The Vancouver Canucks in: Stanley Cup Hangover Part 2

Earlier this month we brought you the Bruins Stanley Cup Hangover. It was quite the wild ride.

Then one day we were browsing around the internet and came across this piece of crap.

“Many Canucks played on the brightest stage of their careers, and had the shortest summers of their lives, and now they’re being asked to dial it back up, summon intensity for something that is so comparatively ordinary.”

The article goes on to talk about the Canucks Stanley Cup hangover. What hangover? You mean how they spent non of their summer partying with the Cup because the better team won? How they had tons of time to relax and reflect on how much they suck?

We’re sure they had a lot of late nights crying into their teddy bears and cursing our Lord and Savior Tim Thomas.

But hangover? From what? Their drunken egos? But since we did a Bruins Stanley Cup Hangover post, we thought it was only fair to do a Vancouver Stanley Cup Hangover post.

After the jump…. Vancouver experiences their own hangover…..

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