That’s What She Said — Calgary Flames

Boston Bruins vs. Calgary Flames 2/22/11
That’s What She Said is a new segment here at Days of Y’Orr where we look at what opposing bloggers are saying about the Bruins. Today we at a look at Calgary Flames bloggers and what they have to say about last nights 3-1 Bruins win. PS – let us know if you like this feature idea or not, so we know if it’s worth doing.

From Matchsticks and Gasoline, Hayley writes:

“By all accounts, this was not a game where the Flames were terribly out-played. They out-shot the Bruins 26-23 at even strength but couldn’t beat Thomas, who made a few game-saving stops despite the fact that Boston’s defence managed to keep the majority of the Flames’ shots and chances to the outside.”

No disagreement from me here. Lost in the win is the last half of the third period where Thomas stood on his head and made some spectacular saves (one with the glove that was extremely impressive. The Bruins defense did a good job of limiting shots from the slot and like Hayley mentioned, kept the Flames to the outside.

George Johnson from the Calgary Herald jumps in with:

“There was certainly no shame in the performance. Only regret, as Tanguay mentioned, at a curiously flat opening.

True, the Flames had no answers for the Milan Lucic-David Krecji-Nathan Horton line all night, and the human amoeba, Tim Thomas, stymied them at every turn save one, but the locals, as has become their trademark, never abandoned ship and were laying siege to the Boston net until the very end.”

A flat opening? I guess my question to George is what does he (or Tanguay) consider an opening? The Flames were flat for virtually two periods and seemed to really turn it on in the third. Also – thank you George for the idea of photoshopping Tim Thomas as an amoeba. Appreciate that bud.

…and finally, Scott Cruickshank from the same Calgary Herald writes:

“Yes, a hair after the whistle, but Boston D Johnny Boychuk cranks C Brendan Morrison in Bruins territory, dropping the Flames forward in the second period. A few shifts later, Boston D Zdeno Chara takes a menacing (but fruitless) run at RW Jarome Iginla.”

Hmmm, I don’t know how I should feel about this. I can’t tell if the opening “Yes, a hair after the whistle…” line is supposed to mean that what Boychuk did was dirty. If not, why even include it? For the record, Boychuk destroyed Brendan Morrison. It was a classic Johnny Boychuk smash that showed everyone watching why we have such a bromance with him. Dude’s a beast.

Editor’s note: Anyone have video of that Boychuk hit? Or an animated GIF? 

So that’s what they’re saying up in Calgary about the Bruins. Nothing crazy, but this Scott guy… We don’t know about that “hair after the whistle” bullshit.


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