The Times Are Changing

It’s the end of the conference as we know it, and we feel fiiiiiiiine.

With Winnipeg back, we knew change was coming eventually, tonight the NHL announced that they are switching formats to a four conference league.  The Northeast Division pretty much stays in tact except for a two new additions:

NHL approves 4-conference realignment, new playoff format

Photo courtesy of Puck Daddy

With the realignment comes a new schedule and playoff format.  Now every team will have a home game against each team at least once a season, which is great for season ticket holders.  The drawback is that we’ll only play teams like Philly, Pittsburgh, and the Rangers twice.

Playoffs will start with the top 4 teams from each conference battling it out, with the winner of each conference moving on the the semi-finals and so on.

I’m sure more information will come out soon, and as of now, no names have been labeled to these conferences.  With that said…what would you name them?? 

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