Thomas is a champ. Bruins Win.

Remember before the season when a bunch of fools wanted Thomas traded?

“Rask is the future, and the future is now!”

“Thomas is a bum! His Vezina was a fluke!”

“Trade Thomas now, he is going to kill this team next year!”

And those were some of the nicer comments. These were comments from Bruins fans. Many, not all, but many underestimated Thomas’ competitive nature. You disrepected him. And he heard you. So he trained. The comments from fans, media and “experts” fueled him all summer. You saw it from his very first start of the season. He took the Coyotes down to Shutout Town and never looked back. He assaulted every goalie stat category.

Today’s win likely etched Thomas’ name into NHL record books. Rask is expected to get the start in the season finale tomorrow against New Jersey. Thomas will be rested and focused for Game 1 of the playoffs, whoever it is against. But his win today saw Thomas seal the deal on the best save percentage in NHL history (since they started recording it), beating out Dominik Hasek.

Hasek set the previous record in the 98-99 season with the stupid Sabres. Only good thing about that team that year. He recorded a save percentage of .9366 that season. After beating the Senators and sending them to the store to buy some NHL Draft lottery tickets Thomas improved his save percentage on the season to .9382. Suck it Hasek. Suck it Buffalo. Thomas just erased your name from the record books for that one.

There is not another goalie in the league we’d want between the pipes come playoff time. Who cares if his style is unorthodox. Some call Thomas lucky. Luck doesn’t last this long. Just wait until the pressure is higher in the playoffs. Thomas will make the big saves. It won’t always be pretty, but he’ll do it. 

Fans can come into the TD Garden or go on some stupid message board and talk about how much Thomas sucks. When he’s claiming his second Vezina this summer he’ll just laugh at you. And so will we. You can come in here and tell us “it doesn’t matter if the Bruins lose in the playoffs!” Suck it. If the Bruins lose in the playoffs, it won’t be because of Thomas.  “But Thomas has never won a Stanley Cup!” Yeah, well neither has Rask. Neither did Niemi before last year. Neither did Fleury before ’09. You get the point. Suck it Thomas haters.

After the jump…. B’s actually show up for a matinee game, you won’t like Horton when he’s angry and Thomas rules…..

– The first few minutes weren’t bad but they weren’t good either. You could tell the Senators are a team packing it in for the season and the Bruins are a team that doesn’t want to get hurt for the playoffs. 

– Things are kind of slow until the Bruins official first line hits the ice. We’re not the biggest Paille fans but the guy has been playing his balls off lately. Can’t deny that. If he brings this to the playoffs that could be a huge boost.

– Chara and Horton playing like they are in playoff mode today. Chara is crushing people and Horton is being nasty. Gotta love that.

– Firstline on the ice again… buzzing everywhere. Thornton takes the puck into the zone because he’s awesome. Shot on McElhinney… rebound goes to Campbell… Campbell dishes to Paille….. SCORE!

– First line getting shit down AGAIN! 1-0 Bruins.

– Tim Thomas is awesome. He just flat out gets it done. 

– Ahhhhhhhh shit. Ference and Hnidy collide as Thomas comes out to make a save and trap Thomas. Thomas can’t get back to the crease. Easy goal for Bobby Butler. 1-1.

– Whatever. Shit happens. Bruins got this.

– B’s taking it easy. Sens lucky this game isn’t 10-1. Period ends 1-1.

– Days of Y’Orr GM and beat reporter Patrice Purrgeron is live in studio. Patrice, how are Ottawa fans taking the news of GM Murray being renewed?

Thanks Patrice!


–  About a minute in Ryan Shannon decides it is cool to whack people in the face with his stick. He almost got blood on McQuaid’s mullet. Awful. Four minute powerplay. Not sure if we’re excited or not.

– Well… that took all of five seconds. Horton pounces on a rebound then no look back hands it into the goal like a beast. SCORE! Powerplay goal.

– Bruins back on top 2-1.

– Lucic took a roughing penalty after the goal. He’s been fiesty today. Four on four action for a bit.

– Not much going on. Chara continues to ruin people. Guy is just committing felonies all over the ice. Someone needs to stop this animal.

– Right off a face off Zack Smith and Nathan Horton go at it. What a fight. Not gonna ruin it with a lot of talk. Just watch.

– Horton can take and dish out a good punch. He’s a bad, bad man when he wants to be.

– Meanwhile Thomas is so awesome he’s doing dances in the crease just to keep himself entertained.

– Period ends 2-1. 

– We again have the esteemed Patrice Purrgeron live in studio. Patrice, any idea what Senators players and fans are doing now that their season is officially over?

 – Gross. Thanks Patrice!



– What a f’ing goal by Peverley. 

– 3-1 Bruins after Peverley f’s up the entire Senators roster.

– The rest of the way it was all Tim Thomas.

– Devils tomorrow. Last regular season game. Then the quest begins. Get ready.

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