Relive P.K. Subban whiffing while fighting Brad Marchand

PK Subban Brad Marchand fight
When these two guys squared off we’re pretty sure 90% of the NHL hoped that they’d one shot each other at the same time and knock each other out. No such luck, Rest of the NHL. Instead you get this: P.K. whiffing several times… or did he miss ’cause Brad’s so short?

Brad Marchand P.K. Subban fightAnd some GIFs for your viewing pleasure:

Fight was pretty anti-climatic but did make us laugh plenty.

Once Subban started trying to rip off Marchand’s shoulder pads this fight instandly made us think of that craptastic Staal-Semin bongo fight. 

This was Marchand’s second career fight, ’cause you don’t get credited for a fight when the other guy just stands there like a punching bag.



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