Seguin/Ryder Solve 1-3-1, Bruins Win Game 2!

This was a game where even a couple of hours afterwards, you’re still wondering what the hell you just witnessed.  Remember back when all the Ryder/Seguin debates were happening?? Well look at two of the three stars, they probably should have been playing together all a long.

And no, your eyes are not deceiving you, the 1-3-1, that impregnable Goliath of a strategy has been broken.  Once thought to be invincible, its power was so great that it is said that some Asian countries build secret shrines and worship it as their new god.

But once you cause a god to bleed…the people will stop believing in him, and that is exactly what the Bruins did tonight.  Which is good, because maybe now people will shut the hell up about it.

Another huge thanks to everyone who game to the DOY chat tonight.  The Bruins are now 6-1-0 when we host these chats, and everyone brought their A game tonight, it was one of the best we’ve had.  Between that and these damn 8pm games, the recap is going to be a bit on the shorter side.

After the jump, we give some thoughts on the periods.


Finally it’s time for Game 2, been looking forward to this since Saturday night.  I got my DOY chat open, just took my first sip of a beer and… the Bruins are down 1-0, fantastic, 13 seconds into the period.  In all fairness to Thomas, there was nothing he could do, he was committed to the initial shot that the defense made no attempt to pick up before Hall could slap it in.  Not the start we were looking for.

The Bruins play did improve after that, especially Lucic and Peverly, who both got some fantastic chances.  Ryder had a good opportunity too and Paille was an absolute beast on the power play.  Bruins also forced Tampa Bay to use their Timeout early as TB could not clear it to save their life and eventually were forced to ice it.

Just got a weather update from Hell, apparently everyone needs to bundle up soon because the Bruins actually scored on the powerplay.  Granted they started with 1:22 of a 5 on 3 and Horton managed to tip in Seidenberg’s shot with just one second remaining in the 5 on 4 after the 5 on 3 expired…but hey, it still counts damn it!

Oh yeah, while we’re on the topic of the power play…the Bruins drew three penalties.  One was a full 2:00 minor, another was a minor, which lead to 1:22 of a 5 on 3.  Seguin has a total of 4 seconds of power play time this period….fucking Julien.

Just to point out the obvious, Roloson is damn good, he’s stealing a lot of Bruins chances away from them.

The period ends with St. Louis deflecting a Stamkos shot into Boychuk.  For once his hips work against us and the puck bounces in. 2-1 Lightning to end the first

So ummmm….wow.  Didn’t see this coming.  And that’s no slight against Seguin, but I’m amazed that he was on the ice enough to get two goals and two assists. He must have played about 11 or 12 minutes of ice time so far.

Wait…he only plays 8:28 minutes so far??? But what makes it even more disgusting is that in the 2nd period it was only about 6:00 of ice time, I wouldn’t be so impressed if he’d been playing right along in the playoffs, but damn.  I don’t want to beat this dead horse anymore, but PLAY HIM MORE.

Can’t mention Seguin without bringing up Ryder.  Seguin assisted on both of his goals, and Ryder got an assist on Seguin’s first goal.  Their chemistry from early this season appears to be back in full force.  They even got the Bruin’s 2nd PP goal this game. 

Thomas, thank you for stopping the Malone’s breakaway, it helps me to forget the soft five hole goal you let up on Lecavalier’s shot.  We still love you though, just wear that chastity belt for a few more days to close up those legs a little and you’ll be all set!  

If I’m being honest, those of us in the DOY chat were busy praising Seguin, praising the rest of the Bruins, and being better than you for the beginning of this period.  Sadly, Stamkos came along and just had to score to remind us that he’s pretty damn awesome.  I wish I could feel comfortable when the Bruins have a 3 goal lead in the 3rd period, but alas.

One of the highlights of this period was Recchi absolutely destroying Ohlund, when he came in for a hit.  Insert any given overused pun of Recchi aging like wine, because they’re all true, Mark Recchi is ageless.

The final goal of the game made it 6-5 and it should never have counted.  The initial shot did not go in, rather slide across the goal line, then as a result of the collision, Thomas loses his helmet, the play should have been whistled dead.  To add insult to injury (literally) the puck actually goes in off of Thomas’s face.

Don’t let Tampa Bay’s 5 goals fool you.  Thomas kept us in this game and is a huge reason why we pulled it out in the end.  The Bruins Defense looked absolutely gassed.

Overall, a good win, but far from perfect.  It pains us to admit it, but Boychuk did not play well at all, although most of the defense could use a little tightening up.  Fantastic to see the offense pick it up though, now we just need to get them both on the same page.  Next game is Thursday, no more of this “extra day” crap, it’s every other day from here on out. 

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