Tim Thomas’ Greatest Hits: BONUS DISC

Friday we presented to you all Tim Thomas’s Greatest Hits: Volume 1. Well, apparently we missed a couple of classic Timmy hitting moments, so we’ve created this FREE bonus disc.

Thomas tryouts for the New England Patriots
Thanks to @BHockey77 for pointing it out to us. This is in the update Volume 1 edition but just incase you missed it here it is again.Thomas launches himself at Blake. 

Chef Thomas serves up a waffle breakfast to Chimera
From AdamBruinsFan. First a karate chop, then an uppercut, then more waffle sandwhiches for Chimera.

We can’t find video of it but supposidly Thomas went after Vanek a few years back. If anyone has video of that, let us know.

The secret behind Timmy’s physical prowress? MMA…
While searching for more Thomas hit videos we stumbled across the interview from The Fight Network. Apparently Thomas is a big fan of MMA fighting.

Explains so much.

Go Bruins!


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