Sometimes the best team on the ice doesn’t win. BRUINS WIN.

bruinssens3starsI heard Claude Julien on the radio this morning, in a short clip, say that sometimes the better team doesn’t always win. It’s true. Last night the Bruins weren’t the best team on the ice. Ottawa played a good hockey game and threw a ton of shots at Tim Thomas. The Bruins defense is obviously hurting with Zdeno Chara not playing. Two nights ago, Tuukka Rask had to stop 41 shots in a 3-0 victory over the Bruins. Last night Tim Thomas had to stop 47 shots (on 49 attempts) for the Bruins to pull out a victory. 90 shots in two games. Like I stated in the Kings recap and Justin in the Ottawa preview, the Bruins have the best goalie tandem in the NHL. Fact, not opinion on this one. 

So Tim Thomas is easily the number one star because he basically had to bail the team out all night. The scoreboard is a little deceiving. The Bruins were up 2-1 after the first two periods ended. It wasn’t until the third that the B’s scored three goals (and the first two of four total scored by both teams in the third period) and really put the game away. Still, Thomas faced 22 shots in the third period alone. That’s more then most goalies face in a night! Tim Thomas though, is a beast, and was spectacular.

Let’s boom bash this recap, shall we?..

– The third one. Hmmm, this is oddly familiar. Oh wait, because the third line was amazing against the Kings too! Once again, Chris Kelly and Rich Peverley prove their worth as depth forwards and continue to lift a struggling first line with goals. If it wasn’t for the third line producing some goals, the Bruins wouldn’t scoring. Games like this only solidify the fact that the Bruins can roll out four lines who can put the puck in the net.

– Patrice Bergeron. Good to see Bergeron score a goal last night. He’s definitely not the 30 goal machine he was before his concussion, but he’s still one of the best two way forwards in the NHL. I don’t think anyone can really dispute that. Why he’s never been a finalist for a Selke Tropy is one of the biggest injustices of the game. Patrice should be there, year in and year out, even if he doesn’t win it.

But Bergeron doesn’t need to score goals to be effective. He’s an assist machine and currently leads the Bruins with 18 of them. He also is a monster at faceoffs. To date, Bergeron has won 57% of his faceoffs for the year, including going 13 for 19 against LA (but only winning 2 of them in the offensive zone). The Bruins got a good deal with Bergeron’s contract and it’s my hope, as well as the hope of many in Boston, that he plays out his career in Boston. 

st patrice

– Dan Paille. Stone hands had a great night last night, scoring two goals. It should also be noted that last night was Paille’s first game back since the hit that gave him a minor concussion against Florida. Paille adds speed and depth to an energetic fourth line. Good to see him break out after the injury. 

Zach Hamill. I am 100% okay with eating some crow on this one. I’ve never liked Zach Hamill. I didn’t like when the Bruins drafted him 8th overall in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft. I thought it was a wasted pick. I was right up until this year when it seems like the light has gone off between Hamill’s ears. Sure, he’s an abomination to look at, but he’s slowly becoming a useful NHL player. The past two games Hamill has been…well…good. I hope this kid can blossom into an NHL player, I really do. I’d love to be proven wrong and so far, it looks like I am. However, let’s go more than two games before he’s the black and gold Tim Tebow. 


 – You Lack Discipline! Seriously. Last recap I wrote about the lack of discipline, which led to five powerplays for LA. Last night? Well the Senators get four powerplays, including a 5 minute long one. They produced 15 shots on those powerplays, but once again the PK and Thomas stepped up and didn’t allow a powerplay goal. This lack of discipline goes into my next negative…

– Adam McQuaid. Days of Y’Orr loves Quaider. In fact, he may be my favorite defenseman on the team. But the knee-to-knee he did last night, even if unintentional, was uncalled for. You can’t do it. I would expect Quaider to see a 1-2 game suspension. Also, please don’t come with that ‘but the guy wasn’t even hurt!’ because you punish for the action, not the injury. Here’s the knee-to-knee:

Clear as day. Now you go home for a few days Quaider. Feel shame. 

– Will the defense block a shot? 

– Boston travels to Philly on Saturday. How does it feel playing hockey in front of a bunch of people who smell like cheese steaks and shame? 

– Why don’t I have HBO to watch 24/7? 

– If peeing your pants is cool, can I be considered Miles Davis?