Streak Busters. Bruins Lose.

Disappoiting loss. Especially when Krejci tied it late. Quite frankly though, the Bruins were lucky to get a point tonight. The battered Penguins played all sixty minutes like this was a playoff game and the Bruins had no answer for most of the night. What it really came down to tonight is that the Penguins were a team that wanted it more. 

Thomas and Fleury were both sharp. Say what you want about Fleury. He made some huge stops tonight. Thomas faced almost thirty shots himself. Most of the game had a playoff atmosphere. Great to see playoff games in March. A Bruins-Penguins playoff series would be insane.
Combo Breaker! Bruins lose.Putting the Bruins loss aside, the game was mostly entertaining. Both teams were physical, there were some good battles. Unfortunately our boys came out on the short end. But hey, 7-2-1 in their last ten ain’t too shabby. At least they got a point. Every point matters. Just two behind Philly now, though Philly has a game in hand. F Philly. 

After the jump…. some big hits, late game drama and some Pens rookies coming through……..

– Rene Rancourt is the man. Double fistpumps tonight.

– If you’re sick of us talking about how awesome Rene is, we don’t care. 

– Boychuk fell down. The whole place just shook.

– Ryder just deked the shit out of Fleury…. or so we thought. Fleury barely gets a pad on it, then the puck somehow ends up in the crease but never goes in. Sooooooooo close. Seguin on a mission tonight too. Love it.

– Thornton gets hit up high and challenges Rupp to a dance. Rupp has a good reach advantage on Thornton. The two tangle and exchange a few good punches. Gotta love Shawn Thornton. Thornton came out on the short end unfortunately.

– Lucic and Krejci with a fantastic chance but Pens defense with a great block. Then Lucic leveled Letang. Don’t mess with Looch.

– Bruins all over the Penguins so far. Fleury is busy.

– Thomas just made a phenominal save. Totally thought  it was a gimme goal. We <3 Thomas.

– Ryder sets up The Boychuk for the sweet one timer but it hits Fleury in the chest. Guarantee Fleury has a big bruise tomorrow.

– Some dude in the crowd is apparently very impressed by Fleury.

– Horton and Lucic just did the same play but Fleury made the save again. Both goalies looking extra sharp so far.

– Talbot trying to start shit with Seguin for some reason. Then McQuaid skated over and suddenly Talbot wasn’t so tough. McQuaid rules.

– Thomas with a great stop on Letang. Letang has a good shot. Hmm.

– Peverley and Thornton almost hook up but Fleury gets the stick there. Boooooooooooo.

– Seguin drawing a hooking call after some hard work. B’s on the powerplay. Do this shit.

– Good puck battles to keep the puck in but Pens clear. Good, physical game so far by both teams.

– Boychuk with a blast but he barely misses the net and the powerplay is over. Pens penalty kill has been good this year.

– Today is apparently Milt Schmidt’s 93rd birthday. Happy Birthday!

– The much smaller Neal just beat Chara in a battle for the puck. Knocked him to the ice. Hopefully that angers the big man.

– Pens coming back with some pressure. Our shooting the B’s now. But Thomas is on the highway to the Vezina Zone.

– Jebus. Wild scramble in front of the net but the B’s clear. Phew.

– Holy crap. Horton and Adams get into it behind the play. Horton is one fiesty mother f’er lately, ha. Go Horton!

– Boychuk just went after a big hit on Cooke but Chara had the same idea. Cooke kind of got off lucky, ha.

– Fiesty, physical period ends 0-0. This one could get messy. Hold onto your hats. Or whatever you hold on to. Great period though. Both teams/goalies came to play tonight.

– Staal and Kennedy with a good chance right at the start but Thomas is the man.

– Bruins head right back down to the other end and ALMOST score but no dice.

– Boychuk with a nice play but B’s blow it by getting a too many men call. We imagine this is the point on television where NESN reminds you of the Flyers series.

– Boychuk just tried to lay a big hit on Neal but Neal barely escaped. That would’ve been some big time hurt.

– Penalty killed. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

– Lucic just killed Lovejoy. Killed him. Fantastic.

– And Chara just ruined Talbot. Bruins throwing their bodies around big time. Might have bet who can get the most hits this period.

– Jesus. Boychuk just sent Cooke fllllllllllllllllying. Cooke came in trying to hit the Boychuk and Boychuk ended his f’ing life.

– Lucic enters the zone… gets the puck to Krejci…. Krejci finds Chara…. Chara delays… delays….. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL. What a shot. Niiiiiiiiiice patience by Chara. 1-0 Bruins. Awesome.

– Pens try to spring Talbot on a breakaway but Kaberle breaks that shit up.

– THOMAS THOMAS THOMAS! Scramble in front of the Bruins net again but that red light ain’t on!

– Bruins swarming the Pens night and Boychuk is blasting shot after shot but Fleury’s making the saves and the Bruins can’t get the rebounds.

– Oh shit… Bruins get caught two on one. Chara dives to block the pass and Thomas goes down. Pass connects. Shit. Tie game. Staal with the goal. 1-1.

– Boychuk sent Staal into the net right after the goal and yelled at Cooke. Think Boychuk wants to fight him, ha.

– Bad D in front of Thomas. No one picks up Dustin Jeffrey. Bad move. Goal city right there. 2-1 Penguins. Bruins coming apart past few minutes.

– Seguin super fast. Too fast on that play there. Might’ve had a breakaway if he wasn’t a step ahead. Oh well. Kid’s playing hard!

– Pens have 29 shots already. Damn. Thomas is busy tonight.

– Bruins just not responding right now. Pens dictating play.

– Lucic just fell. Bruins looking awful right now. Apparently that second goal demoralized them. They need a big hit or something to get some energy back.

– Bruins just left Neal all alone in front of Thomas. Krejci luckily lifted Neal’s stick. Phew.

– Ugly period ends 2-1 Pens. Hopefully B’s come out hungrier next period.

Neely was texting the players during intermission. “Play better or I will F you up. Srsly guys.”


– Bruins on fire to start the period. All over Fleury. Almost scored about 11 times. Hopefully they keep this up.

– Man. Horton with some fancy fancy moves but Fleury flashes the glove for the big stop.

– Paille with a great keep in and steal then a great pass to Thornton but it just misses and slides by the outside post. B’s came to play this period.

– Paille and Thornton owning bitches. Paille barely misses on a wrap around and the Pens finally clear. Fantastic shift by the Thornton line.

– Letestu just rang post. Kid is crafty. Nice shot. Thanks post!

– Lucic gets called for hooking. Not a good time for a PK. Bruins were starting to roll.

– Chara just gave Neal a little pay back and sent him to the ice. Then Campbell blocked a shot because Campbell is awesome.

– Bruins having so much trouble clearing. Pens using Thomas as target practice.

– And then Seidenberg just destroyed Letang. Bruins needed that big time.

– Marchand gets the puck…. shorthanded chance…. damn. Fleury makes the save. Penalty killed.

– Huge miscue by Chara and Boychuk gives Pens a great chance but Thomas SAVES. Bruins look flustered all of a sudden.

– Kaberle and Cooke fell down at the exact same time. Looked almost synchronized.

– The Bruins entering the offensive zone looks like the Titanic going through an ice field.

– Apparently not having Bergeron throws the lines off.

– B’s finally get a good chance but Fleury and the Pens have an answer again. Theme of the night.

– Crowd is so demoralized they don’t even cheer Marchand’s hit on Cooke. And they’ve been all over Cooke all night, ha.

– Bruins must be saving their energy for one of their patented late game comebacks because they look done.

– Thomas coming up HUGE once again. Without him this game would’ve been over long ago. Still a one goal game with three minutes left.

– Talbot just went after Chara and got embarassed. Talbot is being a jerk tonight. Which probably means he’s doing his job.

– Thomas heads to the bench…. and B’s turn it over. KABERLE WITH A HUGE BLOCK!

– HOLY POOPSICLES! Bruins head the other way. Krejci camping out in front…. Lucic digs the puck out from behind the net and GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! All tied up with 30 seconds left! Bruins making it interesting. 2-2. And we’re heading to overtime!

–  Krejci turning on the jets to start OT. Both teams looking hungry. 

– Chara and Staal jarring at each other. Chara is a fiesty lil devil tonight.

– Peverley with some sweet ass moves and comes within inches of scoring. Fleury down in the crease and Kaberle fires but looks like puck doesn’t make it to the net.

– Fuck. Turnover. Dustin Jeffrey comes in on Thomas. Game over. Booooooooooooooooo. What a let down. This one hurts. Pens. 3-2.

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