Tim Thomas: Agent Zero. Bruins Win.

It was a weird scene after Game 2. The Bruins had won, but the near collapse caused people to overreact. The defense is too slow to hang with Tampa, they said. Tim Thomas is obviously too tired, they said. This Bruins team is going to wilt against Tampa Bay’s pressure, they said. Instead of celebrating a big win, many were finding reasons not to enjoy it.

Then, much like this Bruins team has done all playoffs they bitched slapped the doubters tightened things up.

The defense made mistakes but were extremely solid over all. Tim Thomas was ridiculous. Some of the saves he made are the stuff of legend.

The offense never gave up, even when Roloson was on his game at the other end. They got an early goal, locked things down then got the insurance goal through grinding, hard work and bit of luck.

Being up 2-1 in a series doesn’t mean they’re going to win but last night they played Bruins hockey, forced Tampa to play out of their element and took control of the series. If the Bruins had a powerplay, they’d be running away with this series. But Tampa is resilient. This is going to be a fight. Game 4 is going to be nuts. But you’ll just keep joining us in believing the Bruins got this.

After the jump…. people build shines to the amazing Tim Thomas…..

– Here we go. I see the Forum crew did a good job cleaning up all the tears before the game. Screw you Tampa Bay.

– Bergy is playing. We’re kind of terrified. Please be 100%

– Ooooooooooooooh THE KREJCI! Krejci collects a pass and beats Roloson. B’s on fire early. 1-0 Bruins. Suck it Tampa.

– There was a loud roar after the Bruins goal. Bruins fans a plenty in Tampa. That is what happens when you have a bandwagon city. Plenty of tickets for the opposing team’s fans!

– B’s need to stand strong. Tampa getting some good pressure on Thomas. Less defensive breakdowns today boys.

– Bergeron with a great back check to break up a play. Dear lord we missed you Bergy. Never leave us again please.

– For such a big guy, Victor Hedman is kind of a pansy. Seems like he avoids taking a hit at all costs.

– Dear Bergenheim…. going near Adam McQuaid is TERRIBLE for your health. Enjoy that ice you just ate.

– Timmy F’ing Thomas putting on a goalie clinic! Several fantastic saves in a row. Timmy teaches goalie classes in the summer.

– Versus should at least buy Tampa dinner before they blow them like this.

– Offsides everywhere. Both sides extra pumped or something.

– Is it just us, or does Krejci get shoved off the puck reaaaaaaaaaaaaally easy lately? Seems to be getting knocked down A LOT. He’s still awesome though.

– Gagne trying to act tough after a whistle. Lucky his friends jumped in to save him because Campbell would’ve killed him. Guess Tampa was pissed Campbell almost made it 2-0. We’re going 4 on 4.

– Our boy Boychuk looks a step slow tonight. Getting easily beat along the boards. That is usually Hip Check Territory for Destroychuk.

– Chara with a fantastic stop on a 2 on 1. School them Chara. School them.

– Gonna be sick….agree with something the Versus crew said. Wouldn’t mind seeing Seguin on the 4 on 4. Need to watch something funny to counter this… hmmm…. how’s about a gif someone made of Boucher exploding.

– Seguin takes a hit and pops right back up. Thats what a Bruin does. Smart move by Tampa we’ll admit. They’re taking Seguin’s space away and collapsing on him. It will be interesting to see how the kid responds and if his linemates make good on the extra space.

– Tampa crowd booing about something. Some vendor must not be honoring the senior discount.

– Daaaaaaamn Peverley with a good chance but it goes wide. Nice try though Pevs.

– B’s apparently unaware you can’t have six skaters out. A couple of close calls.

– Ouch. Krejci just got NAILED in the neutral and is slow to get up. In fact, he’s still down on one knee. M.A. Bergeron’s shoulder might have made contact with Krejci’s head. Sweet jesus no. Don’t be injured buddy. Don’t be injured. Tampa crowd and versus crew pissed it is a penalty. Shoulder made contact with the head you clowns.

– B’s on the powerplay. Don’t even care. Just want Krejci to be okay.

– B’s got a few alright shots but failed to take advantage of a broken Tampa stick. We’ll give them a pass and say everyone is worried about Krejci.

– Niiiiiice pad stop by Thomas. Looks like he’s shaken all the rust off. Intermission time. Alright period. Just…. please be okay Krejci. Please? 1-0 Bruins.

– Bruins almost score 20 seconds in, ha. Bergeron creating magic while the Versus crew keeps talking about the Lightning. Tampa Bay fans must have called Versus and complained that they wanted to hear more about their team.

– Krejci on the ice. Phew. Hopefully he ends up being fine. Sometimes concussion symptoms don’t hit until later.

– Ooooooo bad turnover by the B’s but Thomas bails them out. Thomas is 36 and still one of the youngest people in Tampa. And he is a god!

– B’s still missing A LOT of shots wide. Target practice boys.

– Krejci just took another hit and looks okay. Good sign?

– We’ll give Tampa this…. they’re decent at blocking shots. Probably just stopped a Horton goal.

– Ohlund just tried to hit Ryder and Ryder took him down, ha. Then of course Versus made it sound like Ohlund just killed Ryder. Want some lube Versus? Makes it hurt less when you bang Tampa.

– Marchand going to the box for high sticking after Hedman tripped him. Big PK for the Bruins. Hedman is such a pansy. You’re like ten feet tall dude. Grow some balls. Versus announcers claming Marchand fell when he was clearly tripped. Wow.

– Another GREAT save by Thomas. Suck that these games are not being announced by Jack Edwards.

– Kelly and Peverley with a 2 on 1 but Kelly’s shot gets deflected then thomas with another big save at the other end. Thomas is just plain better than everyone. Great PK. Back to even strength as Tampa fans call the Bruins to complain about Marchand.

– Versus talking about how the Bruins are doing a good job keeping the crowd out of the game. The crowd is out of the game because no one is there.

– Bergeron with a killer stick lift to stop a scoring chance. What a beast this guy is.

– Tampa Bay with too many men on the ice. Guess they’re trying to use extra people to score on Thomas. B’s powerplay time.

– Pretty piss poor powerplay so far, ha. And now Bergeron is going to the box. Tampa is gonna get a powerplay for a minute and a half soon. Nuts.

– Ryan Malone cries too much. Fits right in down in Tampa. He sucks too and his best days are long behind him. Kind of like the residents of Tampa.

– Thomas could not be any better tonight. HUGE kill by the B’s and then a pretty nice save down the other end by Roloson to save a goal. Both teams testing each other.

– Marchand with a great chance but B’s can’t finish. Getting some good chances.

– Marchand with ANOTHER great chance on a wrap around as Brewer throws Bergeron to the ice. Apparently Versus doesn’t quite agree with Tampa going to the box. What a bunch of unprofessional jokes. They on the Tampa payroll.

– If the Bruins had a consistent powerplay… at all… ever… they’d be running away with this series.

– Tampa calls a time out to douche their vaginas and change the wheels on the bandwagon.

– Period ends. Still 1-0 Bruins.

– Here we go. Final 20 minutes. B’s sure could use an insurance goal.

– Horton has been a force along the boards. Lucic… not so much. Losing a lot of pucks. Wonder if he’s hurt again. He’s either hurt or lacking confidence. Something is off.

– Kaberle cancels out his nice play with an awful, awful turnover. Story of his tenure as a Bruin.

– B’s have gone into their patented third period “prevent defense” that makes you crap your pants. Think they forgot they only have a one goal lead. Tampa carrying the play. Tampa fans just called the Bruins to complain that Thomas is being too awesome.

– Oh Versus…. you ALMOST made it an entire game with out saying something stupid about the 1-3-1. They keep talking about how awesome Stamkos has been in these playoffs… even though he’s been invisible 85% of the time.

– Hedman grabbed Marchand there. Guess the big guy really needs a hug because he sucks.

– We’re going to have to borrow some of Tampa’s adult diapers. Tense period as time winds down and B’s still have only a 1 goal lead.

– YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! Seguin with a nice play to get the puck behind the net. B’s gather, Ryder feeds Ference at the blueline as Kelly screens and the shot trickles by Roloson. We’ll take it! Great shift by everyone. 2-0. HUGE goal.

– We just gave Tampa an unintentional bird in Ference’s honor.

– Downie bitching about something. Probably mad he’s a talentless, cheapshotting douche bag who will be a McDonald’s cashier in a couple years.

– Chara going to the box for hooking. No offense big guy but you would be the grossest hooker ever. Stick to hockey please! PK time.

– And Thomas has to make a another huge, huge save early on the PK. Damn Thomas. Just… damn. You’re awesome.

– B’s refuse to let Tampa get back into the game with a great PK. Less than 8 minutes left. Let the clock watching begin!

– Apparently Seguin got credited with the second goal? We’re going to need to see replays. Seguin has been so good that maybe they just assumed Seguin got it. But no way he actually scored. That was Ference’s goal.

– B’s have definitely picked up the pace. They want this win. They’re going for the death blow. Goooooooooooood.

– Nice pass by Horton but was counter by a nice Tampa Bay defensive play. Still, F Tampa.

– Roloson on the bench with faceoff in B’s zone. Cooooooooooooome on B’s. End this. KILL KILL KILL.

– Tampa pressing but Thomas said f you I’m awesome get your shit out of here. One minute left….

– Krejci making plays everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Thirty seconds left…

– And it is OVER. Shutout for Timmy! B’s up 2-1 in the series. What an effort. Screw you Tampa. Call someone and cry about it. See you Saturday bitches.

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