Shanahan misses Lucic, uses hit on Rinaldo as excuse to call

We didn’t think Milan Lucic’s hit on Whateverhisname Rinaldo yesterday was even ejection worthy, let alone worthy of a call from Brendan Shanahan. Kinda surprised. We can only assume Shanny misses the sweet derp voice of Looch’s and is using the hit as an excuse to call and ask Lucic why he never calls just to say hello and stuff.

The hit.

Looch after the game:

“I looked at the video [in slow motion] and [saw how] it looked at the point of contact,” said Lucic. “There [were] no numbers [visible on the back of Rinaldo's jersey at the time of the hit] and it was all shoulders. You could see [Rinaldo's] body rotating because I took him from the right side.
“[NHL punishment] is out of my control. I completely slowed up.

If I directly hit him from behind, hit him in the numbers and buried him into the boards, I’d be the first one to say . . .  there should be repercussions. Fortunately he wasn’t injured on the play, and it looked okay to me on video.” 

This is turning into “Oh, noes! Lucic hit someone! Quick, get on the phone Shanny!”

Pretty sure Looch will just answer his phone like this:

Lucic: Hello?
Shanny: Milan? It’s Shanny.
Lucic: DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM!? *click*

No suspension. 



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