Shane Hnidy Watch 2011 – Day 2

Sheriff Shane Hnidy Watch 2011 Boston Bruins
Brian Fantana has been bugging us almost daily since we took him off of Horton Watch 2011. He’s even broken down into tears. Pathetic.

Luckily for Fantana, Peter Chiarelli was looking out for his best interest and brought in Sheriff Hnidy for a try out

This just means that Fantana won’t be filing for unemployment just yet…

We flew Brian out to Vancouver as soon as we heard of Hnidy’s return. Fantana’s been hanging in the Bruins locker room post-practices the last two days, listening in on Sheriff Shane’s interviews.

After the jump… interviews with Sheriff Shane Hnidy…

And now… Fantana:

“Thanks, guys. It’s so nice of Peter Chiarelli to let a real-life sheriff try out for the team. He even rode to practice on his little horse while guys like Horton came in Ferarris. Now, I’m sure larceny and drunken behavior will drop instantly now that there’ll be more law enforcement in the Garden. Big question is — how will Tim Thomas and Sheriff Hnidy get along? Hnidy enforces the law while Tim Thomas robs opponents of goals almost daily. The tension in the locker room must be intense.

Just listen to these interviews.”

“‘Hard work?’ ‘Left my heart in Boston?’ “Great group of guys?’ Clearly, he’s a real locker room cancer. ChiaPet should kick him out now before his work ethic rubs off on guys like Horton and Ryder.”


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