Touchdown!! Chara, Horton Punt Habs!

Thanks goes to Days of Y’Orr reader Dan (@bruinshockeynow) for the title idea!

Before getting into this… a very Happy Birthday to Jack Edwards!  Love him or hate him, he’s a big part of the Boston Bruins and the Bruins gave both him and us a big present tonight. 

Guy brought his goddman A-game to NESN last night.

And just wow…taking out all of the drama there was going into this game, the Bruins needed to take two points away from this game to really solidify their place in the East.  And they did.  With gusto! You could feel the energy in Boston all day. The city and the fans were in Playoff Mode for the game. Got us excited to think about the actual playoffs.

As expected, no Habs player had the balls to sacrifice himself in a retribution fight with Chara. Habs fans wanted to see Boston “play hockey” and not fight. Well, they got what they asked for.

Get ready to suck it long and hard, Montreal…

After the jump, we look at a rape worse than that scene in American History X…

Lots of Somebody Call 911 signs out in the stands. Love it. Love Bruins fans.

Sent by Eric (@BosBruinsFan); the guy that made the Montreal 911 parody image above.

We also know like half the people in that photograph. Bonus points to Rogue in the corner.

Next pic comes way of Matt Kalman, taking by  Sharon Bradley. Same peeps; different angle.

Somebody call 911 signs


– Great to hear the dulcet tones of Rene Rancourt echo throughout the Garden tonight!

– Here we go, we’ve been waiting over two weeks for this game!

– Horton dancing between the Canadiens, gets into the zone…aaaand fans on a shot.

– BOYCHUCK SCORES!!!! Bruins go up 1-0!! Excuse us while we go celebrate!!

– Subban gets a shot on net, didn’t look like much until Thomas couldn’t handle the rebound, Campbell is there to clear the puck.  Thanks Soupy! You’re Mmm..Mmm Good!

– Thonton with a nice tap pass to Marchand, who lets loose a fast shot, but Price makes the save.

– Speaking of Thornton and Marchand… The Merlot Line is out in full force, fantastic play in the Hab’s zone.

– Bit of a defensive breakdown, gives Plekanic a chance for a wrap around, but like a good neighbor Thomas is there!

 – Seidenberg turns the puck over, good dive to prevent the shot, but draws a tripping penalty in the process.

– Camellari and Marchand are exchanging pleasantries.

– Say what you want about Subban, the guy has a great slapshot.

– Montreal is coming fast and furious, Bruins are hold strong on the PK though.

– Great move by Kelly, he pokes the puck away on the blue line and races for the puck and draws a holding penalty, short 4 on 4, leading to a Bruins PP.

– Sadly the power play yet again fails to impress.

– Hah Wisneiwski forgets that he’s supposed to wait until there is a Bruin around him to dive and falls to the ice.

–  Whaaaaaat? Bruins are out shooting the Canadiens 10-5 halfway through the period?? Black is white! Up is down!

– Moen tries to mess with Chara, I’d LOVE to see how this ends for him

– Jack on his birth: “My mom did all the work, all i did is come out and cry… and not much has changed! It’s like I’m a Canadiens fan.”  It’s times like this, we love to have a crazy person for an announcer.

– Eller with a shot on Thomas, who laughs at his feeble attempts.

– Peverley feeds it to Kelly after Seguin dances the puck in.  

– Suck it Habs!!  Chara blasts the puck and Soupy tips it pas Price, 2-0 Bruins!

– Just saw a “Somebody Call 911” sign on TV.  That warms the cockles or our heart.  Credit goes to @Sean_Leahy and The Royal Half for sending in basically the same picture!

– ALMOST 3-0 Krejci had a chance in front of the net but the puck wasnt quite on his stick.

– Bruins going on the power play, looks like Horton took a high stick by Plekanic.  Horton needs to go for some patch work, so it’s a double minor.

– 2:00 done and no goals, but Bruins have been in the zone the whole time, have the feeling that something is going to give soon.

– “Hockey sticks are dropping like toothpick” -Jack Edwards

– Damn it Price stop making saves! It really gets in the way of our scoring!

– Well umm…thanks for listening Price!  Horton scores, sweet sweet karma!

– Chara crush puny Canadiens!

– Period ends…Bruins are up 3-0, it’s all good so far. 

– Peverley with a great effort shoots the puck, gets his own rebound, and tried a wrap around.

– Something overlooked so far, but the Bruins are playing exceptionally well in there own zone so far tonight.

– Recchi steals the puck from Gionta feed Bergeron who is robbed by Price.  Lots of theft on the ice! Call 911!!

– OK… it wasn’t a hit. Whatever. Doesn’t make this picture less awesome.

– Damn it Peverley, never stop being the awesome tonight!

– Worst part of the game so far…sounds like they are playing Blink-182 in the Garden…

– Bad defense by the Bruins, Gionta is left all alone in front of the net with the puck, but mere mortals can not score on Gods and Thomas makes the save! 

– Uh oh, Seguin looks hurt after blocking a shot.

– Bruins, now is not the time to have defensive breakdowns, Thomas once again saves their asses.  Bruins take their time out to try to change the pace this period is taking.

–  That’s a little more like it, Merlot line is back in the saddle, generating pressue.

–  Bruins go on the power play again after another high stick against the Habs.

– Phew, Seguin looks ok, a lot of near misses for him on the power play.

–  High hit on Seguin!!! No Call!!

– Recchi gets tired of Mara’s shit and starts shoving him back. Probably told him to respect his elders. Mara’s a tool.

– Recchi and Mara both go to the box.  Mara gets 4:00 double for roughing and complaining about Recchi being better than him; Recchi just gets two for cross-checking. Mara’s an idiot.

– Another damn fine power play to watch, but nothing is getting by Price.

– Bruins have the Habs on their heels now, hoping for another goal to deliver the finishing blow.

– Seidenburg and Thomas tag team to save a goal, puck deflects off someone’s skates to Gionta in from of the net. Thomas has him covered and Seids was there to break up the pass to Gomez.

Speaking of Gionta (and Chara)

– Bruins go back on the power play thanks to a holding call on Gomez.

– Campbell and Mara drop the gloves, despite being at a severe height advantage, Campbell held his own and the fight was a draw. 

 –  Period ends, not as solid as the first, but the Bruins were able to snag back whatever momentum Montreal tried to grab.

– Boychuk looking like he wants another goal, and what Boychuk wants, Boychuk better get!

–  Kelly’s skates tap against Darche and he goes to the box for tripping, Bruins go on the penalty kill.

– Holy shit. Price made a save.

–  Thomas is having to make more saves than we would like on this PK

– Oh man, Gionta gets a wide open net, but he can’t finish.  Rumor has it he has the opposite problem in bed.

That one was for our buddy Secret Agent Giardi.

– HORTON GETS ANOTHER!! Perfect pass from Krejci

–  THE PRICE IS WRONG BITCH! McQuaid fires a puck, that deflects off a Canadien, Bruins go up 5-0 and Price gets pulled.


– Ugh… USA chants are starting up, come on fans, don’t ruin a fantastic night!

– Canadiens are looking completely demoralized right now…it’s a beautiful site.

–  Jesus Christ Peverley, just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to do it all by yourself, loving the effort though!

– Kaberle gets number 6 and his first goal as a Bruin! Now we’re starting to feel bad for the Habs….no we’re not.

 – “Six pack for Boston! Bottoms up!” –A-Game Jack Edwards

At this point we snap a picture of what Kampfer thinks of the Habs.

– Horton goes to the box for holding, no one really notices or cares.

– Marchand goes to the box for roughing. Clean it. Eat shit, Habs.

Jack: Is the powderkeg lit?
Brick: If it is it’s Marchand with the matches.

You can’t buy that kind of entertainment ladies and gentlemen.

– Thomas trying to earn the shutout with a great lateral move to make a save!

– Now Campbell gets a 5 on 3 shorthanded goal on a break away! 7-0 Bruins

– Report coming out that Habs fans in Boston were trying to file rape charges on the Bruins. Boston’s finest just gave them this.

– Montreal is just going through the motions now, what else can they do?

– Horton, probably out of boredom, goes to the box again.

–  “Tonight the Canadiens have been on the wrong side of a spanking”.  Truer words were never spoken Jack.

– Seguin ALMOST scores in time, but doesn’t beat the buzzer.  That ends it, 7-0 Bruins!!

Wow. Absolute domination. Montreal fans wanted Boston to play “real hockey” and that’s exactly what they got. Be careful what you wish for, dicks. Suck it. 

Post game notes:

Habs fans were complaining about who knows what. We’d be pissed to if we got raped by a bear.

Stole that from Facebook… not sure who to give credit.

Rangers on Saturday.

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