The Hockey News: Cooke “victimized” by Savard hit

The Internet breeds lunacy and the cream of the crop appeared this morning. @TheHockeyNews (The Hockey News twitter account) had this to say about the Savard-Cooke incident (’cause the story just won’t die… a year later).

Not surprisingly to any reasonable human being, TheHockeyNews guys got a lot of shit for saying Matt Cooke was “victimized.” THN, however, seemed pretty taken a-back by the slew of insults and replies. And so… more tweets came.

We agree. Dirty hits won’t go away when Bertuzzi and Cooke do. Cheap hits will probably always be part of the game. Whatevs. We get that. But you’re calling Cooke a victim? Now that’s just dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

What THN probably wanted was to stir up some shit and get some hits to the website. It probably worked. People love controversy. Hell, we’re writing a post about it. But THN credibility’s gotta be taking a hit for this.  

After the jump… we see what Dawson and the Republic of Twitter thinks…

James Van der Beek weights in:
Fuck offThe Beek has spoken. Suck it.

 The Republic of Twitter weighs in:


THN must be on a coffee break; they haven’t answered anyone else’s calls for the tweeter’s head. Good times on a snow day.

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