Top 10 Favorite Montreal Canadiens Moments

Favorite Montreal Canadiens Moments
Tomorrow’s game day. We’re pumped.

This got us riled up even more.

Fuck, Montreal. DOY is ready for war.

We decided to share our favorite Montreal moments in recent memory.

After the jump… our 10 Favorite Montreal Moments…

10. Mike Ribeiro brought to the brink of death… makes miraculous recovery

Mike Ribeiro, much like Max Pacioretty, must be part of the Weapon X program. How else can you explain this miraculous recovery by Ribby? It’s not like Montreal’s favorite hobby is diving or anything.

9. Youppi! gets busted for pedophilia

Youppi! is totally a toucher.

8. Habs fans jeer Carey Price


“‘Cause it worked so well with Roy… let’s do it with Price, too!”

7. P.K. Subban demands to be traded to Carolina

Why else would he want to put on a ‘Canes sweater? As a joke? Bullshit. Ever since #5 on this list happened, he’s been packing his suitcases and hoping to go to the uber-tolerant land of the Carolinas.

6. Habs fans boo Carey Price… in a preseason game

Montreal really hates Price.

Losing the perspective that it was a pre-season game to let their without-a-doubt number one goaltender know they weren’t thrilled with his lackluster performance is one thing, the visceral reaction it’s getting from Price’s teammates is rather incredible however.

Because nothing says “We hate you!” like booing your star goalie in a preseason game. Now they’re praising him — talk about fair weather fans.

5. Habs fans go blackface

Ignorance is bliss and Canadiens ignorance is hilarious in that awkward “Oh… oh no… no… they’re not… they are!” way.


4. Habs fans burn cop car… forget marshmellows

This still makes no sense.

3. Celine Dion makes bid to buy Montreal Canadiens

Montreal must’ve collectively shat themselves when this almost happened. Some are still in denial about the whole incident.

We don’t blame you, Montreal. Boston gave the world Aerosmith, the Fonz and Big Bird. In return, Montreal gave only Celine Dion. Montreal is a horrible gift giver.

Also, who calls someone a “tit”?

2. Habs fan run one of the greatest goalies of all-time out of town

Notice the Habs haven’t won a Cup since. If Dan Shaughnessy was a Habs writer he’d come up with some retarded Curse to call this. Either way, well played Montreal. Well played.

1. Zdeno Chara goes WWE on Max Pacioretty

We chose this to be #1 because Habs fans will shit themselves over it.

Suck it.

Go Bruins.


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