Vokoun is good. Thomas is better. Bruins Win!

Good way to head into the All-star break. Bruins are four points up on Montreal in the division. Most of the Bruins skaters will get some much needed rest. 

Games against the Panthers always seem to be close. Bruins were the better team for the majority of the game, but Vokoun made the big saves. Thomas made more. Thomas is a beast. Bergeron is a beast. Marchand is a beast. Lucic got his 20th goal. 

Bruins keep rolling. Good bounce back game after that poor effort in LA. Just keep kicking ass boys.

After the jump…. Thomas saves, Marchand kicks ass and the Bruins roll…….


– Former Bruin Willie O’Ree comes out for the ceremonial puck drop. Nice way to start the game.

– Chara takes out Frolik to start the game. Little gift for you Florida. 

– Some dude lifts Seguin’s stick last second. That probably would’ve been a goal.

– Horton still about two seconds too late in his decisions. Florida fans are teasing us left and right about Horton.

– Some really good shifts to start the game by the Bruins. Bergeron almost schools Vokoun and then Dennis Wideman pushes Marchand to the ice. Somewhere in the play Higgins cross checks someone. Bruins on the powerplay.

– Kind of a funny moment when none of the players could find the puck. Wacky puck hijinks.

– Wheeler tries to jam it on but no dice. Pretty nice set up to end the power play but we’re still scoreless.

– How can Gary Bettman watch a Panthers game and still say “Yeah, creating this team was a good idea!”

– Know who still looks good? Kampfer. Hopefully he doesn’t pull a Hunwick. Seems like Kampfer has more raw talent though.

– Wideman trying to cover Thornton. Biggest mismatch on the ice!

– Seeing some signs relating to voting Jack Edwards for President.

– Marchand tries to spring Bergeron for a breakaway but the puck is a lil ahead of Berg and Vokoun beats him to it. Then Vokoun looks down at this jersey and cries because he’s playing for the Panthers.

– In the Bruins end the puck bounces up off of Thomas and he has no idea where it is. Ends up underneath Thomas somehow. No goal!

– Boston fans booing Dennis Wideman as he touches the puck. Isn’t playing for the Panthers punishment enough?

– Boychuk with two straight blasts. He wasn’t trying to score. He was trying to kill Vokoun. Boychuk wants more souls.

– Campbell almost got hit by one of Boychuk’s shots. His life flashed before his eyes.

– Shit…. Krejci gets hit and is down in a lot of pain, holding his arm. Lucic tries to exact revenge but Florida keeps their gloves on. Trainer coming out, Krejci still down. Son of a bitch. Krejci gets up and heads to the lockerroom. Please hockey gods, let it just be a bruise or something.

– Bruins with some fantastic movement in the Florida end. Bergeron fakes shot, Vokoun buys it. Pass to Marchand. Marchand with the wrap around. GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! 1-0 Bruins!!!! Marchand continues to fuck shit up.

– Play is under review. Balls.

– Nevermind. Replays show puck was clearly in. Still 1-0. 

– Krejci back on the bench. Thank you hockey gods. Thank  you.

– Horton has Wideman disease. Always shoots wide. Guy is struggling big time.

– Wideman tries to score off a slapshot but Thomas says bite me. Fans booing Wideman big time. Lucic heads up ice and falls in a battle with Wideman as more boos rain down.

– Higgins tries a wrap around on Thomas but Thomas tells him he ain’t no Marchand.

– Ryder deking better than Charlie Conway and almost fools Vokoun. Now do it again! But score this time.

– “Some magical work in tight spaces by Ryder!!” ~ Jack Edwards. That’s what she said!

– “Marchand just got a little room service from Ellerby!” Jack saying some weird shit tonight. Weird even for him.

– Thomas with a nice save to pretty much end the period. 1-0 Bruins after the first.


– Bruins starting off the second the way they ended the first. Vokoun was heard humming that song “Under Pressure.”

– Recchi and Marchand go after a puck and take down Wideman in the process. Wideman slow to get up but looks fine.

– Krejci with the clean faceoff win back to Lucic. Lucic collects and fires. Top corner snipe. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! 2-0 Bruins early in the second. What a shot. Good thing Krejci came back, ha.

– Lucic’s 20th goal of the season. Met his goal already and there’s plenty of time left in the season. First Bruin this season to score 20 goals as well.

– Booth tries to answer right back for the Panthers but Thomas continues to be super awesome.

– Tim Thomas robbing the entire state of Florida in front of the net. Never even get nervous when opposing teams have pressure. Thomas saves. That’s just what he does.

– Teams now exchanging end to end chances. Vokoun pokes a puck away from Paille. Booth heads to the other end with the puck and Thomas goes old school with an awesome save. Stacking the pads. Thomas is ridiculous.

– Matthias goes off the ice after falling into the boards after Thomas’ awesome save. He looks like he’s in a lot of pain.

– Florida with a one timer but “Bergeron makes a flamingo save!” Jack what do you smoke man, ha.

– Krejci seems almost energized by his injury scare. He’s everywhere this period.

– Furious action. Ridiculous. Both teams apparently ate their Wheaties between periods.

– “Wideman’s shot goes wide.” Ahhh just like old times.

– Some dude name Garrison is everywhere. Where’d he come from?

– Bergeron, Marchand and Recchi are just molesting Florida. If Julien breaks up this line for any reason, we’ll jump on the Fire Julien! bandwagon.

– Horton finally hits the net but Vokoun makes a big save. Lucic, Krejci and Horton trying to match the energy of the Berg line. Nothing like a little healthy competition.

– Seems like B’s are feeding Horton to try to help him out. What nice young gents.

– Quick scramble in front of the Bruins net but Thomas closes his eyes and still makes the save.

– Thornton harassing Wideman at the other end. Kind of funny. Bruins still have their foot on the pedal. Awesome. Keep it up.

– Bruins doing a good job keeping Florida’s shots to the outside and Thomas making it look easy with the glove saves.

– Hearing boos must make Wideman feel at home after his last season in Boston.

– Boychuk on an end to end rush, ha. Awesome. Didn’t go anywhere but still, go Boychuk. 

– Booth with a great opportunity but pulls a Horton and misses the net. Bruins may have lucked out a bit there.

– Vokoun making a few nice stops. Seguin and Wheeler firing. Good thing Vokoun is on Florida and not a good team. He could make a good team dangerous.

– Seguin still has a tendency to make bad passes into a group of opponents. Oh well. He’ll learn.

– Dvorak absorbs a big Seidenberg blast. Ouch. Hockey players do that shit though. They’re tough.

– B’s get a few more chances but nothing goes in. Period ends 2-0. Good 40 minutes for the B’s so far.


– Thomas makes a stick save like its no big deal. And for Thomas, it really isn’t. Does this all the time. Thomas rules.

– The “Save by Thomas” to “Goal let up by Thomas” ratio is roughly 1,989,345 to 1. Roughly.

– Florida playing harder to start the period. Getting some good chances on Thomas but Thomas, as always, came to play.

– The phrase “Pimping ain’t easy” applies to everyone except Tim Thomas.

– Marchand with a partial breakaway but couldn’t get a good angle.

– Some dude hits Bergeron for no reason. Probably because Bergeron is awesome and the Panthers suck monkey ass.

– Krejci and Lucic on the same page tonight. They’ve almost scored 20 goals. Too bad almost doesn’t count though.

– Seidenberg heading to the box for holding. Not sure we agree, but we ain’t refs.

– Bergeron steals the puck from Wideman as Berg and Marchand embarrass Florida while on the PK. They just took a good 30 seconds off the clock.

– Paille almost gets a shorthanded goal! Paille… is…. playing…. good….. tonight?

– Boychuk is the secretary of defense. Breaking up plays like its nothing.

– B’s kill the penalty. “Bergeron is in Vokoun’s grill!” ~ Jack Edwards

– Booooooooooooo. Allen with a slapshot that hits pipe and goes in. Thomas looked piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissed. 2-1 Bruins. Boooooooooooooo.

– Chara clearly interfered with prior to the call, but whatever.

– Thomas comes right back with a huge kick save. Higgins then bowls Thomas over and Thomas almost murders him.

– Bruins letting Panthers back in this game. Need to pick up their game big time.

– Bergeron living in the Panthers crease tonight. Vokoun is going to have nightmares about Berg’s ass.

– Campbell just got checked by two Panthers. Still made the play. Thanks for Campbell Florida.

– Six minutes left. Plenty of time for Florida if the B’s don’t play tighter. Cooooooooooome on B’s!

– No offense to the rest of the Bruins, but the Recchi-Berg-Marchand line should just be out for the entire third period of games. You know, ignoring the fatigue factor.

– The TD Garden crowd is generally the worst indicator of when a goal is almost scored, ha. They Oooooooooooooh and Aaaaaaaaaaaaah even when the B’s are even close to scoring a goal. Love the enthusiasm though.

– Bruins buzzing but lots of shots getting blocked. Under two minutes. Watching Vokoun….

– Vokoun heads to the bench. Seal the deal Bruins.

– Campbell with a fantastic stop from his stomach. What a player. What a player.

– Bergeron playing lights out. No one we want on the ice more at important times than Patrice Mother Fucking Bergeron.

– Wideman with a blast but Thomas with a huge save. You pissed Thomas off when you scored on him Florida. Bad idea.

– Game over. Thomas saves. Bergeron is a monster in human form. Marchand continues to open eyes. Bruins with a big win heading into the All-star break. Hells yeah Bruins.

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