They’ll punch your face off of your face. BRUINS WIN.

(This is going to be a short recap. We’re working on something else)

What an ugly, ugly game. Seriously. Just ugly. But a win is a win. How about them B’s? Wasn’t it nice of them to tank in October to spot the rest of the league a few points before they came out firing?

This game was uglier than that guy/girl you woke up next to last weekend and couldn’t remember if you had sex or not. Tuukka Rask quite literally saved the Bruins asses. What a save on that Whitney breakaway. And then of course there was this little exchange:

Oh and this:

As Bruins fans I think we’re all excited for how well they’re doing but also cautious. Other teams have been ravaged with injuries but the injury bug hasn’t visited the Bruins yet. Perhaps he is afraid of Thornton and McQuaid. Rask and Thomas are the best dynamic duo since Batman and Robin. They’re getting contributions up and down the lineup. They have the confidence that they can come back from a three goal deficit or still beat the league’s elite even when they’re not at their best. 2011 was the Year of the Bear!

After the jump…. a few quick notes from a sort of dull game…..

– This entire section is basically going to be us verbally blowing McQuaid and Rask.

What a performance. Forget who said it but we agree… the defense last night was basically like Swiss cheese but Rask decide to go all Mike Vick and just abuse these dogs. Guy has been out of his mind. Has there ever been a better goalie combo than Thomas and Rask?

– McQuaid, McQuaid, McQuaid. At least you know if you ever have a career ending injury you’ll have a job as a plastic surgeron because you are an expert at rearranging faces.

Torres threw another one of his patented cheap shots at Ference and but didn’t know Sheriff McQuaid was the law in this town. McQuaid proceeded to complete obliterate Torres.

Sweet baby jesus! This is why no one wants to fight McQuaid. The 10 minute misconduct was totally worth it. What a piece of crap Torres is. What an awesome dude McQuaid is.

McQuaid also apparently wanted to see some boobies:

– Oh Mr. Morris. We always knew you were a Bruin at heart!

– Raffi Torres. This isn’t the first time he’s pulled shit like this and it likely won’t be the last. Too bad the Coyotes don’t face the Bruins more than once. Would love to see McQuaid finish the job.

– This guy. Even Phoenix isn’t as shitty as Buffalo and Phoenix has a way better GM.

– Did Raffi Torres get the number of that bus that hit him?

– Why does Raffi Torres suck so much?

– Are people in Montreal pissed at McQuaid because his fist didn’t speak French when he hit Torres?

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