The 2011 Montreal Canadiens All-Dive Team

DOY buddy Eric (@BosBruinsFan) is a Photoshop Wizard. He’s brought you some great images like Montreal 911, Jailed Chara, Boychuk hanging Cooke, and Ruff Tissues.

And now he’s presented Days of Y’Orr, Bruins fans and the Olympic diving community a new series of trading cards — the 2011 Montreal Canadiens All-Dive Team. Here’s Josh Gorges.

There’s more where that came from.

After the jump…  more trading cards and a PDF to download of them all…

Download the uncut cards in PDF form.

Next one is special for Mike Giardi:

Holy shit… a trifect of dives!

This one has an easter egg that is Thornton’s ‘stache

We’re very proud and impressed that Eric didn’t use the most recent photo of Pac on the ice

Jean-Luc is 100x cooler, buddy. Also, he doesn’t dive.

Make your own BJ jokes with the next one:

Here’s the PDF to download all of them in uncut card form.

Thanks again to Eric. We <3 you. 
Go Bruins.


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