Tuukkamania Running Wild. Bruins Win.

This game was way closer than it should have been. We said this right at the beginning of the game:

Leafs outshot the Bruins 18-9 in the third period. Too much sitting back and watching. Rask held down the fort. See what happens when he gets his reps in? He was shaky to start but he stole a win for this team. Bruins put up some good shots on Reimer but couldn’t finish. They basically coasted in the third. But hey, they ended their road trip with a win and took 8 out 10 points.

This game was basically a duel between Phil Kessel and Tuukka Rask. Rask was the big story, and boy did he deliver. Rask won this game. Toronto was everywhere in the third, throwing great shots on net almost constantly and Rask just gave them the middle finger. Great to see him bounce back like that after Saturday’s game. Scary to think about how awesome the Bruins can be if Rask and Thomas are both clicking.

Looks like Julien is moving on uuuuuuuuuup.

After the jump, Rask out duels Kessel, top line starts clicking and Seguin seems to be rounding a corner….


– Tuukka Rask gets the start. Then gets pulled after the first whistle. Just kidding Claude! Just joshing ya.

– Missed the first two minutes of the period because Comcast sucks.

– Komisarek takes an interference penalty against Lucic. Lucic should remind Komisarek what happens when he tries to do that.

– Powerplay time. B’s don’t get anything going and the NESN feed sucks. TV is all scrambly. All we know is that the score is still 0-0.


– Nice chance when Wheeler fed Krejci on the wing. Krejci then schooled the Toronto defense before passing to Ryder for a one timer but the new guy in the Toronto goal was there.

– Sometimes Phaneuf seems angry that he’s just a shadow of his former self. 

– Horton trying too hard. Blind drop pass right to Toronto to end Bruins chance.

– Kessel comes in on Rask and Rask just laughs at him for still being stuck in Toronto.


– After the commercial break, Toronto gets another good chance but Kessel can’t bury it. He’s probably used to it by now.

– Bruins running around a lot in their own net. Oh that’s right. Rask is starting so team defense is out the window.

– Seguin playing noticably better the past few games. Perhaps the rook is adjusting to the NHL game?

– Horton is just pushing it too much. Makes a pass to Savard, who was already surrounded by two Leafs players. He needs to relax.

– Kessel in again on Rask, but Rask with a leg save. Looks like they’ll be dueling tonight.


– Thornton with a great steal in the neutral zone, allowing the Bruins to get some fresh legs on the ice. Just another day at the office for Thornton.

– According to Jack, Mt. Lucic and Mt. Horton are getting ready to blow. We hope he meant goals. Please let him mean goals.

– Seguin living in the slot today. Recchi hits him in front and Seguin sends the puck just wide. NESN continues to talk about how Seguin is just like Stamkos! Geez, can’t Seguin just be Seguin?


– Oh boy. Going the other way the Bruins get caught in the middle of a bad line change and Grabovski is all alone. Breakaway time. Goal time. Boo. 1-0 Leafs.

– Bruins did not practice passing today. Either very poor choices or very poor aim.

– Chara nails some dude named Joey Crabb. Crabb then tries to get revenge but he just embarrasses himself.

– Kessel AGAIN on Rask. But Rask saves again. Get out of here Uni-ball.


– Bruins get a few good chances but the period ends with Boston down by one. Not the Bruins best period. Lots of mental mistakes. They look frustrated. 


– According to Jack, Reimer is a good kid. Who cares. Kill him. Score 10 goals on him Bruins.

– Seidenberg goes to the box for cross checking Phil Kessel. Upon further review, Seidenberg simply pushed him. Kessel dove to the ice to try to find his remaining nut.

– Toronto doing some good cycling but Bruins surviving. Kessel actually giving some effort tonight. Must be that time of the year.

– Things get hectic but Bruins kill the chance. Not sure if Toronto is playing good for once of if the Bruins are making them look good.

– Ryder and Wheeler get a good chance up ice but Ryder tries to skate through two Leafs and Wheeler doesn’t have much time for a shot after the pass.

– McQuaid proves white men can in fact jump when he and a Leafs player jump for a ball puck in the Toronto zone.

– Marchand with a laser but that Reimer dude saves it. F you.

– Reports from the Toronto bench that Kessel’s testicle keeps singing “One is the loneliest number….”


– Seguin is tenacious tonight. He’s had a couple of good steals. Bruins can’t get any extended chances going though.

– “Write a column about that!” Seidenberg gathers a Horton pass at the blueline. Horton gets the puck back and displays some patience, picking his shot and ripping it past Reimer as Edwards explodes. 1-1.


– Krejci comes in with a good chance but gets his shit ruined in front of the Toronto net.

– Wheeler likes shooting at people’s legs today. Maybe that is his strategy… just cut everyone down with pucks to the legs.

– Scrum ensues after a whistle. Savard takes a few blows. Not sure it is the best idea for him to be going after people. Love the effort, but come on Savvy. Think about your brain.

– We get some four on four action now with Savard and some douche in the box.

– Bruins pinned in their own zone for a bit but Toronto doesn’t get any chances.

– Colby Armstrong starts trying to hit people because he’s ugly and his career has gone nowhere since he got traded and was no longer with Crosby.


– Kessel and Rask go another round. Kessel closer this time but Rask tells him there can only be one Highlander.


– Horton with some good wheels to beat an icing as Bruins put on some good pressure. Ference then makes a good effort to keep the puck in the Leafs zone. Savard gets the puck at the point. Slapshot city. 2-1 Bruins. What a shot.


– Jack and Brick take a break from the game to talk about how awesome firefighters are.


– Komisarek throws a shot on net that Grabovski redirects but Rask makes the save. He’s heating up.

– Bergeron and Seguin head down the other way for a 2 on 1. Berg makes the shot but Reimer saves. Nice save kid.

– Period over. Bruins get 17 shots that period, ha. 


– Thirty seconds in and two great chances by Bruins. Boychuk narrowly misses the net and a few seconds later Seguin The Beast throws a nice shot on net that almost squeaks through Reimer’s pads but he juuuuuuuuuust hangs on. No goal.

– Nice chain of hits. Don’t think these teams like each other. Just a hunch.

– Rask gives up a bad rebound in front but flu like Campbell clears the puck away so the Leafs can’t score.

– Damn you Kessel. He comes in AGAIN on Rask but Rask makes the save. Kessel gets rebound right away, Rask makes a second save. Rebound…. Rasks does the Thomas and snow angels and somehow keeps the puck out. Thank you whistle.


– Leafs pressing hard. All you hear out of Jack’s mouth is “Save by Rask!”


– Boychuk looks like he’s got extra pep in his step tonight. If only he had extra death in his step in the neutral zone. Would love to see him nail a Leaf.

– Boston’s top line on fire tonight. Horton, Lucic and Savard not slumping tonight.

– Krejci poke checks the puck away as Toronto enters the zone. But if you ask Edwards, it was far more epic: “Krejci whacks it into space!”

– Rask saving this team’s ass today. Just made a save from his stomach.

– Down at the other end Shawn Thornton gets a great chance but puck goes high. Damn.

– Reimer takes a whack at Berg after he makes a glove save ’cause Bergeron tried to bang it home. Phaneuf tries to say something to Bergeron, but then Patrice reminds Phaneuf that he has a lethal left hand and Phaneuf walks away.

– Kind of funny…. NESN staff bashing Leafs all night but as the Bruins hold just a one goal lead halfway through the third, all of a sudden the Leafs “always try hard, we’re not surprised!”. Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

– Bruins need to take “Clearing the Puck 101” because Rask is saving their asses as they neglect to properly clear the puck. No way Bruins should be relaxing this much with a one goal lead.

– Krejci playing like he’s angry he’s no longer on the top line. Gooooooooood. Gooooooooooooooooooood.

– Good back and forth play carried mostly by the Leafs. Bruins need to pick it up or they’re going to blow another late lead.

– Bad bounce puts the puck on net that Rask wasn’t expecting, but he holds the line. Toronto now leading Bruins in shots. Been all Toronto this period.


– Krejci likes to play a two man game. #ThingsJackEdwardsSays

– Colby Armstrong is kind of a dick. It seems like the less talent a player has, the more likely they are to take cheap shots. Hmmm.

– Bergeron being kind of selfish. Like that he’s trying to put pucks on net but a couple times tonight he should’ve just passed. But he’s the hockey player, not us.

– Horton, Lucic and Savard get a few more good chances but doesn’t seem like they can get clean shots. 

– Reimer heads to the bench as Toronto gets the extra man. Poop in your pants time as Leafs dominate.

– Krejci barely misses the open net and Boston get get the puck into the open cage.

– Kessel comes in again but Chara pokes the shot and it goes waaaaaaay high.

– Puck goes out of play with 2 seconds left. Faceoff in the offensive zone. Toronto wins faceoff… but shot is blocked. Bruins win.

– “Two U’s, Two K’s, too much speculation about this guy’s mental toughness.” ~ Jack Edwards.


– Much needed two points to finish the road trip. Go F yourself Toronto.


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