to them.

– Seidenberg just took a slapshot in the chest and didn’t even flinch. Hopefully his chesticles are okay.

– Penalty killed. B’s needed that. Don’t want to head into the second down by two.

– Period over. Kings up 1-0. F you Ryan Smyth.


We now bring you live to Days of Y’Orr anchor Patrice Purrgeron. Take it away Patrice!

– Kings come out strong to start the second. Uh oh

– That crafty bugger Marchand skates in on Quick and seems to have him fooled with a nice back hand but Quick makes the save.

– Doughty with a rush up ice and makes a turnover… but not really. Brown gets the puck and fires into Thomas’ chest. 

– Kings with a great chance but Ponikarovsky misses. Not sure how, but thanks. He kind of sucks. Remember last year when he couldn’t get anything going with Crosby or Malkin on the Pens? 

– Smyth to Williams and Thomas makes the sprawling save. Thomas refuses to be out done by that whipper snapper Quick.

– This game looking a lot like the Bruins-Avs game except the Bruins aren’t molesting the Kings.

– Kings testing Thomas’ skills. Doughty with the slapshot. Thomas just looks up and says bitch I got mad skillz!

– Bruins just can’t get anything going. They need to storm the Kings castle on their steeds!

– Bruins getting their first power play as Wayne Simmonds heads to the box. We’d like to see Seguin on the powerplay more. Oh well.

– Chara barely misses on a slapshot, hitting the outside of the net. Do it again, but just a couple inches over please.

– Brown and Boychuk go into the corner and hit each other. Fireworks explode into the air, but no deaths or injuries reported near that end of the ice. Brown heads to the bench in pain. Don’t screw with the Boychuk.

– Boychuk has his gun cocked but no one will pass to him. Booooo. Simmonds out of the box and gets a great chance on Thomas but Timmy says no. NO!

– “Chara makes Smyth an ornament on the boards!” ~ Jack Edwards

– “What a save by Thomas!” You got that right Jack. Great shot by Simmonds. Thomas is playing his balls off. What else is new?

– Halfway through the period and the Bruins only have three shots. Come on guys.

– Handzus gets robbed by Thomas. Thomas sneaking into the Kings castle and stealing all their shit. Hey Bruins…. any time you guys wanna help out Thomas, I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

– This game should be 100-0 but Thomas is so friggin’ awesome. Stoll all up in his face and he still makes the save. Then Thornton comes over and tells Stoll he better get out of Thomas’ neighborhood if he doesn’t want to get cut.

– Brown just f’d up Kampfer again and Kampfer stays down for a few seconds and then heads to the bench. Not the Kampfer! Boychuk! Get the Brown!!!!

– Ponikarovsky just tackles Ference. No idea how he thought he’d get away with that. Poni heading to the box as Bruins resist ending his life. Powerplay time.

– Chara with a one timer but Quick flashes the glove. Hey Quick, start sucking for the next 30 minutes or so. Please? Dick.

– Bergeron working the point and fires a slapshot of his own but can’t get it past Quick. I thought we asked you to stop that Quick. You will pay for this!

– Kampfer back on the ice because he’s a hockey player. Power play ends. Bruins need to get something going.

– One of those “oh my god Timmy where are you going?!” moments as Thomas leaves the crease and the Kings miss wide. Scary. But thats why we love you Tim.

– We can sum up this entire period so far in three words: TIM. THOMAS. SAVES.

– Seidenberg fall down go boom in front of his own net but clears the puck. We’ll take it. Kings are everywhere. Not looking good here.

– Krejci with a great tip but Quick still dueling with Thomas. They should just fight it out at center ice.

– Kings with some strong pressure at the end but period thankfully ends with Kings still up by just 1. Could’ve been much, much worse.


Take it away Patrice!

– As the third period starts, Jack reminds us the Kings have won the last four games against the Bruins. 

– “Thomas did it again! Ridiculous save!” ~ Jack. Wow. That is really all we can say about Tim Thomas. Wow. Look up “beast” in the dictionary and you see a picture of Tim Thomas.

– Recchi gets away with a high stick on Jack Johnson and now Bruins are on the powerplay. We’re guessing LA fans are gonna be mad about that, ha. We would be. Whoops.

– Chara tries to knock Quick out with a slapshot. Good strategy.

– Krejci passes cross crease to Lucic and the Days of Y’Orr staff throws their hands in the air.  But ummm….. Quick made the save. This game is all Thomas and Quick.

– Powerplay expires as Boychuk fires a shot on Quick. Quick and Thomas putting on a clinic. Thomas and Quick should battle to the death and the winner gets the two points. The loser gets… um…. a night off?

– Only a matter of time before this happened. Ference turns the puck over and LA heads down the other way. Brown with a bad angle shot and the rebound bounces right to Loktionov. McQuaid doesn’t get a stick on it. Wide open net. Goal. LA up 2-0. Thomas looks pissed. You held them off as long as you could Mr. Thomas. Teams owes you big time.

– Bruins getting some one and done chances. Need to do more than that.

– B’s very sloppy in their own end. LA looking to land the death blow. Things are just personal for Thomas. He refuses to let this be more than a two goal game.

– Kings just outclassing the Bruins everywhere. This team lost 10 of its last 13? How?

– McQuaid nails Clifford. Type of play the Bruins have not done nearly enough of tonight.

– Fairly sure Thomas could make saves blindfolded. Glad all you dummies that hoped he was traded have quieted down.

– Kopitar and Thornton battle along the boards and Thornton is going to the box. Game might be over if LA scores here.

– Bruins with a good kill. Kings get a couple good chances. B’s not really showing much otherwise.

– “Bruins dodge a bullet…” Indeed Jack. Scramble in front of Thomas and Thomas grabs the puck. Not smelling comeback if the B’s keep playing like this.

– Boychuk and Williams collide. Boychuk lets Williams live because he’s feeling generous tonight.

– Jack says the music is too loud. Then tells kids to get off his lawn.

– Bruins firing at Quick from long distance a lot. No sure why they think that is going to work. Need to get some traffic in front of Quick and do some work in the crease. Bruins unwillingness to do this is killing them.

– Time winding down and the Bruins just look defeated. At least they get to play the Panthers Wednesday.

– Two minutes left. Faceoff in the Kings zone. Thomas heads to the bench. Here we go. Last push.

– Bruins can’t keep the puck in the Kings zone. Kings have their shit together tonight. One minute left…. not looking promising.

– That is it. Kings shutout Bruins. Damn. That Quick fella is good. So is Tim Thomas. Kings winning streak against Bruins goes to five. Gonna be a long flight home for the Bruins. See you Wednesday Panthers.

– At least we can all go to sleep now.

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